Captains and Consorts"on the account"

Heed The Bloody Parrot

Many a good man, a good sailor, honest and true, swept up in a time where Nations looted the
world for profit and pleasure, were called to the "sweet trade." Many a good captain, a good patriot,
fair and just, caught up in a time when Kings hungered for power and could decide a good man's,
a good captain's fate, either way, with the stroke of the quill and a slash of inkacross a well laid
"letter of marque", becamemasters of the "sweet trade." Many a good woman, a good daughter,
abandoned and alone, forced to die or fight for survival in a world designed for men, a time
composed of men,drawn to those who livedthe short life,took a stand in the name of the
"sweet trade."  It was a time of brutalitly, adventure and intrigue, of expanding nationsand
dying cultures. A time of political chaos and war. The golden age of piracy, when a well placed
round could bring a good man or woman fortune or death. When going "on the account"
meant one had a promised place on the gallows.

                                                                                                                                                                        -Liberty StarCastle

Updated: May 12, 2004

Pirates have roamed and hunted the seas for centures, but the "golden age of piracy" lies within
those turbulant yearsspanning from around the 1620's to the 1730's , a considerably short tick of
the clock in the general time line of things.But in those few short years some of the most notorious,
ruthless and colorful corsairs and freebooters took tothe seas in the name of piracy and looted the
globe from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, from Gold Coast of Africa to the Eastern shores of
India and beyond, slashing their names across histories page in bold definace of laws and morality.
Famous Captains and their crews waged war against society and conform, taking their ships
"on the account" when they were no longer honored by King or Country or simply wanted to live
"the short life" for the pure black hearted brutality of it all.

Many pirates ran in the same company, their ships traveling as "consorts" in partnership.
They shared raids, booty , the same harbours, crew and enemies, women and in the end
betrayal and death. There are so many resources on Pirates documenting dates and their
exploits, and so many of thoseresources differ in their facts and conclusions, I did not want
to simply repeat them here. So I have tried to put together a sort of "who sailed with who"
and "when and where" they crossed paths. Not all will be found here I promise.
Many existed out of the public's eye, while others so little is known about their exploits
they hardly make for good adventure. I appologize now, if I have misliad a name or two or
confused an important bit of information or fact.
After all, I am only me. ARGH!

                                                                                                               -Captain Liberty Star


Mid 17th Century to early 18th Century: "on the account"

Bellamy Bonnet Bonny Burgess Chivers Coates Condent J.Cook Ed.Cook Coxon Culliford
Dampier Ed.Davis H.Davis Eaton England Every Glover Grogniet Hamlin Halsey C.Harris
P.Harris HoarHornigold Hout Kennedy Kidd Knight LaBouch PiCard Low May Morgan
North RackamJ.Read M.ReadB.Roberts Sawkins Sharp Stout Swan Taylor Teach Tew
Townley TristianVane WaferWant Watling WilliamWright Yanky

Samuel Bellamy
British - Caribbean, Atlantic
died; 1717
active; 1716-1717/Sailed under Hornigold (1716) and cruised in consort with La Bouche/Hornigold
left and Bellamy was made captain/sailed in consort with La Bouche and took several ships near
Virgin Islands /Bellamy took a larger ship and gave his sloop to Williams/La Bouche was lost to
the company in a storm/Bellamy and Williams cruised to Haiti and Cuba/captured the
London slave ship Whydah rich with cargo and Bellamy transfered to this ship
/they sailed on to Virginia and took 4 more ships added 1 to squadren and sailed for Rhode Island
/the Whydah and another prize was wrecked aground at Massachusetts during a storm (1717)
/Bellamy died along with almost all  the crew/Williams may have returned to try and salvage some
of the booty lost /at that time none was recovered. (In the 1980's treasure hunters brought up the
Whydah's cargo, the estimated worth at millions of dollars)

Gentleman Stede Bonnet

British - Atlantic/Caribbean
hanged; 1718 (Charlston/November)
active; 1717-1718/Said to have purchased his ship the Revenge (1717) at Barbados/plundered ships
off Virginia and New York/met Teach at Bay of Honduras(1718)/Teach took the Revenge
gave it to one of his crew and made Bonnet a forced guest/when the company broke up Bonnet
regained the Revenge and madeDavid Harriot master/Bonnet received royal pardon at North Carolina
and took privateer commission/pursued Teach to Ocracoke, N. Carolina/returned to piracy and
raided along Virginia and Deleware under the new name of Captain Thomas, renamed his ship
Royal James/(conflicting stories mark the Royal Jamesunder Every off the African Coast, was
probably the Pearl)/Bonnet sailed up Cape Fear River/William Rhett received a commission to
capture prates and after chasing Vane with no luck turned to Bonnet in North Carolina/the
Royal Jameswas ran aground and Bonnet was captured/tried in Charlston and escaped
/recaptured and hanged with 29 of his crew.

Anne Bonny

British - Caribbean
death; unknown
active; 1718-1720/Cruised with Rackam and M. Read/hunted by Woodes Rogers,
Hornigold and others/captured with Rackam and Read at Nigrel Point
/tried and imprisoned at Port Royal/gave birth to second child/no record of death.

Samuel Burgess
British - Caribbean/Indian Ocean/Red Sea
died; 1716
active; 1690-1716/Sailed with Kidd and stole Kidd's Blessed William with Culliford and May (1690)
/May became captain/sailed as mate of another vessel to Madagascar/later Burgess sailed as
quartermaster under Coates on the Jacob(1694) in the Red Sea/Burgess returned to New York
(1695)/bought a house and married/built a ship Pembroke (Margaret) and made several voyges to
Madagascar dealing in guns and supplies to pirates/while at Saint Mary's Island raninto 4 British
warships (1699)/Burgess set the Margaret (Pembroke) to New York with several pirates on board,
including Culliford and the captain of the Pelican/(there are confusing facts surround the Margaret
while in Eastern Waters)/put ino to Cape Town and met the Loyal Merchant/Burgess and others
were seizedby Captain Lowth of the East India Company and taken to Bombay then London
(1701)/Burgess was betrayed by Culliford for piracy aboard the Jacob at London but was pardoned
/shipped aboard the Neptune bound for Madagascar as first mate/helped Halsey take over Neptune
and became Quartermaster/whenthe Greyhoundmade port the shared the booty taken
(1708)/soon after Halsey died and Burgess was ousted/he continued to trade liquor and slaves with
David Williams at Saint Mary's/escaped capture by the Drake and Captain Pink/joined with
Captain Harvey of the Henry/Burgess was poisoned on Madagascar.

