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SKELETON - Grinder, Featuring NHL Star Darren McCarty, and Nova Driver Provide Soundtrack for "My Story" short films

Grinder, Nova Driver provide soundtracks for short films NHL star Darren McCarty is front-man for Detroit rockers

Contact: Reed Hurrell, Grinder & Nova Driver, 586.557.7177

Tom LaDue, U.S. Bobsled & Skeleton Federation, 518.523.1842

Matt Fults, Rival Films, 801.969.8580

Lake Placid, New York - Rock groups Grinder, featuring Detroit Red Wings forward Darren McCarty, and Nova Driver are providing the soundtrack for �My Story: A Collection of Short Films� being produced by the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation and Rival Films.

The first two films, featuring 2002 Olympic Bobsled Gold Medalist Vonetta Flowers and 2003 World Cup Champion Chris Soule, are presented by AIT Worldwide Logistics and viewable online at The films, conceived to showcase the athletes of bobsled and skeleton prior to the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, are written and directed by Michigan native Matthew Fults.

Lead-singer McCarty, who is a three-time Stanley Cup Champion with the Red Wings, teams with bassist and songwriter James B. Anders, drummer Eric Miller, and guitarists Billy Reedy and Chris Wujek to form Grinder, the toughest band in rock and roll. Nova Driver consists of Anders, Miller, Reedy and singer Mark Miers, who also is keyboardist for double-platinum-selling recording artist Uncle Kracker.

�These short films are exciting and one of the reasons I�ve decided to work with Matt Fults to tell my story as well,� McCarty said, referring to a forthcoming feature-length documentary based on his life story. �Our music is loud and all about adrenaline � a perfect backdrop for these short films. We�re thrilled to be involved.�

Reed Hurrell, who manages both bands, said: �We believe our sound is as exciting and pulse-pounding as these sports. It�s a great fit. What a rush � pulling g-forces at 80 miles per hour to the hard licks of our rock guitars. It�s beautiful, baby!�

Anders, who pens the songs and keeps the rhythm for Grinder and Nova Driver, added: �Matt's ability to meld the power of music with the finesse & brutality of sports, creating a visual soundscape of reality, is truly amazing.�

The partnership between the bands and Rival Films has grown immensely over the last year.

�We have a great relationship with Grinder, Nova Driver and Darren McCarty with some of our other films, and I couldn�t think of a better rock tandem to contribute music to these short films,� added Fults, who brought McCarty into the fold to narrate �Hockey�s Greatest Era� and worked with Grinder to provide music for the 2003 documentary �Beyond the Games.�

Grinder is preparing to record its second album, a follow-up to the 2002 release �Gotta Keep Movin�� and has been touring the Midwest during the NHL lockout. Nova Driver�s smash hit �Void� is being followed by its new, untitled album that will be released by Small Stone Records in spring 2005. For more information visit and

Salt Lake City-based Rival Films, in addition to producing the �My Story� collection of short films, is releasing �Hockey�s Greatest Era� in January. Narrated by McCarty, �Era� will premiere Jan. 25 on FSN Detroit and follow in other major markets in February, including Boston, New York and Chicago. They also produced the critically acclaimed �The Birth of Legends� and �Beyond the Games.� Visit for more information.

If you are interested in sponsoring an athlete�s short film, contact Tom LaDue, Public Relations and Media Manager, United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation, at 518.523.1842.

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