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Mt. Weather Emergency Operations Center

Mt. Weather with northern Shenandoah Valley in background The Mount Weather Emergency Assistance Center (MWEAC) is located in Virginia high in the Blue Ridge Mountains west of Washington, D.C. The site was first used by the Department of Agriculture's Weather Bureau as a meteorological balloon and kite launch facility in 1902. Known as "Mt. Weather", today the center is a hub of emergency response activity providing FEMA and other government agencies space for offices, training, conferencing, operations, and storage.

Mt. Weather is currently home to eight major FEMA functional groups:

  • Virginia National Service Center
    The Virginia National Processing Center (VNPSC) is one of three FEMA Processing Service Centers nationwide. Its mission is to assist individuals impacted by disasters to begin the recovery process. Each Center's phone banks receive countless first calls for assistance from victims in the aftermath of disasters. Each claimant is provided a fast, efficient, and caring response.

  • Disaster Finance Office
    The Disaster Finance Center (DFC) provides centralized financial management services for FEMA's Disaster Relief Fund. These services include disaster cost projections, payment of disaster expenses, and production of financial statements and related reports. The DFC is a division of the Office of Financial Management and has a full-time staff of about 80 people and a surge staff that varies in size, depending on disaster activity.

  • Disaster Information Systems Clearinghouse
    The Disaster Information Systems Clearinghouse (DISC) operates a storage and recycling center that provides centralized control and deployment of all computer and communications equipment necessary to support disaster declarations.

  • Disaster Personnel Operations Division
    The Disaster Personnel Operations Division (DPOD) is a part of the Office of Human Resources Management and is responsible for personnel management in support of disaster response. The division recruits, selects, and supports employees that fill temporary positions at FEMA's fixed facilities and other offices throughout the U.S. In addition, the division maintains National Cadres of Disaster Assistance Employees and maintains FEMA's Automated Disaster Deployment (ADD) system.

  • Agency Logistics Center
    The Agency Logistics Center (ALC) provides centralized inventory management for three territorial logistics centers that deploy material and supplies necessary for FEMA's response to disaster declarations.

  • Conference and Training Center
    The Conference and Training Center (CTC) provides training facilities to support FEMA training activities as well as other federal agency training and conferencing. The CTC offers nearly 35,000 square feet dedicated to classroom training and currently averages 32,000 student days of training per year.

  • Information Technology Services Division
    The Information Technology Services Division (ITS) provides computer and communications support for FEMA's all-hazards emergency response mission.

  • Mt. Weather Management Division
    The Mt. Weather Management Division works operates and maintains the Mt. Weather EAC by providing basic services such as: electrical power, water, transportation, health care, fire service, security, and facility maintenance. The Division's activities enable all resident and tenant organizations to concentrate on accomplishing their primary missions.


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