Dirk Chivers (Shivers) (Richard)
Dutch - Indian Ocean/Read Sea
active: 1694-1699/Sailed from Rhode Island on Portsmouth Adventure under Joseph Ferrell/helped
Every capture 2 rich prizes in the Red Sea (1695)/Adventurewrecked on Mayotte on the way home
/Chivers enlisted on pirate ship Resolution/later elected captain changed ship to Soldado/ran ship
for 3 years in consort with Hoar/sailed into Calcutta and seized 4 ships/sailed to Saint Mary's Island
(1697)/captured the British ship Sedgwick (1698)/together with Culliford captured GreatMohammed
/ transferred to it and renamed the New Soldado/back to Saint Mary's confronted by 4 British warships
(Angelsea, Hastings, Harwich, Lizard)and sank the  Soldadoin the harbour to block it (1699)
(The Mocha was sunk as well)/Chivers accetped royal pardon and sailed home on the Vine (1699).

Edward Coates
British - Indian Ocean/Red Sea
active; 1692-1693/Commanded the 170-ton, 6 gun Nassau (1692)/visited Saint Mary's Island to divide
booty/captured the Hackboat at St. Augustines/returned to New York (1693) as Captain of the Jacob
/Burgess and Culliford were aboard at this time/bargained Jacob for pardon to Governor Fletcher.

Edmund Condent (Congdon, Conden)
British - Cribbean/Pacific
active; 1718-1720/Aboard a sloop that left New Providence from Woodes Rogers (1718)/Condent made
captain/took a Dutch warship off Cape Verde Islands/renamed the prize Flying Dragon/raided Brazil
Coast and tortured Portuguese captives/reached Madagascar (1719)/at Saint Mary's Island picked up
some of Halsey's old (12 years after Halsey died) crew/cruised Red Sea (1720)/divided spoils at
Saint Mary's /according to Defoe Condent wed and retired a wealthy merchant in Brittany.


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Edmund Cook (Cooke)
English - Caribbean/Pacific
died; 1681
active; 1673-1681/Letter of privateer/smuggled out of Cuba (1673)/ambushed a Spanish vessel and sold
cargo (1679)/hired Dampier as ship's surgeon/ran into Sharp near Panama (1680)/Cook and his men
and others (see Sharp) enlisted under Coxon and marched across Isthmus to Pacific
/(see J.Cook)/E. Cook received command of 100-ton Mayflower captured at Pueblo Nuevo
/crew left Cook's command for Sharp's Trinity/Cook sailed in company with Sharp on raids and
reached Juan Fernandez Islands, Chille/(1681)/under mutiny Watling took Sharp's command on the
Trinityand imprisoned Cook.

John Cook
English - Caribbean/Atlantic/Pacific
died; 1694
active; 1680-1694/Invaded Pacific Coast with Sharp, E. Davis, E. Cook, Dampier, Watling and
Sawkins all under Coxon/J.Cook went back to Caribbean taking Davis, Dampier and Wafer (1680-81)
/Cook and Davis and others met Wright and Yanky on the Caribbean coast and were marooned
on Isla-a-Vacheoff Haiti by Captain Yanky/later rescued by  Tristian/Cook captured Revenge
(1683)/sailed to South America withDavis, Dampier, Wafer and Cowley/stoleDutch ship renamed
Batchelor'sDelight/the company joined Eaton's Nicholas in the Pacific (1684)/rescured William
(Mosquito Indian pirate, Nicaragua or Honduras) from Juan Fernandez Islands, Chille, marooned
by Sharp 3 years before/Cook died of illness and E. Davis was elected Captain of Delight.

John Coxon
English - Caribbean/Pacific
active; 1676-1684/Sailed under French commission (1676)/assaulted Venezula with Captain Legard
(1677)/looted along Honduras with Sawkins (1679)/sailed for Isthmus with Sawkins, Ed. Cook, J. Cook,
Watling and several other captains (see SHARP)Coxon made leader took Portobelo (1680)
/under Coxon's command they crossed Istnmus for Santa Maria and his company took the 400-ton
Santisma Trinidad (1680)/Coxon accused ofcowardice and returned to Caribbean while others stayed
in Pacific (Sawkins was made commander of group)/obtained commission from Bahama
to attack Spanish ships (1682)/another commission from Jamaica to retreive logwood cutters from
Honduras/back to piracy in 1683/another reform/another letter (1684)arrested and escaped
(1686)/surrendered (1688)/ pardoned.

Robert Culliford
British - Caribbean/Indian Ocean/Red Sea/South China Sea
active; 1690-1699/Stole Blessed Willaim from Kidd with Burgess and May (1690)/May became captain
/with May returned to New York/became quartermasteron the Pearl (1693) when May sailed/Culliford
left the ship at Mangalore, India/seized merchantman Josiah Ketch/marooned on Nicobar Islands by
crew andeventually arrested/rescued from the Elizabeth that was taking him to trial by  Stout on
the Mocha (former Resolution but not the Chiver's ship Soldado)/Culliford and others joined
pirates on the Mocha and sailed in consort with Charming Mary(Glover) and Pelican (North)/
became Captain of Mochawhen Stout was killed  (1697) (murdered by crew? or slain by
Malay seamen?)/Mocha and the Pelican pursued the rich ship Dorrill/failed and returned to
Saint Mary's Island/met up with Kidd/took almost 100 of Kidd's men (June 1698)/Mochawith
PelicanChivers' Soldadocaptured Great Mohammed/returnedto Saint Mary's/sank Mocha in
harbour when 4 British warships (see Chivers) closed on Island (1699)/Culliford testified against Burgess.
(unclear of Culliford's accounts after 1699)

