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The FORUM, according to Landmark Education Corp. (LEC), is a personal growth workshop. It is also the first step which potentially leads into a labyrinth of courses, volunteering, and trainings. LEC's own promotion is entirely positive. Yet, many describe an experience which is less (in some cases, far less) positive. The purpose of this web site is to connect the reader with information and opinions which are not found on Landmark's web site nor at it's "Introduction to the Forum" events.


The Not-Always-So-Cherry Side of Landmark

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In the Grip of the Therapy Tough Guys, by Enzo Di Matteo, Now Magazine, Toronto, Canada, April 2000

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Contact, Wellington, New Zealand:

The Press, New Zealand:

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Emotionally Hooked to a Never-Ending Process of Introspection and Self-Analysis, Personal Account, November 1999

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Landmark Education Destroyed My Life - from the Forum to a Psych Ward, Personal Account, July 1999

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Letter from Steve Hassan to Boston Globe, March 1999

Court gives Landmark Education Corp. (LEC) access to Cult Awareness Network (CAN) files, by Jim Beebe, March 1999

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Big Brother Was Indeed Watching, Personal Account, February 1999

A "Quick Fix"?, Personal Account, January 1999

Abstracts of Articles in Psychological Journals Concerning est and The Forum, December 1998

The Con-Forumists, by Jana Martin, Swing Generation, November 1998

A Harvard Forum for Self-Promotion?, by Alex Beam, The Boston Globe, November 1998

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Response to Quest Magazine Article: Eliezer Sobel's Paean to est, Richard C. Mehl, June 1998

Est of 90's Hit with Lawsuit, by Jeannette Walls, MSNBC, January 1998

Landmark Settles Personal Injury Suit, Filed September 1997
(Contains graphic descriptions which may be disturbing to some readers. Not recommended for readers under 18.)

Landmark Education: Self-improvement or Cult?, Common Cause, 1998

Landmark Education: Experience, Investigation, Research & Analysis, by Robert Black, December 1997

The est in the Business, by Jeannie Marshall, Saturday Night, June 1997

Open Letter to Landmark Education, Personal Account, May 1997

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USENET Discussions on LEC, October 1996

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Is the Forum a Cult? Should We Care?, Phoenix Online, April 1996

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Group Sues Cult-Info Network, Chicago Tribune, September 1994

White Collar Cults, They Want Your Mind..., by Dirk Mathison, Self Magazine, February 1993

The Siren Call of Modern Pied Pipers, by Lawrence A. Pile, Employee Assistance, January 1993

Self-Help Course Allegedly Shattered a Life, by Robert F. Howe, The Washington Post, July 1992

The Times, London, England:

Forum Training Dropped, by Sylvia Brooks and Robert Ruth, The Columbus Dispatch, February 1992

Landmark Education, by Andy Testa

I didn't get it

Werner Erhard and est

Landmark was formed in 1991 when Werner Erhard sold Werner Erhard & Assocs. and the ''technology'' of the Forum (formerly the est training) to a group of employees. There has been some evolution of both the organization and its courses since then. However, there is remarkable congruity in the comments made about both est and Landmark. Landmark's predecessor is worth studying as the formative stage of the present organization.

Erhard Seminar Training or The Landmark Forum - A profile

Landmark Education: Registration of Corporation

How Was Landmark Formed?, by esumerlin, Usenet Post, January 1997

Werner Erhard v. Commissioner IRS, February 1995

Enlightenment in Two Weekends - The est Training, by Stephen Pressman, 1993

The Death of Jack Slee, est Participant, August 14, 1983, by Stephen Pressman, from Outrageous Betrayal, The Dark Journey of Werner Erhard from est to Exile, 1993

Cults & Psychological Abuse: My Experience in the Forum, by James B. Endres, October 1992

Werner Erhard Flees in the Wake of Tax Liens and Child Abuse Allegations, by William M. Alnor, Christian Research Journal, Summer 1991

Guru Erhard Accused of Trying to Hide Assets, by Martha Groves, Los Angeles Times, March 1991

More Allegations Against est Founder, San Francisco Chronicle, March 1991

Self-Help Guru Werner Erhard Selling Empire, San Francisco Chronicle, February 1991

The Sorrows of Werner: For the Founder of est, A Fresh Round of Charges, by David Gelman with Pamela Abramson and Elizabeth Ann Leonard, Newsweek, February 1991

Ex-Employees Describe Abuse in Suit Against est's Erhard, by Don Lattin, San Francisco Chronicle, April 1990

Heidegger for Fun and Profit, by Anthony Gottlieb, New York Times, January 1990

Wall Street Journal, New York:

Report of the APA Task Force on Deceptive and Indirect Techniques of Persuasion and Control, by Margaret Thaler Singer, Harold Goldstein, Michael D. Langone, Jesse S. Miller, Maurice K. Temerlin, and Louis J. West, American Psychological Association, November 1986

The Winds of Werner, by Richard Behar and Ralph King, Jr., Forbes, November 1985

Mellow Out or You Will Pay: A Magical Mystery Tour of the Psyche with Werner Erhard and est, by Robert Farr, Argus Magazine, December 1980

est-erical Behavior?, Newsweek, May 1977

Reports of Psychosis After Erhard Course, by Jane Brody, The New York Times, April 1977

The Power of Positive Eyewash, Forbes, December 1975

''We're Gonna Tear You Down and Put You Back Together'', by Mark Brewer, Psychology Today, August, 1975

werner wuz here

Other Related Entities

The First Step, by Julie Jargon, Westword, May 2000

True Believers, by Ellen Barry, Boston Phoenix, September 1996

Few Agencies Interested in est-like Program, by Sylvia Brooks, The Columbus Dispatch, February 1992

Shining the Light on Hidden Link, by Rance Crain, Crain's Chicago Business, December 1988

The Hunger Project Inside Out, by Carol Giambalvo, January 1988

The Hunger Project and est: Close Ties, by David Hoekema, The Christian Century, December 1979

The Hunger Project: You Can't Eat Words, by David Hoekema, The Christian Century, May 1979

The Hunger Project's web site

Other Sites Focusing on Landmark

Landmark Education Corporation's own website

Landmark Forum Rants and Raves
Unbiased information about the Landmark Forum

Apologetics Index: Landmark Education

Landmark Education (Germany)

Landmark (formerly est)
by SIMPOS Foundation in The Netherlands for information on social problems and occult tendencies
A sometimes confrontational Usenet newsgroup which discusses Landmark and other Large Group Awareness Trainings (LGATs). Available at Google,, and MailandNews.

Other Sites Focusing on Large Group Awareness Trainings (LGATs)

The Awareness Page
Links and information concerning Large Group Awareness Trainings (LGATs).

Many More Resources: Links to Sites Concerning Controversial Groups and Recovery

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