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Soap Star Stats
Frances Reid (Alice, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

Frances Reid

Birthday: Dec. 9
Birthplace: Wichita Falls, Texas
Years On Show: 1965 - present
Marital Status: Was wed to the late actor Philip Bourneuf for 43 years
Children: none
Awards: Daytime Emmy's Lifetime Achievement Award (2004), Digest Awards for Editor's Choice (1990), Outstanding Actress in a Mature Role (1978, 1979, 1984, 1985)

Frances Reid was born in Wichita Falls, Texas and raised in Berkeley, Calif. While living in California, the third child in her large family, her father taught her that she could be a capable and self-sufficient woman. A graduate from the Pasadena Community Playhouse in California, Reid move to New York and began her acting career on the stage in 1940, performing in New York in Cyrano de Bergerac opposite Jose Ferrer, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and as Ophelia in Hamlet. She made her soap opera debut in November of 1965 as Alice Grayson Horton on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Reid's 37-year long reign on DAYS seemingly ended when her character was controversially "killed" by the Salem Stalker in 2004, but thankfully it was all a hoax and Reid returned later that year. The silver-haired matriarch of daytime recently celebrated her 90th birthday with DAYS cast and crew.

—Received 90 roses and a diamond Tiffany & Co. watch on her 90th birthday from DAYS
—Reid initially turned down the role of Alice
—Only remaining original cast member of DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Other Soap Roles
THE EDGE OF NIGHT (Rose Pollock, 1964)
AS THE WORLD TURNS (Grace Baker, 1959-1962)
TV Roles
MERCY OR MURDER? (Emily, 1987)
THE AFFAIR (Mrs. Patterson, 1973)
PORTIA FACES LIFE (Portia Blake Manning, 1954)
Film Roles
The Andromeda Strain (Clara, 1971)
Seconds (Emily, 1966)

"It didn't occur to us that it would become a tradition. You sort of hope to get through the first year without being canceled, and then it goes on. We have been so lucky."—On the traditional Horton Family Christmas scenes, SOAP OPERA WEEKLY, 12/26/00

"I don't think you should limit your vocabulary. And every now and then things come out as an expletive. I think it shocks our crew when I do it. They expect me to be...Alicey."—On her real self breaking through her mild-mannered character Alice, WEEKLY 01/10/95

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