William Dampier
British - Caribbean/Pacific/South China Seas/Bay of Bengal
active; 1676-1688)/Logwood cutter in Mexico (1676-1678)/took part in raid of Spanish warships/sailed
to England and married/returned to Jamiaca (1680)/ship's surgeon under Ed. Cook (1680)/met
Sharp, Coxon, Sawkins, J. Cook, Watling and others who had turned to piracy/crosse Isthmus with
party and with Wafer returned to Caribbean with J. Cook's company (1681)/met Yanky but
boarded Wright's ship in consort with J. Cook/left for Virginia (1682) sailed with J. Cook
who stole the Batchelor's Delight and reached Pacific (1684)/shared company of J. Cook and
E. Davis till 1685/transferred to Swan's shipthe Cygnet/Swan was ousted by crew and J. Read
was elected captain (1686)/group sailed from Cambodia to Australia/with poor success Read turned
Dampier out with 7 others on Nicobar Islands without supplies/Dampier used a compass and
navigated a canoe to Sumatra/Dampier was in dire strait/worked odd sea jobs and left
Sumatra for England (1691)/edited his journal and published "A New Voyage round the world"
(1697)(book focused on theyears 1681-89)/another book "Voyages and Descriptions"
(1699)/left for Australia on the 292-ton Roebuck, his first command (1699)/sailed to New Guinea
but the Roebuck was in bad shape and sank at Ascension Island (1701)/returned to England and
published "A Voyage to New Holland" (1703)/woncommand of 2 small vessels sent to South America
and sought to retrace trips with Sharp and E. Davis (1703)/took a few prizes on the way north from
Cape Horn but failed in the attack of Santa Maria in Panama/Captain Thomas Stradling deserted
with 2nd ship (1704) and John Clipperton left with someof Dampier's crew on a Spanish prize later
that year/Dampier located the Manila Galleon but could not take her/more crew deserted him with
William Funnell/Dampier and his small crew sacked Puna, Ecuador/sailed to Java and reached
England (1707)/third voyage around world (1708 to 1711) Dampier accompanied Woodes Rogers
as pilot and advisor/with Rogers captured 2 smaller Manila Galleons/Dampier lived his
last years in comfort.

Edward Davis (Edmund)
English - Caribbean/Pacific
active; 1680-1688/Invaded Pacific (1680) with Sharp, J.Cook and others (see Sharp) under Coxon
/Davis went back to Caribbean with Cook, Dampierand Wafer 1681) and all were possibly marooned
by Captain Yanky on Lle-a-Vache off Haiti/Cook and others were rescured by Tristian and taken to
Petit Goave/Davis became second in command to Cook when he stole 36-ton Dutch ship renamed
Batchelor's Delight (1683)/J.Cook and Davis joinedEaton in Pacific on the Nicholas/Cook died 1684 and
Davis was elected Captain/parted company with Eaton/encountered Swan'sCygnet and P.Harris in
Ecuador/joined with Townley and Le Picard to attack Panama/Davis, Swan and Grogniet commanded
/routed by Peruvian fleet/Davis, Swan, Townley,Harris and Knight went north in 8 ships
/Davis and Knight raided Peruvian Coast/Delight reached West Indies (1688)/imprisoned and
pardoned/possibly met Kidd at Saint Mary's Island (1698) to return to America.

Howell Davis


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Welsh - Atlantic/Caribbean
died; 1719
active; 1718-1719/Chief mate of slave ship captured by Edward England/joined pirates and England
gave him the ship/Maio Island on the Buckand pludered ships/kept a 26-gun vessel renamed
Saint James/fell in with La Bouche and Cocklyn/abandoned Buck for 32-gun Rover/abandoned
Saint James on Pricipe Island/Davis was killed by Portugues governement/crew elected
Bartholomew Roberts Captain of the Rover and with Kennedyvenged Davis's death by burning
the fort and blasting the town where the Governor was on Pricipe Island.

John Eaton
English - Atlantic/Pacific
active; 1683-1686/Left London in the 250-ton, 20-gun Nicholas (1682)/attacked coast of Brazil and
Argentina (1683)/joined J. Cook'sBatchelor's Delightnear Valdivia, Chile (1684)/headed to
Juan Fernandez Islands, Chille/Cook died-E. Davis appointed Captain of Delight/Eaton left
Delight's companyfor Pacific (1685)/William Cowley deserted /sailed to Canton River/
left Borneo/sailed south and east/William Cowley ship's master deserted at
Timor/took ship's log/Eaton somehow returned to England/fate of Nicholas unknown.

Edward England

British - Caribbean/Atlantic/Indian Ocean
active; 1717-1720/Escaped Rogers sailed to Africa coast with several prize ships/exchanged his sloop
for larger ship/renamed Pearl/kept another prizeof Ghana/renamed the Victory gave command
to John Taylor (/Pearl and Victory sailed to Madagascar for provisions (1720)/exchanged
Pearl for 34-gunFancy while raiding Malabar coast of India/returned to Madagascar, Johanna Island
/3 large English ships/2 ran off/England and Taylor fought withCaptain James Macrae on the
Cassandra/the Fancy and Cassandra were both gounded on shore/Macrae escaped leaving behind
a rich cargo/Macrae returned and talked Taylor out of the crippled Fancy/Macrae was reward
and became governor of Madras/England was removed as Captain (early 1721)/England died a pauper.

Henry Every (John Avery)

British - Atlantic/Red Sea
active; 1692-1695/In Cadiz crew took the warship Charles/renamed Fancy/elected Every Captain
/sailed to Africa coast then Red Sea (1695)/joined with Want, Joseph Farrell, May, Wake and Tew/
Every was appointed Admiral/captured India merchant Fateh Mohammed and Gang-i-sawai
Gunsway)/looted prizes at Socotra Island/divided spoils on Reunion Island/Every sailed to America
and the Bahamas/gave the Fancy to Governor Thomas Trott/pardon denied Every sailed to
Ireland in a sloop and vanished/evidence against him provided by Middleton.

Robert Glover (Richard?)
Irish - Indian Ocean/Red Sea
active; 1694-1695/Hoar's brother-in-law/sailed Resolution to Madagascar (1693)/in Comoro Islands
picked up Chivers from the wrecked Portsmouth Adventure/sailed to India/ousted by crew and
Chivers made captain of Resolution/Glover made it to Saint Mary's Island (696)/a few
months later left for home.

Francois Grogniet
French - Caribbean/Pacitic
died; 1687
active; 1680's/Marched across Panama with French and English pirates (1685)/joined Edward Davis
at Pearl Islands/received command of a Spanishvessel in that company/Dampier accuses
Grogniet of cowardice/E. Davis and others sail, leaving Grogniet with men on Coiba Island/raiders
plunderedNicaragua, lost their only ship/headed north met Townley (1686)/raided in company for
short time/Townley took some of his men/Grogniet went onto meet Le Picard and Hout/Grogniet
elected captain of one ship/headed south/died of wounds.

Jean Hamlin
French - Caribbean
active; 1682-1684/Helped in raid at Antigua (1682)/aptured large French merchant ship La Trompeuse
(The Deceiver) (1684)/refitted for a warship/avoidedcapture by hiding on Saint Thomas/(details on
Hamlin's movements vary; another ship named Trompeuse was reported off Africa/possibly Hamlin
(1683))/Yanky turned down letter to hunt Hamlin/Hamlin pursued by  Captain Charles Carlile
on the Francis at Saint Thomas/Trompeuse was burned with another ship/Hamlin escaped with some
crew in a sloop/Governor Esmit of St. Thomas arrested for helping Hamlin (1684)/(Yanky was
approached to hunt Hamlin but refused)/Hamlin acquired another ship La Nouvelle Trompeuse
(The New Deciever) and based his operations on Lle-i-Vache, off Haiti.

