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> [closed]Invoker, True spellcaster

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post Jan 24 2005, 06:38 PM
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Inspiration: Today I was thinking that while DotA has several wizardly nukers (Luna, TS...), none of them reflect the classical "wizard/mage" style that I loved so much in games like D&D. My first thought was creating a D&D based character, but I decided that more likely than not editors would not like to include anything directly D&D-based. So instead, I decided to create a character that would take spellcasting beyond conventional nuking. What is special about "hardcore" wizards? Reagents, and spell preparations. Read on.
Direct inspiration: MUD Imperian, Spellcraft map.

Concept: A wizard whose spells would be "reagents". While doing little on their own, he would have an ability to "cast" custom spells, by the combination of 3 "reagent" spells active. Theoretically, though, he would be very difficult to program, and has a likehood of having enough triggers/conditionals to actually slow the game down.

Style: Advanced nuker with wide potential, with theoretical access to more than 4 spells.


I am uncertain whether any of those made it into the game
Name: TBD, or any of the Archmage/Bloodmage names
Model: Bloodmage
Range: 650
Base Damage: High
Attack Speed: Average
Movement Speed: Fast
Alignment: Neutral

Strenght: Mediocre
Agility: Lowest
Intelligence: High (main attribute)

His 3 basic skills are Exor, Wes, and Quas. Exort represents fire, Wes represents lighting, and Quas represents arcane. These are each 8-leveled abilities. His ultimate is called Invoke, and does just that.

Each level of Exort increases his hit point regeneration by .75 hit points per second, per level of Exort, per reagent he casts. So if all 3 of his reagents are Exort, he gets .75 * level of exort * 3, for a maximum of 18 hit points regenerated per second.

Each level of Wes increases his movement speed by 1%, in a similar fashion, for a maximum of 1 * 8 * 3 = 24% increased movement speed.

Each level of Quas increases his damage by 2%, for a maximum of 2 * 8 * 3 = 48% inreased damage.

"Ultimate"His ultimate, Invoke, uses up all of his Reagents and casts them in a powerful spell. The order that he casts his Reagents is of the utmost importance, as it determines the spell that he Invokes. It tracks what reagent was cast first, and further reagents keep the cycle moving appropriately.


Exort Exort Exort - Invoke Firebolt, deals up to 575 damage, based on Exort.

Exort Exort Wex - Invoke Inferno. Casts a number of Flame Strikes around the Archmagi baesd on Wex level, damage based on Exort.

Exort Wex Wex - Invoke Firestorm. Summons falling fireballs that damage units in an area where they fall. Drops 1-8 fireballs, based on Wex level. Each does 100 damage. Also, these Fireballs land and damage nearby units with an Immolation aura based on Exort level. These units burn themselves out quickly, and when they do, they explode with an Area of Effect damage.

Exort Exort Quas - Invoke Deafening Blast. Deals about the same damage as Firebolt, but also Silences the target for 1.5-5 seconds, based on Wex level.

Exort Quas Quas - Invoke Tornado Blast. Casts a fast-moving tornado to damage enemy units in a long line. Deals up to 475 damage, based on Exort level. Hits units in a line up to 2000 range, based on Quas level.

Exort Wex Quas - Soul Blaze. Deals up to 400 damage to a target unit, based on Exort level. Deals up to 400 recurring damage, 8 seconds later, based on Wex level. Increases Archmagi's movement speed by up to 40%, based on Quas level, for 8 seconds.

Wex Wex Wex - Lightning Bolt, deals up to 550 damage, at a longer range than Firebolt.

Wex Wex Exort - Forked Lightning. Deals 550 damage to the primary target, based on Wex level, and hits an amount of targets based on Exort level.

Wex Exort Exort - Lightning Blast. Deals up to 400 damage to the primary target, based on Wex level. Stuns for up to 1.5 seconds, based on Exort level. This is his only stun/disabler spell, and it's not very powerful at all.

Wex Wex Quas - Shockwave. Deals up to 525 damage, based on Wex level. Distance up to 1000, based on Quas level.

Wex Quas Quas - Mana Burn. Burns up to 400 mana, based on Quas level. Cast range determined by Wex level.

Wex Quas Exort - Ultimate Chain Lightning. Deals up to 400 damage to each target (no damage loss), based on Wex level. Bounces an amount of times equal to Quas level. Deals an additional amount of damage to the primary target, based on Exort level (up to 300).

Quas Quas Quas - Magic Missile. Deals up to 400 damage to the 3 nearest targets. No stun.

Quas Quas Exort - Frost Nova. Deals up to 600 damage to a single target. Up to 300 damage is AOE damage, and it is based on Quas level. The remaining damage, up to 300, is based on Exort level. Slows the target for 3 seconds.

Quas Exort Exort - Shroud of Flames. Immerses a friendly unit in a cloak of flames. Grants spell resistance of up to 20%, based on Quas level. Any unit that attacks that unit is retaliated against by a spurt of flame, which deals up to 40 in a cone, based on Exort level.

Quas Quas Wex - Portal - teleports an enemy unit to be next to the Archmagi. Deals up to 350 damage, based on Quas level. Cast range is up to 800 range, based on Wex level.

Quas Wex Wex - Telelightning. Casts a powerful chain of energy at an enemy unit, damaging it for up to 550 damage, based on Wex level. The Archmagi travels with the lightning, ending up at the location of the enemy unit.
Name suggestion for Telelightning?

Quas Wex Exort - Soul Blast. Deals up to 500 damage to a target unit (based on Exort level), heals the Archmagi for up to 500 health (based on Quas level), and has a cast range of up to 800 (based on Wex level).

Here's how it works.
Let's say you cast an Exort reagent. A red ball starts circling around your right arm. Next, you cast another Exort. A red ball starts circling around your left arm, also. Last, you cast a Quas reagent. A blue ball starts circling around your right arm, and red balls circle your left arm and head. Your invoke ability on your character now says Exort Exort Quas - Invoke Deafening Blast. So when you get the 3 reagents, it tells you what you have ready to cast.
Let's say you now cast another Quas. Now you have blue balls circling your two arms and a red one circling your head. Since there's a red one circling your head, you know the Invoke starts with Exort. You can read the abilities by checking the colors of the orbs going Head/Leftarm/Rightarm.
Additionally, it tells you what they are on the Invoke spell.

EDIT: 11/01/04 - updated the information (finally) with Guinsoo's specifics on the actual hero

SINdicate's Comment: Since the Invoker is pretty much "in" [6.0], the original thread is being deleted. I have copied the poll and am closing this thread.
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post Jan 25 2005, 02:39 AM
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Well, there is a complication. The invoker in this form is far too laggy and is thus being significantly changed. I'll update this post when I've worked out the details.
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post Feb 18 2005, 11:42 PM
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This hero is officially nuked for now. gg invoker :(
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