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This is a summary of the changes between versions. It is devoid of technical terms most unappreciated by most end users. It seeks to give better meaning to the text. However if you must, you can read the full changelog. Please, only for the fainthearted :). In the meaning of full changelog, it includes even the changes of developmental builds.

- Issues caused by deleting a contact while events were queued
- Proxy support was broken
- Minor size issue with custom button control
- AIM: Groupchat log to file respects time/date stamp option
- AIM: Groupchat log sometimes became full
- ICQ: Could crash when receiving unicode messages
- IRC: Removed textlimit for the channel log
- IRC: Server edit box did not resize properly
- IRC: An extra new line was added to the message history when sending on double enter.
- IRC: Not all that should could use the chan. manager
- IRC: /clear [#channel|server] did not clear the server correctly
- IRC: Channels with password were cloned in the "join channel" dialog
- IRC: The channel event icons flashed too often
- IRC: The message headers' text was cut off
- IRC: The popups for highlight could not be turned off
- IRC: Crash when doubleclicking empty space in the nick list
- IRC: 12 am is not 0 am
- IRC: The kick event used the color for part
- Jabber: Non-latin password incorrect in <digest/> mode
- Jabber: "Open File" button not working correctly after successfully received a file
- Jabber: Forbid messages from the future
- Jabber: Chatroom subject cannot be set
- MSN: Rarely occurred GPF fixed during file transfers;
- MSN: MSN gateway access without a proxy breaks connections when 'user-is-typing' messages are transferred first.
- MSN: MSN server closes connection if a PNG command is send to a switchboard thread
- MSN: PNG command is not send when a proxy exists.
- SRMM: Send to multiple list respects the contact list "Hide Empty Groups" setting
- SRMM: New lines weren't always shown from some clients

- AIM: Try last known working server if connection to AIM fails
- AIM: Added smileyadd support to aim groupchat
- AIM: Groupchat invites are now added as a clist event (tray flash, no autopopup)
- IRC: Redesigned most dialogs
- IRC: Moved all icons to an external .dll to allow icon packs etc
- IRC: New icons
- IRC: Removed all default sounds
- IRC: Added quick setup dialogs for newbies, and to work better with the installer
- Jabber: Use disco in agents dialog and fall back to jabber:iq:agents as needed
- Jabber: Smileyadd support in groupchat windows
- SRMM: Added option to see user is typing notifications with no window open

Bug fixes:
- Fixed crash when closing history window with large history.
- IE was always used as the default browser if IE was open.
- Added option to set outgoing port range.
- Fixed several memory leaks.
- Improved proxy handling.
- Rare crash on opening options.
- AutoNA was not set correctly when Away was set.
- Visibility list did not list all users.
- Icons in URL and message contact menus didn't update when icons changed.
- Reduce CPU usage in file transfer dialogs (fewer screen updates).
- Many other bug fixes.
- AIM: Unable to save "Only reply to users in your contact list" option.
- ICQ: Failed to send or receive files from ICQ 2003b.
- ICQ: Fixed a number of smaller memory leaks.
- ICQ: Contact e-mail info was not displayed correctly.
- ICQ: Failed to retrieve user details during certain circumstances.
- ICQ: URL messages could disappear when sent through a Direct Connection.
- ICQ: Nick name was not deleted from server list when local nick name was deleted.
- ICQ: Server side contacts could reappear after being deleted if they were on the visible/invisible lists.
- ICQ: Changing status while connecting had no effect.
- ICQ: A bunch of other fixes the CVS change log if you want the big list.
- Jabber: Should offline all chat rooms when go invisible (because they are actually offline).
- Jabber: Miranda won't exit if more than one group chat windows are left open.
- Jabber: Wrong filename encoding in file sending (signed/unsigned problem).
- Jabber: Crash on connect/disconnect caused by stale contacts associated with an unknown protocol.
- Jabber: Deleting group chat temporary contact unintentionally closes the chat room.
- Jabber: Presence is broadcast to chat room that has denied our access.
- Jabber: Graceful exit while Miranda shutdown in the middle of file transfer.
- MSN: A port remained opened after the file transfer cancel.
- MSN: if a contact list is very long, all contacts could be shown in the Offline mode
- MSN: When you set your own nickname with spaces, it appears in the options dialog URL-encoded (with %20 instead of a space char).
- MSN: Opened switchboard sessions weren't closed when you go offline without closing Miranda.
- MSN: File sending does not require talking anymore.
- MSN: Contacts with leading digits in the e-mail were not processed properly.
- MSN: Many other bug fixes.

