March 27, 2005
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How a Young Adult Star Turned Porn into Profit and Prominence

For nearly 10 years, she has defined raw female sexual energy. Her videos have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and she has earned numerous lifetime achievement awards--all before the age of 30.

As you'll learn in this hot new E! True Hollywood Story, Jenna Jameson started out as a pretty little ballerina in Las Vegas. But her naked ambition and hypercharged sex drive soon led her to help add to the sin in Sin City.

She was dancing in clubs by the time she was 16. A year later, she was stripping. Eventually, she made up her mind to become a porn star, and the rest is history.


Tune in to this steamy Story to find out how a fear of abandonment and a desire for attention turned an adult-film actress into a real heartbreaker. Jenna Jameson grabbed the adult-film world by the balls and made it her own. Her acting ability and enthusiasm aroused her costars, as well as the millions of fans watching at home.

Watch also as Jameson makes acting forays into the non-porn world--and follow her on a tour of a typical day.

But first, follow our timeline, and learn some fun facts about one of the most successful women in porn history.

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