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firetruck Fire Drill Requirements

As per State Statute R277-400-7-B, and Article 13, Section 1303.3.2.(1) of the Utah Fire Code,

During each school year, elementary schools shall conduct fire drills at least once each month during school sessions.

A fire drill in secondary schools shall be conducted at least every two months, for a total of four fire drills during the nine month school year.

The first fire drill shall be conducted within the first two weeks of the school year for both elementary and secondary schools. An exception may be made, subject to the approval of the local fire chief, to postpone a fire drill due to severe weather conditions.

Fire drills shall include the complete evacuation of all persons from the school building or portion thereof used for educational purposes. An exception may be made for the staff member responsible for notifying the local fire department and handling emergency communications.

The local fire department shall be notified prior to each drill.

When a fire alarm system is provided, fire drills shall be initiated by activation of the fire alarm system.

Schools shall hold at least one drill for other emergencies during the school year.

Resources and materials available for training shall be identified in the Plan.

Each school shall conduct an Emergency Preparedness Week prior to April 30 of each school year.

You must call School Security (402-7680) prior to a planned drill.

If a construction related or other alarm causes a complete evacuation to take place, call security to get credit for a drill.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please call 402-5312.
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