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Final SCW Show DVD!
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SCWeb soon to be closed!
Due to SCW's doors being closed, SCWeb will soon be removed from the Internet. Unfortunately no date will be announced for the closure, but expect it relatively soon. Thank you for visiting us and making this site a success!

SCW Blowout Bash pictures are here!

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SCWeb has added 2 new wallpapers for our fans. Check them out in the Internet media section! 11/04/04

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In conjunction with Lexie Fyfe, SCW presents it's final event via DVD. Fans can now have one of the greatest SCW shows of all time in their DVD collection! Simply visit the link below to order online!


Also available on VHS

Otto goes out on top!

Just when it seemed like CW Anderson was going to beat Otto Schwanz and retain (and retire) his SCW Championship, Count Grog held true to his open ended contract. Instead of introducing a third wrestler Grog brought every member of the Brother hood to the ring. Pat Anderson tried his best to hold off Scab, Frank Parker, and Major DeBeers but they managed to cause chaos and thus Otto became SCW Champion for the last time. A true sportsman, CW congratulated Otto and thanked him for the great memories. RESULTS HERE

Matt Hardy treats SCW fans one last time!

It was time for intermission at "Blowout Bash" but no popcorn or t-shirts was being sold... because music hits and out comes Cham Pain! He sparks the crowd with his usual "mic skills" and then drops a bomb. There is someone who wants to say thanks to SCW and it's fans. Out of the back walks Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore (current WWE employees). The crowd of 200+ went crazy!

Matt and Shannon proceeded to show love to SCW, it's workers, management, and most of all it's fans. Those in attendance got to take pictures and get autographs after the speech and will remember this surprise encounter for years to come! PICTURES HERE!