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Welcome to the home page for Pilgrimage, Utah's annual demo party!

What is a demo party, you ask? Its an event where artists gather to celebrate the digital medium as a mode of creative self-expression -- the 'demo' part of a demo party. Its also an event where those interested in demos socialize and have fun -- the 'party' part of a demo party!

Still confused? Read our backgrounder pamphlet for more information.

Pilgrimage 2004 Rocked!

Pilgrimage 2004 was a complete success and exceeded the organizer's expectations in every respect! The attendance was up from 2003. The atmosphere was friendly and full of camraderie and fun! The quantity and quality of the entries was great, even accounting for the new compos!

The Pilgrimage Organizers are very proud of all of the hard work done by those who contributed productions to the party. The praise belongs to the creators of the productions! Without you, we wouldn't have had such an awesome demoparty. Thanks everyone!

We are in the process of uploading the releases to our party archive on http://www.scene.org and we expect that to come together in the next day or so.

Why "Pilgrimage"?

Every demo party has to have a name. We chose a name that reflected Utah's historical place in the field of computer graphics, for without computer graphics there would be no demos!

Many of the technologies common in today's computer graphics were invented by researchers at the Computer Science Department of the University of Utah during the 1960s and 1970s. This era can be considered the pioneering days of computer graphics when many of the fundamental technologies were created and refined. Similarly, Salt Lake City can rightly be considered the birthplace of modern computer graphics.

Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines pilgrimage as "a journey to a sacred shrine or place" and for devotees of computer graphics This Is The Place! Utah also has a religious reputation to people from outside the state so we wanted to have a little fun with that!

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