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Installation & First Steps
Updated 2004-09-19 by Dennis Herbrich <>
The official guide to installing and using Arch Linux, with small FAQ section.
READ THIS before trying to install Arch Linux!
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Updated 2004-09-29 by Dusty Phillips <>

Arch Linux has been described as the perfect Linux distro. However, a perfect distro is always evolving. This document describes some of the issues developers are currently working on.

The goal of this document is to help users become aware of what the developers are doing and where Arch Linux is headed. Some of these projects are major issues that need addressing, others are enhancements that users may not be aware of.
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Writing ArchLinux Documentation
Updated 2004-07-06 by Dennis Herbrich <>

To maintain a unified appearance across official ArchLinux documentation, this set of guidelines should be adhered to when writing up all those helpful HowTos and Guides!
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