Open Forum on Format Recommendations for Geomagnetic Data

At the 8th Scientific Assembly of International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA) in Uppsala (Sweden, August 1997), the IAGA Division V Working Group 2 on GEOMAGNETIC DATA, INDICES AND APPLICATIONS established Task Force groups to focus on four main concerns in the WG objectives: Data Cervices, Effects, Forcasing, and Indices. The provisional make-up and focus of each task force group with e-mail contacts for the leaders are available at the Working Group 2 Home Page.

The task force group on DATA SERVICES consists of four members - Susan McLean (NGDC, chair), Sue MacMillian (BGS), Don Herzog (USGS), and Les Morris (NGDC) – and will focus on the following activities:

A list of proposals is presented at this Home Page for the open iscussion by the scientific and observatory communities. The goal of this worldwide discussion is to develop a consolidated list of recommendations on the geomagnetic data formats for the final review and possible approval on the WG-2 and Division V Business Meetings to be held during the 22nd General Assembly of the IUGG (Birmingham, UK, 18-30 July 1999).

The comments and suggestions should be sent to Susan McLean or to the Division’s officers at the e-mail addresses available from the WG-2 and Division V Home Pages. Thank You!



Last updated: March 8, 1999 (VOP)