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  • Members: 151
  • Category: Politics
  • Founded: Jan 17, 2005
  • Language: English
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CONCEIVED by Jonothon Boulter and Troy Southgate and launched in London at a special inaugural meeting in January 2005, New Right seeks to attract men and women from a variety of intellectual, cultural and esoteric backgrounds. We are opposed to liberalism, democracy and egalitarianism and fight to restore the eternal values and principles that have become submerged beneath the corrosive tsunami of the modern world.

New Right has a keen interest in the various strands of traditionalist and revolutionary conservative thought that have arisen in the British Isles (Carlyle, Scruton, Eysenck, Walker, Goldsmith), throughout Europe as a whole (Nietzsche, Moeller van den Bruck, Pareto, Niekisch, Drieu La Rochelle, Eliot, Junger, Spengler, Evola, Schmitt, Eliade, Koestler), since the events of France 1968 (Thiriart, De Benoist, Steuckers, Faye, Mohler) and right up to the present day (Parvulesco, Serrano, Dugin). We also monitor the ongoing friction in America between the Paleoconservatives and their Neocon opponents and, most notably, examine thinkers like Russell Kirk, Richard Weaver, Jim Kalb, Samuel Francis, Jack Ross, M. Raphael Johnson and others.

New Right is strongly pan-European, defiantly elitist and necessarily metapolitical. We also distribute books, pamphlets and newsletters and wish to foment the creation of a New Right international with like-minded groups around the world. Elsewhere, we organise regular meetings, dinners, music concerts and cultural excursions.


Jonothon Boulter (Chairman), Troy Southgate (Organising Secretary), Dino Caligari (Treasurer), Jonathan Bowden (Media Spokesman) and Michael Woodbridge (Liaison Officer).

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