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Nell's Christmas Cat

Nell's Christmas Cat

Adapted from the Tatted Cat found in McCall's Needlework (Fall/Winter) 1958

My kitty (pictured) is tatted with DMC size 80 tatting thread; two tiny green (size 15) beads were used for the eyes. If you tat the cat with a heavier gauge thread, you may want to increase the bead size slightly. Silver-lined red "Delica" beads were used on the hat. The picture doesn't show them very well, but they sparkle wonderfully!

Center: R 1-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1 Cl. Cut and tie.

Row 1:
R: 2-2+2-2, Cl, RW (+ to picot on center)
*Ch 3-2-2-3, RW.
R 2+2+2-2, Cl, RW. (First + on prev ring, second + on next picot on center)

Repeat from * around (On last ring, join last picot to first picot of first ring).
Cut and tie.
Attach last Ch to top of first Ring (10 rings and chains).
Last ring has 3 + (to prev ring, to center, and to first ring).

Row 2:
*R 2-2+2+2-2, Cl, RW. (First + on last picot of Ch on Row 1; Second + on first picot of next Ch on Row 1)
Ch 3-2-2-2-2-3, RW.
Repeat from * around (10 rings and chains)
Cut and Tie. Attach last Ch to top of first ring.

Center: R 1-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1, Cl, RW. Cut and tie.

Row 1: R 2-2+2-2, Cl, RW. (+ on center)
Ch 3-2-2+3, RW. (+ on middle picot of chain on last row of body)
**R 2+2+2-2, Cl, RW (First + picot on last ring; Second + on next picot on center)**
Ch 3+2-2+3 (First + on next picot same Ch of Body; Second + on 2nd picot of next Ch of Body)
Make R (work from ** to **)
CH 3+2-2-3, RW (+ on next picot same Ch of body).
Make R.
Ch 3 - 1--- 1--- 1--- 2 - 3 (--- long picots for whiskers) RW
Make R, but add a bead to the joining picot for the eye.
Ch 3-2-2, R 7 --- 7, Cl. Ch 5, RW.
Make R.
Ch 10, RW.
Make R.
Ch 5. R 7--- 7, Cl.
Ch 2-2-3, RW.
R 2+2+2+2 (First + on last picot of last ring; Second + on center, but add a bead here for the second eye; Third + on first picot first ring)
Ch 3 - 1 --- 1 ---1 --- 3.
Cut and Tie. Join Ch to top of first ring.

for novices: Chain 35 ds
For intermediate tatters: Split rings:
Starting at body:
SR: *5 ds/5ds (close ring)
Repeat these split* rings for desired length of tail....
I made 15 and then the last two I reduced to 4ds instead of 5ds on the SR's

Or starting at the tip:
R: 3--2--3
*SR: 2--2/2--2*.
Repeat * twice
**SR: 3--2/2--3**
Repeat ** for desired length.
Attach to body
Note: Picots should be long so they can be cut. Makes for a nice fuzzy tail!


You will be starting from top of this hat and working down, where you attach to cat's head.

*White Thread: Top of Hat: R 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Close
*Red Thread and Red "Delica" Beads:
1st Red Ring on Hat: Add red bead to a picot on white ring, connect red thread and make ring of 5 ds - 5 ds - 5ds (close ring). Cut and hide ends into bead above.

Next Row (2 split rings): 5ds + (w/red bead to picot on ring above), 5ds/5ds p 5ds (close ring); repeat once (cut and tie)
3rd Row (3 split rings): 5ds + (w/red bead to picot on ring above), 5ds/5ds p 5ds (close ring);
repeat two more times, but on join on middle ring, join between two rings above with bead;
on last ring join to last picot on second red ring above. (cut and tie)

White Trim of Hat: White thread: (5 small split rings that attach the red cap to the cats head).
Join on side of cats ear (see picture):
SR: 4ds/4ds (close)
SR: 2ds + (with bead to 1st picot on above red ring) 2ds/4ds (close);
SR: 2ds + (with bead to 2nd picot on above red ring) 2ds/2ds + (join to center of cat's head below) 2ds (close)
SR: 2ds + (with bead to 3rd picot on above red ring) 2ds/4 ds (close)
SR: 4ds/4ds (close last white ring and attach to cat's ear on other side). Cut/tie.

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