Baxter, Margret SrBaxterValentine

Baxter, JamesCatonWilliamson

Baxter, J. K. P.HarrisonStyles

Baxter, Margret JrSmithJenkins

Brown, J. L.BrownGates

Brown, J. M.                    NaillonBarnes

Brown, Wm.MooreGates

Brown, H. M.BrownCoggins

Brown, W. C.MillerGaddis

Baxter, WillisPriceGrubb

Baxter, G. W.HarrisonBaxter

Barnes, WilliamMooreBrown

Ball, Wm.WebbEmert

Ball, IsaacJamesSmith

Ball, AlfredBrownGaddis

Ball, J. R.WebbEmert

Ball, MahalaSmithMiller

Ball, JulianMcGahaCampbell

Barnett, NancyValentineJenkins

Ball, W. H.

Barnett, James

Baxter, P. A.

Butler, W. A.

Barnett, Jacob

Brown, Make

Caton, G. W.McGahaTritt

Caton, ThomasBaxterJohnson

Gaton, G. T. DennisCaton

Caton, JohnSuttonVess

Caton, Wm & G. B.CatonMcGaha

Caton, Wm & CoValentineBaxter

Caton, StephenDennisCaton

Caughren, EliEvansLindsey

Carver, ThomasCampbellCampbell

Carver, I. P.GilesJohnson

Carver, JesseCarverCarver

Carver, JohnCampbellCampbell

Campbell, SamlRidingsCarver

Campbell, RhotenCampbellCampbell

Campbell, BettieCampbellCampbell

Campbell, JosephTrittState Line

Canupp, JamesFowlerMiller

Caughren, A. J.ValentineCaughren

Caughren, SamuelRaganLindsey

Costner, Jos. W.RollinsMcSween

Costner, J. W. & McGahaJohnsonMcSween

Coggins, LettieBrownFish

Clark, MosesRiverClark

Clark, GeorgeMillerJenkins

Campbell, Thomas

Caton, R. N.

Campbell, J. H.

Coggins, David

Dennis, JoelHarrisonBaxter

Dorsey, L. C. (or Baxter)McMahanWebb

Dorsey, JamesStylesSutton

Davis, LeviPriceEmert

Davis, DavidCampbellCostner

Dorsey, Deadrick

Dennis, Sanders

Davis, B. R.

Evans, John M.ValentineMcMahan

Evans, Barbara (heirs)DavisMcSween

Emert, Phillip (heirs)DavisBall

Evans, Thos. A.

Forester, L. C.GillilandRidings

Forecter, S. E.GillilandRidings

Fowler, ElizabethMillerCanupp

Fowler, L. A.SmithRamsey

Fish, ArbaCogginsPhillips

Fowler, Elijah

Ford, William

Gates, H. L.BrownBrown

Gaddes, M. B.BallPrice

Giles, ThomasBaxterSmallwood

Giles, John M.SmithWebb

Giles, J. A.RollinsMcMahan

Gilliland, A. B.LanningRidens

Gilliland, J. B.GillilandRidens

Gilliland, IsaacGillilandRidens

Gilliland, W. F.McGahaGilliland

Gilliland, NoahGillilandJenkins

Gilliland, Wm.McGahaHarrison

Gilliland, Wm & JasSuttonRidens

Gilliland, JamesGillilandRidens

Gunter, S. M.McGahaMcGaha

Gunter, MatildaGilesCampbell

Gunter, J. S.CatonWilliamson

Grubb, SolomonBaxterEmert

Green, JaneSmithMiller

Gentry, P. A.RamseyMiller

Gunter, G. W. heirs

Gunter, Joseph

Gunter, J. M.

Grooms, Henry

Grooms, Jack (or Buitt??)

Grooms, John P.

Gilliland, Owen C.

Gilliland, J. S.

Grooms, John

Harrison, H.? B.DennisDennis

Harrison, OwenLindseyLindsey

Hanner, JamesValentineSmith

Hanner, A. E.MillerWebb

Hembree, CyrusCatonVess

Holt & Derrick

Hanner, Robt

Hanner, Mark

Hanner, John

Hanner, Royal

Hembree, Jack

Huskey, H. C.

Hartsell, F. M.

Hanner, Craton

Hembree, John

James, MaryRightShults

Jenkins, CalvinValentineMcSween

Jenkins, AustinValentineWebb

Jenkins, AndrewWebbWebb

Jenkins, RhodaMcMillanWebb

Jenkins, W. D.RominesBarnes

Jenkins, JohnRominesMiller

Jenkins, W. C.SuttonDorsey

Jenkins, RhodaSmithWebb

Jenkins, John (of Caleb)ClarkMorgan

Jenkins, M. C.GillilandGilliland

Johnson, JamesSuttonCaton

Johnson, J. L. & McGahaCarverMcGaha

Johnson, W. C.MorganBarnes

Johnson, MargaretMcGahaMcGaha

Johnson, A. J.McGahaCampbell

Jones, J. F. SrMadronPeck heirs

Jones, J. F. JrMadronEmert

Jenkins, M. M.PhillipsState line

Jenkins, Joseph

Jenkins, John (Buck)

Jenkins, Sanders

Jenkins, Toliver

Jenkins, Elkany

Jenkins, Jerra

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson, Alex

Johnson, Solomon

Johnson, Lewis

Johnson, J. L.

King, O. C.Campbell

Killian, John or Tigert

Killian, J. E.

Lindsey, W. A.DennisSutton

Linsdey, BaxterMcMillanSutton

Lindsey, G. W.BaxterWebb

Lindsey, I. V.ValentineHarrison

Lindsey, J. A. LindseyDennis

Lindsey, J. F.McMillanHarrison

Lindsey, W. G.CochranMcGaha

Large, JohnCatonSmith

Large, M. A.CatonCaton

Lindsey, J. R. H.