John Halsey
British - Red Sea/Indian Ocean
active; 1704-1708/Left Boston for Guinea (1703-4) on the 200-ton, 10-gun privateer Charles
(Degrave)/new commisssion arrived Madagascar (1705)/seized Dutch traders off Nicobar Islands
(1707)/took on more crew including North who became quartermaster of the Charles/captured
British shipsand returned to Madagascar/while in port the Neptune and Greyhound
arrived trading goods (1708) (Burgess was first mate on the Neptune)/a storm
destroyed the Charles and Halsey and others with Burgess help took over the Neptune
and looted the Greyhound/Burgess made quartermaster/Halsey died shortly after
and Burgess was ousted.

Charles Harris
British - Atlantic/Caribbean
hanged; 1723
active; 1722-1723/Second mate of ship captured by George Lowther/joined pirates and given command
of a ship/left Lowther for Low (1722)/cruisedwith Low to Nova Scotia/Harris commaned 80-ton schooner/
second captainship given to Francis Spriggs/ Harris returned to command with Low
and attacked British warship Greyhound/Low fled battle and Harris and his crew were captured.

Peter Harris
English - Pacific
active ; 1684-1686/Invaded Panama with Sharp (1680)/crossed Isthmus to raid Santa Maria (1684)
/months later joined Swan and sailed south tojoin E. Davis/Harris and E. Davis raided Chile and
Peru/Harris outcome unknown.

John Hoar (Hore)
British - Indian Ocean/Red Sea
active; 1695-1697/Brother-in-law to Glover/Hoar Captured French in wartime/remaned the
John and Rebecca/sailed as privateer from Boston (1685) for Madagascar/cruised Red Sea and
joined Chivers/took the Indian ship Rouparelle, which Kidd  later destroyed/returned to
Saint Mary's Island (1697)/killed by locals who attacked pirates.

Benjamin Hornigold
British - Atlantic/Caribbean
active; 1716-1717/Sailed Bahamas with Teach among his crew/gave Teach a ship/in company they
raided Caribbean/Teach left for America/Hornigold returned to New Providence/pardoned by
Woodes Rogers (1718)/Hornigold pursued other pirates for Woods/sent to Mexico (1719)
and died when ship ran a reef.

George Hout
English - Pacific
active; 1685-1686/Joined E. Davis (1685) crossing the Isthmus with Grogniet/part of band under
Le Picard and Townley (1686)/Townley died, Le Picard assumed command of company/Hout elected
captain of English formed group/lead raids on Panama City and through Ecuador.

Walter Kennedy
English - Atlantic/Caribbean
hanged; 1721
active; 1718-1721/Sailed from New Providence with H. Davis/Davis killed by Portuguese/Roberts
was elected captain and attacked Principe Island in revenge/crew of Rover elected Kennedy second in
command after Roberts/crew made off with Rover and a prize taken off Brazil and her booty while
and hanged/wrecked Rover on Scottish coast/Kennedy escaped to Dublin/returned to England
to open house of protution/turned in for robbing
houses/recognized and hanged.


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William Kidd (Captain Kidd)
Adventure Galley (1696)
Scottish - Caribbean/Indian Ocean/Red Sea
active; 1689-1699/Served on privateer Blessed William(1689)/Kidd as captain/with squadren sacked
Marie Galante (1689)/Burgess, Culliford and May,part of crew, stole Blessed William to go "on account"
(1690) while Kidd was ashore/chased them to New York on the Antigua/helped with civil war and
wed Sarah Bradly Cox Oort (1691)/with Robert Livingston took Antigua to England (1695) to join
Royal Navy/met Richard Coote, earl of Bellomont /scheme to capture pirates and keep booty born
(see details of Kidd's experience with his backers, pirates and crew in Richard Zack's The Pirate Hunter)
/left New York on the Adventure Galley; 287-ton 34-run and 46 oar ship (May 1696)/strayed to piracy
after Johanna (1697) after run in with Sceptre andthe East India Treasure Fleet among others
/ failed to arrest Chivers, Hoar, Culliford and others at Saint Mary's Island/sailed for Red Sea to plunder
pilgrim fleets out  of Mecca/took several Indian vesselsbut let British vessels go/catured the Rouparelle
off Indian coast/took over ship and off Cochin took only rich prize Quedah Merchant/Kidd kept
Merchant/heading south pursued Dorrill and Sedgwick (Culliford also pursued the Dorrill and later
Chivers captured theSedgwick)/Adventure Galley landed on Saint Mary's Island again (1698)/met
Culliford on his ship Mocha/Quedah Merchantarrived later/booty was divided/ some of Kidd's crew
enlisted with Culliford/Kidd burned Galley and took Quedah Merchant remaned Adventure Prize
/OFFICIAL LY BRANDED PIRATE (1698)/ Kidd reached Caribbean (1699)/Kidd avoided
capture/sailed to Mono Island/bought a sloop/the Prize was looted and burned after he left
/arrested in July 1699 in Boston/reached london April 1700/convicted of murdering
William Moore and robbing Quedah Merchant/hanged (unjustly?) at Wapping on May 23, 1701/
(rumors of buried treasure exit today). (Details of Kidd and his miss-adventures are nicely
told in Richard Zacks' The Pirate Hunter)

William Knight
English - Caribbean/Pacific
active; 1680's/Crossed Panama Isthmus (1684) with 50 men/captured Spanish ship of El Salvador/
cruised to Ecuador took prized and returned to Panama/joined with Edward Davis large force (1685)
/raided Chile and Peru with E. Davis/sailed around Cape Horn to Caribbean/(evidence of raids with
Townley (1688) but Townley died in 1686)/(per Dampier, Knight possibly sailed Indian Ocean).

Olivier La Bouche
French - Caribbean/Atlantic/Indian Ocean/Red Sea
active; 1716-1721/Cruised from Providence Island in consort with Hornigold and later Bellamy/
fled from Woods to West Africa (1718)/cruised off Whydahjoined forces with H. Davis and
Thomas Cocklyn /headed to Red Sea/cruised in company with England and Taylor (1719)/wrecked
his ship on Comoro Islands(1720)/lived on Saint Mary's Island/Taylor gave him command of the Victory
(1721)/cruised in consort with Taylor through 1721/La Bouche rumored hanged on Reunion Island.

