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[ TIE interceptor ]
TIE interceptor
A later addition to the Imperial TIE starfighter arsenal...
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Hasbro 2001 Plans Intercepted
June 08, 2001

[ Hasbro's TIE interceptor ] Along with the already announced B-wing fighter (Target exclusive), TIE bomber and crashed snowspeeder (Wal-Mart exclusives), a final vehicle will be rounding out Hasbro's 2001 3 3/4" scale fleet -- the TIE interceptor.

This rendition of the popular Imperial craft will come with exploding wing action and a TIE pilot figure with bending knees to better fit in the cockpit. Improved from its original incarnation in the 1980s, this release will have the details of the solar panel wings etched-in rather than decal applied. The Interceptor will be available exclusively through Toys R Us stores this summer.

[ Hasbro's TIE interceptor ] 2001 is shaping up to be a great year for collectors of Star Wars 12" scale action figures as well. Everyone loves bounty hunters and Boba Fett certainly has no monopoly on the market. This year will bring six new 12" bounty hunters to round out your posse.

Collectors will also want to check out the 12" Dagobah Luke and Yoda two-pack exclusively at Wal-Mart late in the year. Luke has been designed to pose standing on either his feet or his hands and includes a backpack for carrying his Jedi Master around the swamps.

Here is the complete list of 12" figures planned for 2001:

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