Linsdey, Henry

Lackey, James

Maddron, F. E.SuttonEmert

Maddron, B. B.MaddronJones

McKinney, B. F. & J. W.SmithValentine

Messer, DockPhillipsPhillips

Miller, ThomasBrownMiller

Miller, WilliamMillerGaddes

Miller, AlphaMillerGaddes

Miller, J. F.VessHanner

McMillan, SamlMcMillanMcMillan

McMillan, E. A.McMillanStyles

McMillan, NoahLindseySutton

McMillan, Anderson SrRiverSutton

McGaha, J. G.McGahaWebb

McGaha, J. B.McGahaWebb

McGaha, F. G.ValentineMcGaha

McGaha, S. M.GunterCostner

McGaha, N. C.McGahaTritt

McGaha, W. R. JrLindseyCaton

McGaha, J. W. TrobaughJohnson

McGaha, A. L.CatonGilliland

McGaha, ElizaCatonTritt

McGaha, W. R. SrCatonGunter

McMahan, JohnWebbWebb

McMahan, Wm.WebbWebb

McMahan & CoShultsCaton

Moody, J. J. & sonLewisHanner

Morgan, S. E.RiverMiller

Morgan, AbnerMillerMiller

Moore, S. C.MooreMoore

Moore, WilliamJohnsonBarnes

Moody, S. T.

Maddron, F. N.

McMahan, W. M.

McMahan, Perry

McGaha, W. A.

McGaha, H.

McGaha, U. S.

McMahan, Saml

Mathews, J. M.

McCarter, Aron

McCarter, J. W.

McCarter, Thos.

McGaha, J. R.

McGaha, J. I.

McMahan, J. A.

Morgan, Jerra

McGaha, Isaac

Naillon, D. D.JohnsonMoore

Naillon, E. R.MooreMoore

Naillon, Joseph

Naillon, Aaron M.

Ogle, IsaacMcGahaCampbell

Phillips, Jonas SrBrownState line

Phillips, Jonas & CoTurnpike Road

Phillips, E. J.WebbMcGaha

Phillips, Jonas JrFishPhillips

Price, C. J. (or Costner)GaddisMcSween

Proffitt, Henry (heirs)

Phillips, George

Phillips, Neil

Phillips, James

Proffitt, W. M.

Price, W. A.

Phillips, Joseph

Partin, George

Romines, JosephWebbWebb

Romines, SarahRominesJenkins

Ramsey, George dec’dMillerFowler

Rollins, W. E.McMahanWebb

Ridens, JamesSuttonCampbell

Rollins, J. A.TrittCostner

Ramsey, Wm. SrRamseyValentine

Ragan, RobtCatonCaughron

Ramsey, Wm. JrWebbVess

Ramsey, G. W.ValentineRamsey

Roberson & Coone mill & engine & timber on lad of sale

Rollins, A. P.

Ragan, Saml

Ramsey, W. A.

Ramsey, W. B.

Ramsey, John

Sutton, J. M.LindseyMcMillan

Stinnett, JackGilesBall

Smith, NancyRamseyMcKiny

Smith, W. N.LaymonBrown

Smith, ThomasMcMahanLarge

Shults, Mary A.LewisValentine

Sentel, LillyCampbellCostner

Sutton, AndresStylesJohnson

Styles, ZacariahRamseyPhillips

Smith, W. A.SmithBall

Sutton, John (Turkey)CanuppMaddron

Styles, P. L.McMillanBaxter

Styles, CarolineWebbMcMahan

Styles, ThomasWebbCaton

Sutton, J. C.GillilandRollins

Smallwood, J. C.GilesCaton

Southern I & T CoWebbState line

Shults, R. S.

Sanford, Joseph

Sutton, J. A.

Self, James

Sneed, J. R.

Shults, R. A.

Styles, John

Shackelford, Jas

Shults, G. W.

Shults, Jacob

Tritt, J. A.CampbellCampbell

Tritt, W. H.SmallwoodLarge

Trobaugh, RichardCampbellMcGaha

Townsell, Thomas

Valentine, GreenMcGahaValentine

Valentine, JamesLindseyCaughron

Valentine, R. H.McMahanWebb

Valentine, IsaacShultsRamsey

Valentine, Robt DrRamseyJenkins

Valentine, Robt (dec’d)Dist LineCaton

Valentine, W. A.Caughre=onJenkins

Valentine, WmMcKinyJenkins

Valentine, ElizabethWebbValentine

Vess, J. M.RiverMiller

Vess, MaryRamseyBaxter

Valentine, Robt

Valentine, Jas Jr

Valentine, Cary

Valentine, J. I.

Valentine, John

Webb, AlexMcGahaJenkins

Williamson, EliGunterWebb

Webb, AllenLindseyCaton

Webb, HumphreyJenkinsWebb

Webb, Jesse (of Tom)RominesStyles

Williamson, JosephSuttonSutton

Webb, AnnieWebbWebb

Webb, JamesWebbWebb

Webb, JesseWebbGunter

Wright, R. G. LaymonJames

Webb, ThomasMcGahaMcSween

Whittle, J. M.one mill and engine

Wood, WilliamRiverRomines

Webb, JennieMcMahanStyles

Walker, P. S.

Webb, A. B.

Webb, H. M.

Webb, Wm. of Tom

Webb, William (Wig)

Webb, Eli

Webb, Anderson

Webb, Isaac of Tom

Webb, Randolph

Williamson, Jack

Williamson, Lewis

Williamson, Phillip

Webb, Berry

Woody, Jonathan

Webb, Jasper

White, Robt

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