Sandtown Cemetery
Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Sandtown is a small community about 25 miles north of the City of Tuscaloosa on the West side of State Highway 69. It is listed on the maps of all major mapping services and can be found on maps available on the WWW. At the present time there are no businesses in the immediate area, no paved roads and very few residences.

All persons born in Alabama named Willcutt or descended from a Willcutt who was born in Alabama are believed to be descended from Lewis Willcutt and Rachel Amoson (or Amerson.) We believe that the number of persons descended from them may number in the several thousands. At the time of the 1850 census Lewis and Rachel and children lived in nearby Fayette County, possibly in the general area of Sandtown. Rachel is buried here. Lewis is believed to have died while on a trip out of state and is believed to have been buried on the bank of a river.

The grave in the center of the cemetery covered with the large slabs of stone is believed to be that of Phebe Amoson, possibly the mother of Rachel Amoson Willcutt. Rachel's grave is just to the left of that grave. Phebe is believed to have died in the 1850's, making this little cemetery about 150 years old.

Rachel's older headstone is shown here in the foreground and a newer stone is shown behind it. The meaning of the star, if other than a mere decoration, is not known.

The newer headstone indicates that she died in 1800 at about 75 years of age. This is clearly an incorrect date, but the age given is probably about right. She married Lewis in 1825 and can be accounted for in each federal census from 1830 to and including 1880, with the exception of 1860. She probably died in the early 1880's.

Our first Willcutt kin may have been buried in this cemetery in the 1850's and the last to be buried here was Uncle Shep in 1938. Shepherd was the youngest child of Lewis and Rachel. If you are a Willcutt descendent, he is also your uncle......or perhaps a great-grandfather. NOTE below: New burial of Mary Frances Willcutt Jenkins in 1999.

From Amelia's notes about who's buried at Sandtown--comments follow:

Stone broken. James F. Son of R. W. and S. -Willcutt. Born Jan. Died Feb -- Braxter Willcutt. June 8, 1902. Feb. 1, 1930. Laster Willcutt. Jan. 22, 1900. July 11, 1928. James F. Willcutt. Jan. 23, 1897. Jan. 30, 1897.
Sarah Ann Willcutt. Apr. 12, 1854.  June 11, 1901. Shepherd Willcutt.  July 9, 1853.  Nov. 19, 1938. Perry Willcutt. Apr. 7, 1888. Dec. 16, 1910. Tether C. Willcutt. Jan. 29, 1893. Oct. 6, 1936.
Annie Mae.   Inf. Dau. of B. and Annie Willcutt. June 18, 1933. <<new stone>> Racheal (Amerson) Willcutt. Died in 1800. Age about 75 years. <<old stone>> Rachel Wilcut. Wife of Lewis Wilcut. Mary. Daughter of  E. W. and Amanda Willcutt. Born June 11, 1870. Died Nov. 12, 1872. Asleep in Jesus.
Linard.  Jan 21, 1920 - Mar. 10, 1920.  Milton. Aug. 22, 1922 - Aug. 29, 1922.  Sons of Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Willcutt. (One stone.) Joycey Jones. July 17, 1883. Mar. 2, 1884. Rachel Jones. Dec. 28, 1875. June 27, 1897. Jack Jones.
Mary Frances Willcutt Willcutt Jenkins died June 9,1999.  Buried next to her first husband, Tether C. Willcutt and two of their infants. She was the granddaughter of L. Wiley Willcutt. About 9 unmarked graves.


It is possible that the marker for James F. Willcutt (Jan. 23, 1897-Jan. 30, 1897) was meant to replace the broken stone listed first. James F. Willcutt was the son of Robert W. Willcutt and Susan Courington. One of Robert W. Willcutt's descendants gave me a date of death as 21 February 1897. Note that I could read Feb. -- as the date of death on the old marker. The birthdate she gave me was the same as what was on the stone.

Braxter & Laster were sons of Robert W. Willcutt and Susan Courington. Braxter died from appendicitis. Laster was struck by lightning, as was his mule. Both died.  

Perry and Tether were sons of Shepherd and Sarah Ann Willcutt. It is believed in his last minutes, Perry was leaning over a spring to get a drink. The pistol he had in his coat pocket fell out and shot him fatally.

Tether was killed in a car wreck. His wife Mary was a sister of Laster & Braxter.

Jack Jones was the father of James T. Jones, who married Malissa Willcutt, daughter of Lewis & Rachel. The two Jones girls buried at Sandtown were Malissa's daughters. These grave markers for the Joneses are relatively new (placed before 1992 but after the mid-1970s.)

B Willcutt (aka Bee) was a son of John Marion Willcutt, who was a son of Elijah Willcutt, son of Rachel & Lewis.

------Amelia Willcutt

Photos by Sue Herron, May 1999