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Linux Software Encyclopedia

Steven K. Baum,
Texas A&M University
Copyright (1995-2000)

March 8, 2001

The Feb. 23 and Mar. 8 sections on the What's New page are both making their first appearance. I was too lazy to take the 2 minutes it took to move things around when I processed the new entries on Feb. 23, so here they are along with the Mar. 8 new stuff to provide a veritable plethora of new and fun software for your perusal.

Try the Linux Metapage for a concise summary of most Linux-related topics.

If you want to find out what you can do with all this software, then take a gander at my list of online Programming Texts and Tutorials.

Number of entries: 5808
Number of bibliography entries: 1054
Number of dogs: 1

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