Captain Le Picard (Pierre?)
French - Caribbean/Pacific
active; 1685-1688/Sailed with Francois L'Olonnais (1668)/crossed Panaman Isthmus with Hout, Grogneit
and Townley to Pearl Island/joined E. Davis party/fomed groups by nationality; French lead by
Grogniet/English sailed off with Davis/without ships Grogneit stayed in Central America/group joined
Townley'sgroup (1686)/Le Picard and others left Grogneit to go with Townley to Panama
/Townley died and Le Picard was made commander of gang/returning north
Le Picard and Hout sacked Nicoya, Nicaragua and rejoined Grogneit (1687)/Grogneit died
and Le Picard took command of French forces/warned of retaliation by Spanish by returning E. Davis
/Le Picard and Davis divided spoils/Davis returned to Caribbean/Le Picard
with 5 small ships and kept to land (Mexico) (1688)/lost control of band.

Edward Low
English - Caribbean/Atlantic
active; 1721-1724/During a command of a boat in Honduras he shot the boat's captain and escaped
with others to the Cayman Islands (1721)/met George Lowtherand joined forces (1722)/left Lowther
to raid North Atlantic coast and took a 80-ton schooner/sailed to Caribbean/took a large pink and
gave the schooner to Charles Harris/Low and Harris sailed in company to South America
/Low went on to Grenada and gave another seized ship to Spriggs and ousted Harris
/Low and Spriggs took 5 ships in the Caribbean (1722-1723)/Low and Francis Spriggs entered
Bay of Honduras (1723)/continued West up U.S. coast to South Carolina/Harris once again
in command of sloop/chased British warship Greyhound/Low fled during battle and Harris and his
crew were captured/Low went on rampage of torture after the narrow escape near Massachusetts
and Rhode Island/sailed for Cape Cod and captured 23 French fishing vesselsand took over
a 22-gun ship/took several other victims in the 2 ships/captured a 34-gun ship to become his flagship
/with 3 ships sailed to Asores and thento Africa for more plunder/Low went insane and
Spriggs was again given a comman and went on his own/Low returned to West Indies and
was marooned by fellow pirates (1724)/possibly captured by French and hanged.


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William May (Mason,Mues,Maze, Mace)
British - Caribbean/Indian Ocean/Red Sea/Persian Gulf
active; 1689-1699/Raided with Kidd on the Blessed William during war (1689)/stole Kidd's ship and
all the booty with Brugess and Culliford when Kiddwas on shore (1690)/May was elected captain
/fled to New York attacked French shipping/sold Blessed William and moved to new prize Jacob
/sailed toMadagascar/cruised western India/Mason (May) and Culliford got off at the Nicobar Islands/
May sailed with a privateering commission againstFrench in West Africa (1693) on the 16-gun ship
the Pearl/went to Madagascar instead (1694) and raided Muslin shipping in the Red Sea/cruised
with Every and shared the Gunsway (Gang-i-sawai)/May looted more ships and returned to
New York/returned to Saint Mary's Island (1699)/4 British warship showed up and May took the Pearl
out before the Mocha and the Soldado were sank at the mouth of the harbour/had good
luck at sea and returned to New York in 1699.

Sir Henry Morgan

British (Welsh heritage) - Caribbean
active: 1663-1682/Probably followed Sir Christopher Mings (Myngs) under a privateer commission
to Cuba and Mexico (1623)/sailed to Central Americawith Morris (1664)/plundered three cities
/returned toJamaica (1666) invested in plantations and married/Governor Modyford of Jamaica
ordered Morgan to gather privateers against Spanish (1668)/Morgan had 10 ships and 500 men,
including veteran pirates and former soldiers/sailed to South Cays andjoined to larger ships at
Tortuga/ marched to Puerto Principe 30 miles inland/sailed for Portobelo; port of Spanish treasure
/captured San Geronimo Castle(accounts of torture and brutality surround Portobelo capture/
Morgan returned to Port Royal deed protected by Madyford/Modyford donated 34-gun
Oxford to Morgan/he joins forces at Lle-a-Vache, Haiti (near Hispaniola)/Oxford explodes while
at anchor (Jan. 12, 1669) while captains celebratedecision to attack Cartagena/French
leave company after/Morgon left with 8 ships including the Cour Valant taken from a French
pirate/he takes theship renamed the Satisfaction/they raided Maricaibo and Gibraltar/more
torture to locate treasure/3 Spanish warships blocked their escape to the Gulf/Morgan sent
his larges ship into the Spanish flagship Magdalen and blew up both ships/Morgan and company
escaped back to Port Royal and dividedup spoils/Modyford issued new orders to Morgan
to destroy enemy vessels (Spanish) in 1670/Morgan gathered buccaneers at Cow Island/33 ships
recapturedProvedence Island/Bradley captured fortress of San Lorenzo with 3 ships at mouth
of Chargres River/force paddled up Chargres River for Panama incanoes (1671)/looted city for
month and Morgan sailed off alone/Treaty of Madrid (1670)/Sir Thomas Lynch appointed Governor,
Modyford arrested/Morgan arrested to appease Spain/taken to London on the Welcome/Morgan
was knighted and returned to Jamaica and Lynch was ousted (1674)/Mogan was removed and
replaced in official positions in Jamaica over the next several years/removed last time in 1682
/lived on in Jamaico till death.

Nathaniel North
British - Red Sea/Indian Ocean
active; 1696-1707/Help prepare Tew's ships Amity for 1692 cruise/at young age sailed on privateer
against French shipping/pressed into Royal Navy twice/served on privateer that captured 18-gun
Pelican off Newfoundland (1696)/raiders bought a commission against French in West Africa but
sailed toMadagascar instead/raided villages in Comoro Islands/returned to Madagascar/North elected
quartermaster of Pelican/cruised in consort with Cullifordand Chivers (Mocha and Soldado) (1698)
/captured Great Mohammed/Culliford and Chivers refused to share booty with Pelican crew/Pelican
pursuedanother ship without success/on Malabar coast took 3 small vessels/1 pirze Dolphin/Pelican
was destroyed in hurrican/sailed back to Madagascar onDolphin to divide spoils/the Dolphin
under Captain Samuel Inless, they attacked a large Danish ship (1699) and returned to Saint Mary's
Island/4 Britishwarship came up on the Island and Inless burned theDolphin rather than surrender/
North did not trust offered pardon and escaped in a small boat/surviving he sailed with
George Booth and after Booth's death, as quartermaster to John Bowen (1701-1703)
/Bowen retired and left North captain ofremaining pirates/quartermaster for John Halsey on the
Charles (1707)/Halsey returned to Madagascar in one of the pirzes and North became captain
of the Charleswhich he wrecked the ship on a reef/reteurned home to sail Madagascar waters
(1709) and was killed by local tribesman later.

