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Science and Impacts
Taking Action
Budget 2005
Taking Action on Climate Change

Together, we can do it.

Welcome to the Government of Canada Climate Change web site. Learn about the science, impacts and adaptation to climate change and how individuals, governments, businesses, industry and communities take action by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

EnerGuide for Houses Renovate your home to be more energy efficient and you could qualify for a Government of Canada EnerGuide for Houses grant. Learn more

Take the One-Tonne Challenge
Try the on-line Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculator.
Incentives and Rebates
One-Tonne Fun: Kids can take action on climate change too!
Canada's Energy Efficiency Awards 2005
The Kyoto Protocol entered into force on
16 February 2005
Conference: Americana 2005
Conference: Adapting to Climate Change in Canada 2005

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