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Saturday, March 19

One More

Okay, so I packed some boxes and then did one more song. I couldn't stop! Here it is: Just A Nothing.mp3. Also, in case you're wondering, that is my voice on both tracks. I apologize in advance.

Playing Around with Garage Band

I'm supposed to be packing up the apartment but there's no more boxes and Livy has the car. So instead, I finally sat down and played around with Garage Band. It's really fun. I made this: Another Dimension of Reality.mp3 with my laptop's built-in microphone and some of the loops available in GB. This could be a thing I do that wastes lots of time.

Friday, March 18

Palo Alto Here We Come

We're watching Seinfeld and hanging out among all the half-packed boxes. This is our last weekend living in Potrero Hill. Tomorrow we have to pack everything up and get it all ready for the movers. Next week we will be residents of Palo Alto, CA. If I had any hipster cred I would be losing it as I type this post. It is precisely because of my dorkitude that I am free to move about the globe into any condo in any college town I want. Nice!

Google Printed

Cool, a search for my name on Google now displays a link to my book, as scanned and presented by Google Print: Google Print Search: Who Let the Blogs Out?

Thursday, March 17

Lunch with SK

Don't Even Try It: "We had lunch with the boys of Blogger, a threesome of charming young men who did their very best not to be all 'FTP, insterstitial, fresh IP blah blah blah.' Then a bird shat on my head. Then we returned to 'Tron, Doom, golf on CD. Oh, is there shit in your hair? PHP, CSS, ASP, Tony you're the awesomest.'"

Tuesday, March 15

Hanging Out at the Blogger Party

The Blogger Party in Austin last night had a nice tournout. I've gotta unload some of my pics tonight and post 'em if I got 'em.

Sunday, March 13


According to the latest figures four out of five chihuahuas read being jennifer garrett. I love it!

Hello My Blog Is

But you already knew that. This sticker comes in the SXSW goodie bag.

Saturday, March 12

Arrived in Austin

We're here in Austin. I'm a little bummed we didn't arrive yesterday because it seems like I missed a few cool things. No matter, we ride!

Friday, March 11

Lane and Sutter

Lane and Sutter were at my Millennium birthday dinner—and I swear they had more than just a glass of water between them. Here are more photos. It was fun and I was glad to celebrate with a group of folks who have meant a great deal to me this past year and helped me out in many ways. Thanks you guys! Happy birthday to me.

Blogger Buzz

I'm going to be blogging a lot over at Blogger Buzz—a new team blog about blogs, Blogger, blogging, and blogs. So maybe that will curb some of the bloggy-chat here at Genius Labs. That should make some of my friends who read my blog a little happier (Greg: "We get it blogs are taking over the world. More funny Biz stuff like the time you fell down the stairs.").

This Is Fatty

Over at The Last Nail, Jay (who is building a second story on his house and blogging it) has pictures of the white kitty that came with the house—along with a bunch of other stuff. They adopted him.

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