John Rackam ("Calico Jack")

English - Caribbean
hanged; 1720
active; 1718-1720/Sailed from New Providence (Nassau) with Charles Vane (1718)/second in command
as quartermaster to Vane/Rackham electredcaptain of a large prize ship/Vane and Rackam quarreled
and parted company/Rackam returned to New Providence to accept Roger's offered pardon (1719)
met Anne Bonny/ took her from her husband James Bonny/Anne (dressed as a man) and Rackam
stole a sloop and cruised between Haiti and Bermuda (1719)/their crew was joined by another female
piratedressed as a man, Mary Read/after no success Rackam, Bonny, Read and the crew were captured
byCaptain Jonothan Barnet near Negril Point, Jamaica (1720)/Rackham was tried November 26 and
hanged the next day at Port Royal.

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John Read
English - Pacific/south China Sea/Bay of Bengal
active; 1680's/Plunderd with Swan (1684-1686) on the Cygnet in the Philipines with Dampier on board
/Swan remained a merchant and J.Read and othersmutinied and Read took Swan's journal (1687)
/the crew seized the ship and made Read captain/cruised in search of Manila Galleon/Cygnet sailed to to
Southern China and Celebes Islands/reached Austrilia (1688)/sailed north to Nicobar Islands where
Dampier was marooned/Cygnet made for Ceylonand was driven ashore on coast of India/Read went to
Bay of Bengal and took a prize (1688)/Read left on an American slave ship/Cygnet contined to sail
with James Smith as captain/looted and sailed to Madagascar where she sank while at anchor.

Mary Read

British - Caribbean
died; 1721
active; 1719-1720/Joined Rackam and Bonny when the ship she served on dressed as a man was
attacked by the pirates (1719)/was captured withBonny and Rackam and tried in Port Royal/
died in prison before her baby could be born.

Captain Bartholomew Roberts  (Black Bart) (born; John)

Welsh - Atlantic/Caribbean
active; 1719-1722/Third mate aboard ship H. Davis captured off Ghana (1719)/joined pirates
/Davis slain by Portuguese government near Principe/Robertselected capatain of the Rover
/revenged Davis death by bombarding town and burning the fort/Roberts plundered other
ships then headed south to Brazil/captured a larger vessel out of a Portuguese trader convoy
/rich pirze, her booty and the Rover were stolen by Kennedy and the crew while Roberts
was offin a captured sloop/remaned sloop Fortune/sailed for Newfoundland (1720)/raided
coast and trade ships/siezed an 18-gun galley and a 28-gun French ship/renamed each in turn
Royal Fortune/both ship returned south to hunt English merchants/attacked the Samuel out
of London/some joined Roberts' crew/he killed French captives/attacked harbour of Saint Kitts
later in 1720/returned later that year and plundered 15 French and English vessels/
captured a 32-gunDutch slaver/sailed into Saint Lucia where Dutch sold slaves on the vessel
and burned 14 French ships/looted and tortured victims/careened his ship offHispaniola/took
another 18-gun brig/renamed Good Fortune/with Good Fortune and Fortunecaptured man-of-war
carrying the governor of Martinique/took his 52-gun ship/renamed Royal Fortune (3rd one)/arrived in
Africa to sell booty (1721)/with large crews on both ships control was not easy/on theway to Africa
Thomas Anstis deserted with the GoodFortune but not the best loot/captured 4 pirzes off Africa/
renamed 1 Ranger(later; Little Ranger?)/headed to Liberia and captured Royal Africa Company ship
Onslow/renamed her Royal Fortune (last to be named?)/sailed back to Ivory Coast to plunder
/reached Whydah (1722) and captured 11 slave ships/one Portuguese captain refused to pay ransom
for captured ships and Roberts burned both his shipsfilled with slaves/kept a 32-gun French ship
/renamed Great Ranger/returned to Brazil/pursued by Swallow near Cape Lopez/Great Ranger
thought her aprize and gaze chase/after a gun battle ship surrendered/Swallow(Captain Ogle)
returned to Cape Lopez to find Roberts with 3 ships and the Royal Fortune
/Roberts ordered the RoyalFortuneto attack the Swallowbut a broadside killed Roberts/his
crew threw his body overboard as his had wished to avoid public display/Royal Fortune surrendered
booty  and 3 ships after lengthy battle/1 ship escaped with loot from Little Ranger.

Richard Sawkins
English - Caribbean
active; 1679-1680/With Coxon and others Sawkins looted ships at Bay of Honduras (1679)/joined
Sharp off Costa Rica/marched across theIsthmus with Coxon as leader with Sharp, E.Cook, P.Harris,
E.Davis,Ringrose, Dampier and Wafer (1680)/rushed forward at Santa Maria/
Coxon was accused of cowerdice and Sawkins became commander/raided Pacific
/killed at Pueblo Nuevo in battle.

Bartholomew Sharp
English - Caribbean/Pacific
active; 1680's/Left Port Royal (1679) with Coxon, Robert Allison, Thomas Mackett, Jean Rose and
Captain Bournano/7 captains had commissions to cut logwood in Honduras but true purpose was
piracy/Coxon elected leader and attacked Portobelo/Essex killed and Captain Lessone joined them
/Rose andBournano dropped out and remaining company crossed Isthmus/Edmund Cook, E. Davis,
P. Harris, Basil Ringrose and Sawkins joined/also joining the group was Dampier and Wafer (1680)
J.Cook was among them as well/Allison and Mackett stayed behind to guard ships/reached Gulf of
San Miguel/raided Santa Maria gold mines/gold had been sent to Panama/Sharp canoed to Pearl
Island and Harris took rest of company on to Perica Island/they found 5 merchant ships and 3
warships commanded by Francisco de Peralta/after long battle 2 warships were taken and the 3rd
burned/Harris was killed in fight/1 400-ton merchant Santisima Trinidad/renamed Trinity became
priate flagship/Sharp arrived and accused Coxon of cowardice andCoxon left for Caribbean/Sawkins
was made commander and when he died Sharp was elected commander but Coxon took some and
crossed back over Isthmus/Sharp took command of Trinity and John Cox commanded of prize
100-ton Mayflower/(Ed. Cook soon held command of the Mayflower)/raided coast and reached
Juan Fernandez Islands to restock Trinity before returning home (1681)/Mayflower was lost along
the way/some pirates stayedin the Pacific and elected Watling as captain/he died and Sharp was
reelected/Cook with some, including Dampier and Wafer left the company off Ecuador and crossed
back over the Isthmus of Panama with J.Cook/Sharp sailed Trinity south but remained in Pacific
another year/took the San Pedrorich with cargo and the Santa Rosario bound for Callao and Panama
/there Sharp confiscated maps to every port along coast/Sharp sailed Trinity around Cape Horn and
arrived in Barbados after 10,000 miles and 3 months without sight of land (1682)/new pirate laws
kept them out of Barbados and Antigua and company split booty and parted/Sharp sailed for
England with several others/Sharp was turned in to court but presented King Charles II with the
invaluable maps and was released/Sharp returned to piracy and the Caribbean (1684)/took a ship
off Jamaica and raided a Spanish settlement/his actions were condoned by governor at Nevis
/Sharp was arrested and tried again but acquited (1686 and 1688)/rumorned as commander
of tiny Island of Anguilla.

