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Enjoy email with Knowspam

Knowspam is an easy, effective spam-blocking service that eliminates 100% of spam. It works for anyone with a POP account.

You used to know who had your email address. You used to open your inbox excited about the messages waiting for you. Now those messages are lost in the wash of pyramid scams, product solicitations, and increasingly offensive offers.

Time to get serious about spam blocking, and get excited about opening your inbox again:
  • Defeat Spammers. Spammers can get past filters. They can't get past Knowspam.
  • Stop Embarrassing Email. Keep pornographic and troublesome emails from reaching your inbox.
  • Easy to Setup. You don't have to set up a new email account or install any software. You can get started in minutes. Once you're using Knowspam, you'll never notice it's there.
  • Easy to Understand. With knowspam you know exactly why a message was blocked. The sender was not on your good senders list and did not respond to a request to prove that they are human. No need to outguess a filter with a 1000+ rules.
  • Flexible. Knowspam can easily handle mailing lists and advanced users with multiple accounts.
  • Free Trial. Try Knowspam free for the first two weeks! Just sign up and go. If you are happy with knowspam at the end of the trial, you can extend the service for one year by paying 19.95(US Dollars).
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Meet the man who receives 3,000 spams a day

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96,667,113 spams blocked!

What our users say about knowspam.net

A God Send! You have changed our life in magical and mysterious ways. I don't have to check our mail every hour or so to keep up with the deluge of crap that had been oozing through our POOP3... err POP3. We can't thank you enough. Everything works perfectly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Of course now our penus has reverted to normal size; we'll run out of toner in less than three years; our Nigerian connections have all dried up; and if I don't find another source fast my husband's "works better than Viagra" sugar pills will be history within the hour!).
Don and Val Elson

By the way, this is the best SPAM blocking resource that I've come across to date. It is very efficient!
Tim Samoff

I've been paying much more for Spamcop for years, and it's far less effective than Knowspam. I'm very pleased with your service, and am recommending it to all my friends. Your customer service is professional and friendly, where Spamcop's is condescending and rude. Needless to say, I won't be renewing my Spamcop account when it comes due again. :) Keep up the good work! Thanks. ~Deb Stover
Deb Stover

In the words of Eric Cartman, "Dude, that kicks ass!"Knowspam ROCKS!!Andy
Andy Meadows

Very happy with the service. This is much more accurate than the spam filter in Apple's OSX Mail and is catching things that Spam Assassin is letting through.

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