"Scientific Research and Medical Provision:

The Anglo-American Dynamic"

The Future of Biotech, Pharmaceuticals and the Life Sciences


Conference hosted by The Atlantic Bridge at

Merton College, Oxford on May 10th 2003

9:00 Welcome Address

Mr. Robert MacLaren DPhil FRCS, Lecturer, Merton College

9:30 "An International Dilemma: How Much Health Care Can We Afford?"

Is the current UK health care model sustainable? How will the UK cope with an ageing population? What is the future of the welfare state? What lessons can be learnt from the US?

Grace-Marie Turner, President of the Galen Institute

Dr. Liam Fox MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health

11:15 "Critical Issues in Biotech and the Pharmaceutical Industry"

Is America carrying the world? What is the level of competitiveness in the European pharmaceutical industry and is it healthy? "Convergence" between biotech and the pharmaceutical industry.

 Dr. David J Brickwood, Vice President of Government Affairs, Johnson & Johnson

 Spiro Rombotis, Chief Executive, Cyclacel Ltd

12:45 Lunch in the Savile Room

Kevin Rigby, Vice President of Public Affairs, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

14:00 "The Damaging Effects of the European ‘Brain Drain’"

How is the exodus of top scientific minds affecting companies with investment in Britain? Is Britain an anti-innovation culture? What is the future of Research and Development in the UK?

Dr. Peter R Farrow, Senior Director of Science Policy, Pfizer Global Research and Development

16:00 "The Threats to Development: Regulation, Finance and the Militant Activists"

What are the structural, cultural and political obstacles to Research and Development in Europe? How best can we tackle the destructive force of activists? The future of intellectual property protection.

Dr. Timothy Morris, Head of Comparative Medicine, GlaxoSmithKline

19:30 Cocktail Reception in the Savile Room

20:00 Dinner

List of Attendees:

Alexander Amdur

US Comercial Service

Andrew Gay

Director of Marketing, Huntingdon Life Sciences

Bill Clare

Atlantic Bridge

Charles Hayes

President, Research Triangle Park

Chris Godwin

Manager, Government Affairs IBM

Chris Mockler

GPC International

David Charter

Chief Political Correspondent, The Times

Dr David J Brickwood

Vice-President Government Affairs, Johnson & Johnson

Dr Jesme Baird

Clinical Director of Roy Castle Lung Foundation

Dr John Wilson

Outcome Technologies

Dr Liam Fox MP

Shadow Secretary for Health

Dr Peter R Farrow

Senior Director, Science Policy, Pfizer

Dr R Thompson

Royal College of Pysicians

Dr Ted Griffiths


Dr Tim Morris

Head of Comparative Medicine, GlaxoSmithKline

Drummond Paris

Chief Executive Officer, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Gabrielle Bertin

Atlantic Bridge

Gary L Shope

Vice President Research Triangle Park

Glen Newsome

President Research Triangle Park

James Morris

Medical Director, John Radcliffe Hospital

John Grogan

Development Advisors

Kevin Rigby

Vice President Public Affairs, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Marija Dunilunas


Mark Davies


Mark Dodd

Lloyds TSB

Matthew Long

Director, Adam Smith Institute

Mervyn Phillips

Lloyds TSB

Michael Batt

SMAE Institute

Mr Robert Maclaren

Lecturer, Merton College

Nik Edwards

Editor, Health Service Journal

Pallab Ghosh

BBC, Science Correspondent

Patrick Zimmer

Development Advisors

Grace-Marie Turner

President, Galen Institute

Richard Marsh

Director of External Affairs, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Scott Syfert

Associate, Parker Poe LLP

Shereen El Feki

The Ecomomist

Sir Peter Morris

President, The Royal College of Surgeons of England

Spiro Rombotis

Chief Executive Officer, Cyclacel Ltd

Steve Hader

Partner, Parker Poe LLP

Trevor Campbell Davis

Vice Chairman, NHS Confederation