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Kentucky's coming-out - Politics - state senator Ernesto Scorsone - Brief Article
Advocate, The,  Nov 11, 2003  by Christopher Lisotta
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Emboldened by an executive order banning antigay discrimination in state employment, Kentucky state senator Ernesto Scorsone did on September 30 what apparently no elected official in the state has ever done--he came out of the closet. An 18-year political veteran, Scorsone was making a speech to state employees when he expressed his gratitude for the executive order, signed by Gov. Paul Patton in May. "I said, as a gay Kentuckian I was proud," Scorsone recounted, noting that the response to his coming-out has been "exceptionally positive."

Prior to coming out, Scorsone said, he had opposed Kentucky's now-defunct sodomy laws and worked to get same-sex partners covered trader the state's domestic violence statutes.

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