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Episode II Adaptation & Free Comic
March 05, 2002

Dark Horse adapts the story of Episode II into comic book format this spring, presenting the illustrated version of Attack of the Clones in a variety of formats. Henry Gilroy adapts the screenplay by George Lucas and Jonathan Hales, with Jan Duursema and Ray Kryssing providing the artwork.

[ Attack of the Clones adaptation ] [ Attack of the Clones adaptation ]
[ Attack of the Clones adaptation ] [ Attack of the Clones adaptation ]

For those who purchase their comics in monthly installments, the Attack of the Clones adaptation is split into four issues, the first two available on April 24. The four issues will be available with newly illustrated covers by Tsuneo Sanda. Photographic cover versions will be available as well.

[ Star Wars Tales: A Jedi's Weapon ]Those who prefer trade paperbacks will want to pick up the Attack of the Clones graphic novel. All four issues are compiled into one volume. The trade paperback is also available on April 24.

Dark Horse is also participating in the comic book industry-sponsored Free Comic Book Day, on May 4. There's a special Star Wars giveaway comic available at participating comic book shops. In Star Wars Tales: A Jedi's Weapon, Obi-Wan Kenobi and his student Anakin Skywalker are sent to greet the king of the remote world of Kashir, a world inhabited by a nomadic, thieving warrior race. When one of the natives pilfers Anakin's lightsaber, the young Padawan has to balance delicate diplomatic relations and getting his weapon back. This pre-Episode II title is by Henry Gilroy, Manuel Garcia and Jimmy Palmiotti, with a photo-composite cover by Valerie Reckert.

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