For solar wind dials without any explanatory text, see this page. It also has a few dials that are not shown here. A web page with more explanatory text is also available.

Current Space Weather Status

This "stoplight" shows the most severe of the following three gauges of space weather:

Latest Observations from the ACE spacecraft

Last Measurement (at Sun-Earth L1 Point): April 3, 2005 09:27 UT

Sun-Earth L1 Point is approximately 45 minutes upwind of the Earth.

Solar Wind


Interplanetary Magnetic Field

Link to Recent History of Solar Wind Parameters

Magnetospheric Response: Voltage Across the Polar Cap

You can now receive e-mail notification whenever the stoplight sets to red! (Actually, you can be notified whenever any of these conditions change.) Just go to the Rice University Lists and subscribe to the SPACALRT Mailing List. To unsubscribe follow the instructions on the SPACALRT Mailing List page, or send an e-mail to this address.
Stoplight state changes are once again logged. There are three logs, one for each condition index (KP, Solar Wind, and NOAA/SEC.) The earliest logged transition occurred on September 25, 2003.

More about the solar wind's recent behavior can be found on the Current Solar Wind Conditions page.
Also, here's an index to Space Weather Resources. Other items of interest include NOAA/SEC Current Conditions, the composite current Auroral Images page, Windows on the Universe: Space Weather, and Public Outreach Index, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University.

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