Last update: 13/2 1999

The true story about ClickBOOM?

On the 4:th of February 1999 a text together with a piece of sourcecode and a
small executable appeared on Amiga Extreme.
The text is written by Djordje Djurdjevic, who claims to be the until now
unknown author of Amiga Myst. His credibility is drastically improved by a
hidden textfile which is on every Amiga Myst CD. However, already the day after
the text appeared at Amiga Extreme it was removed, but not by the site owner..
Because of that I decided to create this minimal page, to help the file getting
spread anyway. Now read..

..and don't forget to tell everyone about it!

On Sunday the 7:th of February I got a mail from PXL..

A new statement, this time by eight ex-clickBOOM members (added 13/2 1999):

ps: haven't heard this before? Well, to my knowledge the only Amiga news sites
which dared to tell us about this were: Now you know where to go if you want your Amiga news uncensored!

/Johan Rönnblom

Note: To prevent ClickBOOM and their allies to stop the spreading of this
information, it would be a good idea if as many persons as possible could
store the information on their homepages. Feel free to copy these pages as
they are, but be careful to observe the laws in your country. Mail me if you
want to put up a mirror!

Existing mirrors: