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moorephotofront.jpg 5.4 KDC Direct Goes Crazy for Ed!
NEWS Based on the art of Ed McGuinness! The Dark Knight proves Luthor’s accusations against Superman to be baseless, and the “World’s Finest” duo prepares to topple the corrupt President’s reign once and for all. This figure features multiple points of articulation, a grappling gun accessory and a Superman/Batman logo base. Packaged in a 4-color deluxe blister. More..

New JLU 3Packs Hit Shelves!
NEWS Just before the holidays the new JLU product started hitting shelves in the form of single carded figures, 3-packs and the 12” Sonic Zoom Superman. Usually January is a slow month for toys until around the time of Toy Fair as many stores are doing their year end inventory. More...

The Best Batman You'll Never Find!
REVIEW Now we’re getting somewhere! After 20+ years of waiting for a well articulated batman figure in the 6”- 8” range, Mattel is getting us there. As I mentioned back in my Comic Con 2004 coverage the more articulated Batman figures are deluxe figures. More...

Holy Batmobile Replicas!
FEATURE Last week I got a cool packet in the mail showing the new Danbury Mint Batmobile. This car is 1:24th scale and features an opening hood and trunk, removable mobile crime lab, and sculpted figures of Batman and Robin. More...




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