Ralph Stout
British - Indian Ocean/Bay of Bengal
died; 1697
active; 1696-1697/Arrested by Indian ruler while serving under James Kelly (1692)/prisoners stole boat
and enlisted on the East Indiaman Mocha/Stout nd other pirates seized Mocha and Stout was elected
Captain/sailed to southeast of Burma/ran into the Elizabeth that held Culliford and other captive
pirates/they joined the Mocha Culliford as qurtermaster/cruised between India and Strait of Malacca
in consort with the Soldado (Chivers) and the Pelican(North) and the Charming Mary (Glover)
/brutally plundered several ships/the Charming Mary parted for Sumatra while Stout took the Mocha
to Laccadive Islands/Stout was murdered either by his crew or Malay seaman and
Culliford was named captain.

Charles Swan
English - Caribbean/Pacific
died; 1687 from Jamaica to London and met Ringrose/arranged
finance for a smuggling to Chile (1683)/thier ship the Cygnet carried 16 guns/ran into P. Harris at
Valdivia, Chile/then met up with E Davis and Dampier(1684)/sailed for Gulf and joined Townley
with several hundred French pirates (1685)/French and English split up/English raided
Nicaragua with little success/Swan and Townley left Davis for Acapulco/Townley's ship left for
Peru while Swan continued north to find gold/returned to Mexico/ambushed and Ringrose
was killed/Swan sailed east for Asia with Dampier still in his company/the Cygnet reached
Guam and sailed for the Philippines/Swan was abandoned whenhis crew took the Cygnet
and later was possibly murdered by the sultan's general (1687).

John Taylor
British - Atlantic/Indian Ocean
active; 1719-1721/Among England's crew off Africa (1719)/took command of prize renamed Victory
/England on prize renamed Pearl (later exchanged for34-gun Fancy) and the Victory ran in consort
down Indian Coast/the Fancy and the Victory captured the Cassandra after a long battle but both
the Fancyand the Cassandra were ran aground/Taylor left for India with the Victory and the Cassandra
/Taylor returned to Saint Mary's Island (1720) and met La Bouche/Taylor gave command of Victory to
La Bouche/sailed for Reunion Island (1721) and captured the Nostra Senhora de Cabo's cargo worth
above £800,00 (La Bouche may have hanged at Reunion)/Taylor took the two ships and the
Coba to Madagascar/the Victory was burned and replaced with the Cobaalso renamed Victory
/fled British Squadren (1722)/some returned to Saint Mary's and that Victory was burned later as well
/Taylor sailed the Cassandra to Panama (1723)/Taylor was pardoned by Governor of Portobelo
for return of Cassandra/Taylor later became captain of Panamanian coast guard.

Edward Teach ("Blackbeard")

English - Caribbean/Atlantic
died; 1718
active; 1702-1718/Teach served on Jamaican vessels raiding French and Spanish/enlisted with
Hornigold at New Providence/appointed captain of captured sloop/together plundered several
ships off America coast and Caribbean (1717)/took a large ship near Martinique/Hornigold and
Teach divided the spoils and parted company/Teach took over the prize renamed Queen Anne's Revenge
and installed 40 cannon/cruising near Saint Vincent he took a large British merchantman/possibly
fought off the warship Scarborough (not confirmed)/Teach sailed on to Crab Island and Saint Kitts
/sailed to Bath, North Carolina and Teach and his crew were pardoned by Governor Charles Eden
on their oath to give up piracy (1718)/they kept their loot and prepared for another cruise
/Teach sailed for the Bay of Honduras/on the way met Bonnet on the 10-gun Revenge
/Teach seized the Revenge and made Bonnet his guest/Teach captured the sloop Adventure
captained by Harriot who joined pirates/a 4th ship was added/the squadren plundered Honduras and
burned a Boston ship/Teach blockaded Charlston Harbour and took 8 more vessels/sailed for
North Carolina sailing through Topsail Inlet/both the Queen Anne and Adventure ran
aground on a sandbar/Teach gave the Revenge back to Bonnet and Teach left in the unarmbed
sloop/returned to Bath and pardoned by Eden again/he married and live wealthy/later went to
Philidelphia where a warrant for his arrest lay/he sailed to Bermuda and captured 2 French ships
with sugar and coca, took the booty and returned to Bath in September (1718)
/Eden and chief justice Tobias Knight conspired with Teach for a share of the booty and Teach
was pardoned again/Teach's last act of piracy on high seas/Vane visited Teach in Ocracoke that year/
William Howard, Teach's former quartermaster was arrested and testified against him
/Robert Maynard hired 2 sloops to find Teach in his hideout December of that year/they tried
to board Teach's vessel but Teach fired a broadside/Teach boarded the crippled sloop and
met Maynard in personal combat/Teach took several shots and several sword wounds
before he died.

Captain Thomas Tew
English - Atlantic/Red Sea
died: 1695
active: 1882?-1695/Possibe piracy in Bermuda/bought a share of the 8-gun sloop Amity (1682)/
commissioned with other captains to attack French slavers/consort was lost in a storm and
Tew convinced his crew to turn pirate/Tew sailed the Amity around the Cape of Good Hope
for Madagascar/sailed on toRed Sea captured an Arab ship carrying gold/returned to
Madagascar (1693)/sailed for Rhode Island following year/Tew kept some booty and sent some to
partners in Bermuda/received new commission from New York and sailed in consort with Want
and Thomas Wake (1694)/Tew joined company under Every and was killed while engaging
and Indian treasure fleet.


