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Welcome to the Debian Home Network Documentation Project

This site is no longer actively maintained. The content will stay but may become very outdated. You should always search the web for a newer description how to do these things. Sorry for the inconvenience

The following documents have been updated or added recently:
2003-01-25 02:50:17 USB-Webcam on Linux (Multimedia)
How to install a USB Logitech Quickcam Express Webcam
2002-08-14 13:27:49 Ding Part 5 - Game Console (Multimedia)
How to use the Linux joystick support and to emulate the SNES and Sega Gameconsoles
2002-08-13 01:58:40 Set up a diskless node (Networking)
Setup a diskless client which boots from a 3COM NIC bootrom and uses a rootfilesystem on NFS.
2002-07-13 08:40:58 Ding Part 4 - Videoplayer (Multimedia)
How to use mplayer to watch various movieformats including DivX;-) DivX4 and MPEG.
2002-05-28 06:29:04 Stopping Spam at the Frontdoor (Mail and News)
How to install Spam Assassin with Exim.
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