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Happy Summer!

I'm almost all caught up. I've got 10 sites in the queue that provide free quality information, but have a significant commercial aspect. I'm evaluating those for balance of information to commerce before I decide whether to add them. There are also 10 marginal sites that I'm still deciding if they are relevant enough for the Ancient World Web. Those outstanding questions should be resolved over the next few weeks.

I forgot to refresh the site with the new links last week (Sorry!), so I've updated the site additions to today's date to give them the full window on the What's New page.

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All Things to All People? No.
This site can not and does not index all resources relating to things ancient on the web. That would be impossible, as sites appear and disappear with astonishing rapidity. There is an astounding amount of information about some topics out there (not all of it accurate or useful), and next to nothing about others. Please bear that in mind as you use the sources you find on-line. Just because one person says something doesn't make it true (or accepted as true).

The web - as wonderful as it is - is still no substitute for good, old fashioned research at your local library. Your librarians - typically underpaid, underappreciated, and undervalued - are trained to help you find the materials you need - and didn't know you needed. Use your libraries and thank your librarians.

Featured Site of the Millenium
Ask Dr. Dig
Archaeology's Dig Magazine offers this terrific service, doing what I never have time to do - answer questions about all aspects of the ancient world. Previously answered questions (and there are a lot!) are organized and made available. What a great service!