Captain Townley
English - Pacific
died; 1686
acitve; 1685-1686/Led pirates across Isthmus early 1685/sacked mines of Santa Maria/mines were
deserted after raids by Sharp (1680) and P. Harris (1684) /with two large Barks he joined assembly near
Panama City under E. Davis and Grogniet/Peruvian warships scattered pirates and English went north to
Nicaragua/Townley lead raiding party at Leon/Davis and others left company returning to Peru/Townley
and Swan went north with 4 small ships searching for gold mines and the Manila Galleon/pursued
Galleon to Acapulco but missed vessel while on shore/Swan stayed on Mexican coast and Townley
returned south with 1 ship (1686) and met up with Grogniet for a temporary alliance but soon
disbanded/some of Grogniet men deserted to Townley including Le Picard/Townley's group
burned a western Gulf town/ambushed by Spanish/they moved to Pearl Islands and blocked
Panama for several months/Townley died of wounds recieved and Le Picard
was elected captain (1686).

Captain Tristian
French - Caribbean
active; 1681-1682/Returned from Pacific (1681)/J.Cook and E. Davis and other English had been
marroned by Captain Yanky on the Lle-a-Vache, off Haiti and was rescued by Tristian and taken
to Petit Coave /Cook and Davis eventually rewareded Tristian by stealing his ship.

Charles Vane

British - Caribbean/Atlantic
hanged: 1719
active; 1716-1719/Vane left company of Herry Jennings in 1716 for New Providence Island/Vane
refused Woodes Rogers offered pardon after he took a French merchantman/he set the ship
ablaze and sent it into Rogers' flagship (1718)/Vane escaped and sailed away in a brigantine with
his loot and Rackam as Quartermaster/he seized a sloop and gave command to Yeates/Yeates
soon deserted and Vane took 2 more vessels/2 ships hunting for Bonnet looked for Vane as well/
he escaped to Turtle Cay near Abaco/it is said he visited Teach for awhile/Vane pillaged several
ships off  Long Island and sailed south to the Windward Passage (1719)/he siezed the London ship
Kingston and made Rackam captain /they quarreled and parted Rackham sailing back to
Nassua with the prize ship/after taking several more pirzes Vane sailed for the Bay on
Honduras/he wrecked his ship there and was later recognized and was taken to
Jamaica where he was hanged.

Lional Wafer
English - Pacific/Caribbean
active; 1680's/Sailed as ship's surgeon's assistant from England but deserted in Jamaica/joined
E. Cook's pirate band as ship's doctor (1680)/off Panama Cook ran into Sharp, Coxon, J. Cook,
Watling, P. Harris, Basil Ringrose and Richard Sawkins as well as Dampier who in all had
just sacked Portobelo /Cook and Wafer joined their company which crossed the Isthmus to the
Pacific/Coxon went back across the Isthmus and the rest sailed in the Trinity/Sharp, Sawkins and
Watling took turns among quarrals for command of the ship/they sailed south and Sharp was
reelected captain (1681)/several men returned home with J. Cook and Wafer and Dampier went
with this group/Wafer was wounded by a careless explosion and remained in Panama with
John Hingson and Richard Gopson and two others/Wafer recovered and the party was saved from
the Cuna Tribesmen by Chief Lacenta/Dampier andgroup were sent north for news and
learned J.Cook had sent back pay for the guides/Wafer cured Lacenta's wife and was given his
freedom/Wafer reached the Caribbean and met up with Dampier briefly then
boarded Captain Yanky's ship with J. Cook and E. Davis/Cook and Davis seized a French
vessel/renamed Revenge/Wafer rejoined Dampier in Virginia (1683)/later that year Wafer and
Dampier set out with J. Cook/Cook stole the Batchelor's Delight in Africa, sailed around
Cape Horn and reached the Pacific (1684)/Wafer remained on the Delight with Cook and after
his death with E. Davis during four years of raids on Chile and Nicaragua/Delight
returned to West Indies (1688)/Wafer, E. Davis and John Hingson wente to Virginia where
they were arrested and jailed/they were pardoned in 1690/Wafer went to London (1690)
and wrote his adventures and in 1699 published a sequel to Dampier's book "New Voyage".

William Want
British - Atlantic/Red Sea
active; 1693-1695/Commander of the Dolphin/sailed from Philadelphia in company with Tew
and Thomas Wake (1694) to join Every's squardren in the Red Sea (1695)/the Dolphin was burned
because of rot/Want's crew enlisted with Every to plunder 2 Indian treasure ships/Want acquired
another vessel and cruised the Persian Gulf.

John Watling
English - Caribbean/Pacific
died; 1681
active; 1860-1681/In the company of Sharp, E. Davis, J. Cook, Coxon, Dampier and others
(see SHARP),Sharp planned to return home around the Horn/Sharp was thrown out and
Watling elected commander/died during an assaule on  Arica, Chile.

Paul Williams
British - Caribbean/Atlantic
active; 1716-1717/Raided with Hornigold and later Bellamy/made captain of a sloop by Bellamy
/Williams was Bellamy's quartermaster and they captured the slave ship Whydah (1717)/Whyudah
was wrecked by Bellamy during rough weather killing almost all on board/Williams on the sloop
lost Bellamy /returned to wreck to salvage booty and sailed on to Cape Cod.

Captain Wright
English - Caribbean
active; 1675-1682/Wright (per Dampier) sacked La Guaria, Venezuela (1675)/ he was among
Yanky's group and other captains J. Cook met on his return from the Pacific (1681) in the
Caribbean/Cook joined Yanky's crew as quartermaster/Dampier (who was with Cook) now
sailed on Wright's ship/they cruised in consort along Venuzuela coastline/
Dampier left his ship soon after and went to Virginia.

Captain Yanky
Dutch - Caribbean
active; 1681-1687/Yanky was possibly a nickname (per Rogozinski: "Pirates; An A to Z Encyclopedia")
/John Williams may have been his real name/J. Cook joined Yanky's crew as quartermaster (1681)
on return from Pacific(Dampier was with J.Cook at this time and went to Wright's ship)/cruised
in consort with Wright/parted company with Wright (1682)/Yanky seized a Spanish prize was taken
and Cook and othe English demanded shares /Yanky took it back by force and marooned all the
English on Lle-i-Vache of Haiti (later to be rescured by Tristian same year)/Yanky was approched
by Jamaica's governor through Coxon to hunt Hamlin on the Le Trompuese who had been raiding
English shipping/he refused and continued to operate near Sanint Domingue
(1684)/raided Caribbean till 1687.


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