Magic Knight Rayearth 2:

The Role Playing Game

Here's my Rayearth 2 RPG! Not many Rayearth RPGs (neither first nor second season) are on the internet from what I know of, so I decided to make my own! Here are the basic details and a little more.

This is a mail RPG of Magic Knight Rayearth 2, possibly alternate to the actual story (this is biased mostly on the manga ) depending on what you do with it! =P Make it long, make it short, make something happen. . .it all depends on you. No character stats and stuff is needed to make it less troublesome and complicated for all of us. =)

Rules, Notes and Regulations

If you want to join, and for more details (which I am very lazy to add. Do forgive me), email me.

The game has finally started! Anyone who wishes to join, join now! Here is the current player list: Madoshi Clef, the three mashins and Mokona Hikaru Shidou Umi Ryuuzaki Fuu Hououji and Primera Kailu Lantis, Lafarga and Eagle Vision Pharle Presea Prince Ferio undecided character Ascot Daniel Matthews aka Master Matthews (orig.)(please mail him at for now) Caldina undecided character

*Characters can be created! Just send me their general info (name, age, where from, powers [if any], etc....), personality and backround and I'll inform the list!

And here are the characters available:
Geo Metro and his mecha GTO (Autozam)
Zazu Torque (Autozam)
Princess Tarta (Chizeta)
Princess Tatra (Chizeta)
Princess Aska (Farhen)
Chanon (Farhen)
Sanyung (Farhen)

Please remember to email me at from now on!


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