- New user is typing API (supported by ICQ/MSN/Jabber).
- Messaging module moved to a plugin with many UI changes (SRMM).
- Auto Away can now set protocols away if the workstation becomes locked.
- Improved button control (bitmap support, flat button support).
- Added options to disable systray icon flashing and adjusting blink time.
- Default icon packs are automatically loaded from disk if they exist.
- Added report bug menu item.
- Many other enhancements.
- AIM: Added user search capability.
- AIM: Send messages to group chat users by double clicking name.
- AIM: Added file receive support.
- ICQ: Added support for sending and receiving Typing Notifications.
- ICQ: Now accepts messages formatted in Unicode (note: this won’t solve the problem with displaying messages with multiple char sets).
- IRC: Contacts on the contact list.
- IRC: Host masks.
- IRC: Ignore system.
- IRC: Channel manager.
- Jabber: Manual registration to Jabber services.
- Jabber: Can automatically remove contacts not in roster.
- Jabber: Invite and accept invitation to a group chat.
- Jabber: Support composing message event (message typing notification).
- Jabber: Send full JID (with resource name) when appropriate.
- MSN: 'User is typing' support added.
- MSN: "Invite to chat" contact menu item is added.
- MSN: 'block/unlock' feature is integrated with Options->Status->Visible.
- MSN: New gateway support.

- Buffer overrun in url dialogs
- Options window was shown off screen if previously closed while minimized
- Some button controls were not translatable
- Fixed issues with duplicate protocols listed in the icons options
- AIM: Login flood when creating new users
- AIM: Automatically turn off server-side list support for list that are to large (AIM)
- AIM: Crashed when truncating large packets
- AIM: Crash parsing empty server-side list
- AIM: Warn User menu in groupchat was always disabled
- Jabber: Better disco/browse fallback scheme for groupchat browsing
- Jabber: Undecoded room jid in groupchat log window title
- Jabber: Connection thread can lingering around while in reconnect loop and Miranda exits
- Jabber: Changing global statuses to an unsupported one shows correct icon now (a bug introduced again in
- Jabber: Initial status in chatroom not correct
- Jabber: Crash when displaying x:data list-single that has no default selection
- Jabber: Multi-line x:data field truncated to first line
- Jabber: Adding contacts when already exist in clist with "Hidden" does not remove "Hidden"
- Jabber: Won't send ASCII control chars that are invalid XML chars (replaced with spaces)
- Jabber: Properly offline when set offline while connecting
- Jabber: Initial data sometimes not shown on agent dialog
- Jabber: Connection thread still not exit properly when Miranda exits
- Jabber: Another change in setstatus/setawaymsg handling
- Jabber: Password dialog change to modeless
- Jabber: Discard whitespaces not enclosed by any XML tags so that they won't waste buffer space
- MSN: Cookies usage had been turned off, it means that you can logon automatically into MSN Messenger and simultaneously logon using Miranda under different account (thanks to Pixador).
- MSN: WinInet.dll now gets unloaded from memory after login to use less memory.
- MSN: Attemp to find/add a contact that already exists in your contact list resulted to strange error message.
- MSN: Authorization problems when many MSN accounts are used in the same Miranda installation.
- MSN: If a password contains non-alphabetical characters (like punctuation, ampersand, plus, etc) the MSNP8 login could return error 401 Unauthorized. MSNP7 login works Ok.
- MSN: If a contact changes its status to Invisible, it's not possible to send messages to him/her anymore.
- MSN: The popup displaying procedure was changed to avoid so called 'frozen popups'effect.
- MSN: New MSN Menu item was added to edit user's MSN profile in a browser
- MSN: Authorization problems when many MSN accounts are used in the same Miranda installation.
- MSN: If a password contains non-alphabetical characters (like punctuation, ampersand, plus, etc) the MSNP8 login could return error 401 Unauthorized. MSNP7 login works Ok.
- MSN: If a contact changes its status to Invisible, it's not possible to send messages to him/her anymore.
- MSN: the popup displaying procedure was changed to avoid so called 'frozen popups'effect.
- ICQ: Prevent your status messages being read when you are invisible.
- ICQ: Small memory leak when sending an SMS.
- ICQ: Fixed a dumb bug that caused random disconnections from the ICQ server.
- ICQ: Cleaned up the code for searches and user info updates, should work better now.
- ICQ: AIM users in your server contact list would get added locally with uin 0.

- Docking to the left or right side of the screen only happens when CONTROL is held down.
- Possible to prevent writing of single key to registry on startup.
- Possible to specify ports for outgoing connections.
- Loading large histories now shows window immediately.
- AIM: Added option to edit display name.
- Jabber: Groupchat admin functions.
- MSN: The SSL autorization procedure was changed: now it uses Internet Explorer's proxy settings to log in. It also resolves problems with proxies that require authorization (previously you could see the error 407 in the network log when trying to logon). In this case MSN plugin tries automatically to apply the login and the password from the Options -> Network -> MSN.
- MSN: Error diagnostic has been slightly enhanced.
- MSN: New MSN Menu item was added to edit user's MSN profile in a browser.
- MSN: MSNP7 support is deleted and this option is locked
- MSN: Netmeeting support added
- MSN: Option was added to launch a specific program when the new Hotmail arrives
- ICQ: Added "missed message" notification.
- ICQ: Added better error messages for message send failures.
- ICQ: Messages now default to the most reliable delivery method available for a given contact.

