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-3- The name

OK, about the name of the game.
Of course, it wasn't P. N. 03 from the beginning. I thought "Jaguar" is the name, because Vanessa's motion is smooth and quick like a wild animal.
But when I asked staff members about the name, I didn't get good feedback, some said "It doesn't show what kind of game it is." or others said "White Jaguar would be better." Personally, I really liked the name "Jaguar" and it is short and easy to pronounce, so it was hard to not use the name. But I pulled myself together and re-considered another name.

I changed my way of thought and came up with "Product Number 03", I wanted to put a little secret of the story on the name, and shortened the name to "P. N. 03".
I'm not talk about the secret in hare yet because it going to spoil the game.

By the way, Vanessa's crouch pose is on hand and knees, this was one that a stuff member changed in the middle of development because he loves the name "Jaguar".
When I asked him "Why you changed it?" then he said "Even the name changed to P. N. 03, for me, the game is always JAGUAR!!!"
So, I had to give him approval for the change because of his hot heart for the game.

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