perpetual dependency
Hat tip to Small Dead Animals, Vitor Marciano @ What it takes to win has found a list of registered charities, municipal governments and a whole lot more on the Elections Canada website who are donating to the Liberal Party of Canada.

What is so obviously wrong here is that charities you may support or donate to are turning around and giving money to a party you may not support. What is also very wrong here is that some of these groups are fully supported by provincial and federal governments. Most interesting to me are the First Nations and Metis groups. Being a member of the MMF, I'm going to focus on this.

From 1996 to 2003, Metis governing factions have donated $85,894 to the Liberal Party of Canada and $945 to the Conservative Party of Canada. Excel Spreadsheet.

Talk about looking to give yourself a raise and talk about perpetuating dependency.

Notable groups include the Manitoba Metis Federation, Metis Family Services (Alberta), Metis Nation of Alberta, Metis Settlements General Council and the Metis National Council.

The web page for the Metis National Council is full of Liberal propaganda, helping to perpetuate dependency.

This is sad business for groups who state they work to promote self-government.