Major changes:
- IRC protocol plugin is now included in the installer

- Fixed tooltips cutting off text in systray on newer shells
- Removed some memory leaks
- Many bug fixes relating to the away system
- CPU went to 100% if resized to small
- Possible XP theme corruption in toolbar image buttons
- Find/Add dialog showed protocols that didn't support the find/add service
- Rename contact menu item is only shown when menu is shown from the contact list
- Netlib could cause 100% CPU usage during fast file transfers
- Menu items could sometimes be placed in the wrong order

- Redesigned message dialog
- Added a heap compactor to flush out memory every 5 minutes
- All new default icons
- You can now set a sound for outgoing message
- Autoaway no longer pops up change status message dialog
- Added a Global Status Icons setting under icons. This lets you set the default systray icon and global status menu icons.

- ICQ module has been moved to a separate plugin. You
can now run Miranda IM without ICQ
- Bundled support for ICQ, AIM, Jabber and MSN
- Reply quoted sometimes closed window
- Much safer multithreading. This will help make Miranda IM more stable.
- Several "crash on exit" bugs fixed
- If only specific protocols are invisible don't show contact's as always visible if their protocol is not invisible
- Strange behaviour in the Auto away feature
- New add/authorization dialog
- Always/Never visible settings is now mutually exclusive
- If already away or in NA, don't try to resend away/NA, this fixes the problem with the NA dialog reshown every five seconds, also fixes flooding of NA status changes to other contacts
- File Transfer Complete sound would play even if that never happened, added a few extra sounds for "failed" and "denied".
- Smarter database: Miranda now checks your profile carefully before opening to ensure that it's in proper working order
- Since the database is so smart, it also checks to see if your disk drive has actually written out new information, if it hasn't it shuts down, protecting the profile from major corruption (total data loss of a profile infact)
- UI improvements to the plugins options page
- Search dialog now remembers last protocol used
- Added possibility to delete user with Del key
- Improved integration with XP themes
- Added menu in URL receive dialog (open in new/current window/copy link)
- Multi line tray tooltips
- Netlib now creates log path if it doesn't exist
- Several optimizations to make Miranda IM run even faster and more stable
- Made it possible to close read status message dialog with escape
- Improved some of the error messages to make them easier to understand
- At least 2 gazillion internal fixes too complicated to explain (we dont even know what we did ;))

- Sending messages to ICQ users who are in 'Invisible' mode does not work if 'Send messages slower, but with full acknowledgement' option is enabled.
- Sending message to users with old ICQ versions sometimes does not work.
- More than 140 plugins available!


- Support for SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP and HTTPS proxies
- Improved stability
- Some general user interface changes
- New default icons
- Faster filetransfers
- Import contacts and history from other Miranda profiles
- Import contacts and history from Mirabilis ICQ 99a-2003a
- ICQ: Ability to store and download contacts from the ICQ servers
- ICQ: Increased compatibility while communicating with other ICQ clients
- ICQ: Many bug fixes related to file transfers
- ICQ: Allow/don't allow direct connections
- ICQ: Enable/disable 'Web aware'
- ICQ: Don't allow unknown contacts to read your status message
- ICQ: Optionally send requests for authorizations
- ICQ: Optionally send 'You have been added' notifications
- Support for more plugins (>120 plugins available for download!)
- more than 160 other bug fixes and improvements!

- Improved contact list with support for background images, nested groups and lots more
- Nifty new context-sensitive help plugin
- Send messages to many people at once
- Drag-and-drop file sending
- Improved search and icq whitepages search
- HTTP proxy support for ICQ
- Options dialog revamp. Shows Expert mode option
- More bug fixes than you can shake giant redwood at

- Connects to the new ICQ servers for much more reliable communication
- Improved support for connecting to other instant messaging networks
- New user details dialog box
- File transfer that actually works
- Supports an SMS messaging plugin
- Supports a plugin to change your own details from within Miranda
- URL Clicking Support in Split Message Dialog Plugin
- More bug fixes than you can shake giant redwood at

- Setting Status Messages. E.G. Away/Occupied/DND....
- Visible/Invisible List. E.G. Be invisible to a specific user
- Import Plugin can now import History in addition to Contacts
- Language Pack Support
- File Transfer Dialog Improved

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