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Crime and punishment
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  Crime Punishment The Story
View the details of this row. Anything fairly minor Days Made to get up at sparrow's fart to run around the fields or in the gym. dished out in vast quantities by prefects and monitors
View the details of this row. Dirty Shoes cross country at sum unearthly hour in the morning You ran the gauntlet in the morning pass the prefects at church if they did not like you xcountry next morning
View the details of this row. Falling asleep in Latin/English/anything Viley Willman taught Open handed scud to the head I remeber once in first year english, Daz Kennedy (poor bastard had 14 days straight coz he'd never shut his gob!) fell asleep during double english one fine morning. Viley, an excellent teacher straight out of Tom browns school days, was teaching in his customary fashion by walking round and round the class just to make us dizzy. Daz fell asleep. I remember nudging my mate Andy and whispering, "He's gonna ge it next time round..". Sure enough as Viley passed DAz he took a mental note and carried on round the class. On the next pass he just casually extended his arm and gave Daz a massive twat to the back of the head. Dazs' head didn't stop however, it bounced up off the desk with an almighty crash. Daz woke up. Vile carried on. We pissed ourselves. Great man Viley. RIP.
View the details of this row. Farting in Bruces maths class out came the strap Knew I couldn't wait so when he came to check my work let it rip, 6 of the best was worth the laughs it got.
View the details of this row. Late for meals xcountry cold shower If you wrnt in the main hall by the sound of the "G" moring punshment
View the details of this row. Late or somethign someone didn't like Defaulters (Jankers) Stand in Central Hall faceing clock for 2 hours/more
View the details of this row. Oversleeping after Reveille Bull Whip The halycon days of Haig House circa 1962, there was a particular cretin of a Prefect who in the summer holidays used to go to Singapore. On one of his jaunts he returned with a Bull Whip! it gave him a great deal of sadistic pleasure to use this quite liberally when the bugler sounded reveille at 0700hrs. Imagine the ensuing scramble to get out of the 'dorm' jumping out of the top bunk onto the head of some poor unfortunate. He would count down from 10 seconds, the melee was unbelievable, then he would let rip! ..................happy days!
View the details of this row. Peeing the bed Awakened at dead of night and sent to toilet for a wee If you were a bed-wetter you were woken up every night by the night watchmen who made sure you had a wee. Actually this was a very effective treatment as it was never known to fail! I was cured after about 3 mths so I this item probably shouldn't really appear in this section. The treatment is interesting as compared to the psychological crap attendant on bed-wetting today!
View the details of this row. Peeing the bed Woken by the night porters Jock Strathdee and Pop Blakie where the 2 night porters in the 50's and the old saying amongst the boys used to be"get up and pee,it's Jock Strathdee,wakey,wakey,it's Mr Blakey.The great big bucket,more like an urn,that the boys had to pee in C Coy was nicknamed the Scottish Cup!
View the details of this row. Raiding the Cookhouse Usually about six of the cane administered by the RSM after being marched in front of the Commandant Only happened to extremely stupid buggers who got caught.Raids often took place during picture show on Sunday nights.Favourite items were pies,fancy cakes and tins of carnation milk.This was back in the fities,of course when we were always starving!
View the details of this row. Respecting my human dignity Abusing my human dignity Trust is good - Controll is better (Lennin - or was that Hitler?)
View the details of this row. Sneezing in the French Lab! The forced purchase of a pack of hankies Sneezing in front of Mr Buchanan and not being able to produce a hankie would result in him charging you some extortionate amount of money for a packof ten handy-andies. Either that or a whole weekend of detention. IS it just me, or did even the other TEACHERS dislike this guy?!
View the details of this row. Soft shoe fighting on Friday laundry nights The cane or tawse on your(almost)bare arse Fights would be between two sides of a dorm firing soft shoes(and sometimes hard one)at each other when monitors, Nco's or Prefects where intheir common room skiving and drinking coffee,etc.Great battles occurred in D Coy's Hopetoun dorm but Jock White our CSM would inevitably appear with his cane and belt the hell out of us(we were only wearing nightshirts or pyjamas)!
View the details of this row. Softer Hit on the backside with a trainer in wavel Handed out for most things in the 70's. I remember a brown one kept in the middle office for the purpose. Or on that was about, the question was , better to have a small shoe or large?
View the details of this row. Speakin Scots The Tawse Speaks for itsel!
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