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Panel No. 51

Panel Title: The Political Economy of Bangladesh

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Subject: Economics and Political Economy

Convenor: Dr. Willem van der Geest

Convenor's e-mail address: w.vandergeest@eias.org

Panel Abstract

This panel will review the development dilemma's facing Bangladesh into the 21st century. These may be identified under several headings: state versus market; external versus internal resources for development, authoritarian versus participatory governance and, lastly, accelerated versus sustainable growth .

The daily struggle for scarce resources (land, water, credit, skills and employment opportunities) has implied that policy interventions to resolve one dilemma have often led to regressive reactions in other domains. This may undermine a consistent and coherent approach in resolving these dilemma's and realising equitable growth.

The upward growth trend since 1995 appears not to be predicated on resolving several key problems, including financial sector mismanagement, rent seeking, authoritarian governance, the virtual absence of a rule of law, the physical and environmental limits to growth. This panel will examine some of these challenges faced by Bangladesh from an interdisciplinary political economy perspective.

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