Debian/Potato Install Guide

News Flash, May 23, 2001: The installer has been updated with kernel 2.4.4.

This document describes how to upgrade an MkLinux (DR3) installation to Debian's Potato release on a Nubus-based Power Macintosh. We're assuming that you have Apple's MkLinux Booter already installed. The reference machine was an Apple Power Machintosh 6100 with Mace ethernet. We installed the rest of the system by downloading packages from the network.

An older version for a more complicated installation method is available here. If you have a low-memory configuration you may be interested as it doesn't require a ramdisk.

How To Do It

Pretty simple. Grab the booter+kernel+ramdisk from here. Copy it to /System Folder/Extensions/Mach Kernel. Change the root device in /System Folder/Preferences/lilo.conf to /dev/ram and boot Linux. Eventually the installer will need to reboot. Change lilo.conf to reflect your root partition and boot back to Linux. The installer will continue the installation.

Side Notes

The 6100 exhibited colormap problems. The solution is to add nbpmacfb:noariel2 to the rootdev= line in lilo.conf.

Happy hacking!

Greg Ingram, June 21, 2004