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Editorial Statement on Terri Schindler-Schiavo

by The Editors of The New Pantagruel


eginning March 18, 2005, Terri Schindler-Schiavo will be starved to death by order of the State of Florida. The gross injustices of the judicial decisions and the gross inequities of the actions of her husband and guardian, Michael Schiavo, leading up to this point have been well documented and are beyond dispute.

It now appears that all legal recourse to save Terri’s life has failed. As Terri’s family and millions of people know, the State is wrong. There is a higher law. If last ditch efforts in the Florida Legislature and the United States Congress also fail, and the administration of Governor Jeb Bush fails in its duty to uphold the higher law, those closest to Terri—her family, friends, and members of their communities of care—are morally free to contemplate and take extra-legal action as they deem it necessary to save Terri’s life, up to and including forcible resistance to the State’s coercive and unjust implementation of Terri’s death by starvation. The Christian community and all people of good conscience, rather than accepting the State’s actions with the small consolation that “everything that could be done was done,” should acknowledge the true horizon of morally acceptable responses, and should actively encourage and support all such responses when taken by those with immediate responsibility for Terri’s care and wellbeing.

Caleb Stegall, Editor in Chief and Attorney at Law
Dan Knauss, Associate and Design Editor
J. Clayton Johnson, Managing Editor and Attorney at Law
Annie Young Frisbie, Managing Editor
Christi A. Foist, Managing Editor
Randy Boyagoda, Books Editor
Jack Heller, Contributing Editor and Assistant Professor, Huntington College
Jeremy Beer, Contributing Editor and Editor-in-Chief, ISI Books

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