Sanban Kaigan Aikido World Headquarters
     Shihan Dan Vella began his formal Aikido training in his early 40's with Shihankai Akira Tohei, founder of the Midwestern Aikido Federation and head of the USAF and MAF, at Corpus Christi, Texas Aiki Kai.  After receiving his Shodan (1st degree black belt) at the age of 47, he enrolled in the Okinawan Karate-do Federation (Japanese Aikido, Kendo and Iaido Division) as a student under World Soke Grandmaster Glenn R. Premru 10th Dan. He received his Ni dan (2nd degree black belt) in 1996 and was promoted to San dan (3rd degree black belt) upon receiving his teacher?s license in 1999, shortly after the passing of Shihankai Akira Tohei 8th Dan.

    Having become a full time professional Aikido instructor by the fall of 2000, he established Kuden Shugyo Dojo School of Aikido in Corpus Christi, Texas and was promoted to Yon Dan (4th degree black belt) in 2002.  Shihan Dan Vella in March of 2003 founded and assumed his responsibilities as CEO of the Sanban Kaigan (3rd Coast) Aikido Association and was titled "Shihan" by Soke Grandmaster Premru.  He was promoted to Go dan (5th degree black belt) after being appointed by Soke Premru in 2004 to the Post of "Texas State Representative for the Okinawan Karate-do Federation".

    The Sanban Kaigan (3rd Coast) Aikido Association was established for the purpose of developing qualified and licensed instructors of Aikido (Kuden Shugyo Ryu) in the United States. There is to be no other organization or association concerned with the establishment of this system of Aikido.

    The teaching and learning methods presented through Sanban Kaigan Aikido World Headquarters at our National Hdqts. (Hombu) Kuden Shugyo Dojo School of Aikido are framed with great emphasis on the applications of Aikido principals and virtues in daily life. Aikido, which focuses the balanced practice of concept and technique. "Kuden Shugyo Ryu" encourages the further development and refinement of Aikido as a progressive art suited for conscious living of today?s daily life.  The sole mission of the Sanban Kaigan (3rd Coast) Aikido Association World Headquarters is the establishment of qualified, viable instructional and certification programs which will teach and license professional Aikido instructors for this generation and future generations.

    Aikido trains us to learn to live in harmony with one another and ourselves.  Throughout history, martial masters such as O-Sensei, have shown themselves to be thinkers and believers, committed moral human beings as well as warriors and healers.  Both the theory and techniques of Kuden Shugyo Ryu Aikido have been developed in harmony with the moral philosophies of the Great Masters. It is the belief of Shihan Dan Vella that all studies in the spiritual discipline and martial art of Aikido are aimed at developing mutual harmony and an essentially peaceful coexistence between man and nature and man with his fellowmen. The Martial Arts must be the arts of peace, love and life.

    Aikido emphasizes balance, grace and harmony.  "Hombu Dojo" as the National Headquarters, for the Sanban Kaigan (3rd Coast) Aikido Association World Headquarters is uniquely qualified to provide the most rounded training. Our curricula is structured towards teaching beginners and developing instructors.

    Classes for all levels are held daily, so please come and visit with us if you are in our area. Guests are always welcome at "Hombu Dojo" to join practice with us or to just simply watch.

    Kuden Shugyo Dojo School of Aikido (Hombu) is located at 6116 Ayers St., Ste. C5, in Corpus Christi, Tx. 
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