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"And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea." Isaiah 11:11
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Gathering of Israel
Limhi Mission Outreach Series
LDS Missionary Helper
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Countries without LDS members
Countries without missions
Countries with the most LDS stakes
Countries with the highest LDS activity rates
Most members without stakes
Population, member, and mission distribution worldwide.

International LDS Atlas
Marc Schindler's International Atlas of LDS Temples, Missions, Stakes, and Church Units
North America: Overview Map of North America - The United States - Canada
Latin America: Mexico - Central America - Caribbean - Brazil - Other South America
Europe: Balkan - Baltic - Benelux - British Isles - The Germanic Lands - The Latin Lands - The Nordic Lands - Russia & Central Asia - The Slavic Lands
Africa: East / Central - Northern - Southern / Indian Ocean - West
Asia: Middle East - South Asia - Far East - Southeast Asia
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea - Melanesia and Micronesia - Polynesia

LDS Mission Timelines
Timelines showing the origin of various missions.

LDS Church Areas
Maps of each administrative area of the Church showing missions and temples.

Notice: Marc Schindler, who maintained the international LDS atlas, unexpectedly passed away on 10/19/03. We are preparing a website tribute to Marc. We have no plans to update the international LDS atlas at present.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel Today
The twelve tribes of Israel in scripture, history, traditions, legends, and modern LDS patriarchal blessings

Multilingual Scriptures
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Words to Live By
Over 2000 Inspirational Quotes & Thoughts
LDS Missionary Links
Answers to Life's Questions

Divine Authority
What authority is necessary to organize Christ's church and perform divine ordinances?

The Christian Apostasy
What happened to Christ's church after the early apostolic era?

The Book of Mormon
What is the Book of Mormon and how does it help us grow closer to God?

The Bible
Is the Bible infallible? How was it compiled?

Habits of Faith
Can small daily acts make the difference for our salvation?

The Word of Wisdom
God's law of health

The Fruits of the Gospel
How do the disciples of Christ show the fruits of the gospel in their lives?

Family and Society
Why are families important?

Increasing your Productivity
Practical gospel-based tips

What does God Require?
Gospel answers to an eternal question

Mormons and Blacks
Mormons and Muslims
Mormons and Buddhists

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Sharing the Gospel Resources
Non-English LDS Materials Online
Over 30 languages!

LDS and World E-texts
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The Law of the Harvest
Practical Principles for Effective Missionary Work
Chapters for an upcoming book now in open review

Trends in LDS Church Growth
Natural Growth
A Love for the Lost
Preparing to Serve
Time Management and Planning
Member-Missionary Work
Teaching for True Conversion
Using the Book of Mormon
Retention: The Divine Standard
Convert Retention Today
Causes of Poor Convert Retention
The Cost of Inactivity
100% Convert Retention Guide
Understanding Inactivity
Mission Preparation
Missionary Service
Reaching the World
Church Planting
Meetinghouses and Growth
Research and Missionary Education
LDS Media
Missionary Program Changes

Note: Some revisions will be made to the above materials before final publication.

Sharing the Gospel Action Guides
Culture and Language Action Guide
100% Convert Retention Action Guide
The World's Best Missionary Programs

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