Fiat Lux
August 1996, New Orleans.
Micro Art Show
The Lot 49

"Oedipa knew them by heart. In the 15c. dark green from the 1893 Colombian Exposition Issue (Columbus announcing his Discovery), the faces of three courtiers, receiving the news at the right-hand side of the stamp, had been subtly altered to express uncontrollable fright. In the 3c. Mothers of America Issue, put out on mother's Day, 1934, the flowers to the lower left of Whistler's Mother had been replaced by Venus's-flytrap, belladonna, poison sumac and few others Oedipa had never seen. In the 1947 Postage Stamp Centenary Issue, commemorating the great postal reform that had meant the beginning of the end for private carriers, the head of a Pony Express rider at the lower left was set at a disturbing angle unknown among the living. The deep violet 3c. regular issue of1954 had a faint, menacing smile on the face of the Statue of Liberty. The Brussels Exhibition Issue of 1958 included in its aerial view of the U.S. pavilion at Brussels, and set slightly off from the other tiny fair-goers, the unmistakable silhouette of a horse and rider. There were also the Pony Express stamp Cohen had showed her on her first visit, the Lincoln 4c. with "U.S. Potsage," the sinister 8c. airmail she had seen on the tatooed sailor's letter in San Francisco."

THE CRYING OF LOT49.Thomas Pynchon. 1966.

(See"Pynchon Postage Puzzles Experts" by V. Bugatti
New Orleans Bayou-Tribune)
At the end of the Lot 49 presentation
the 72 -USA First Issue Reserved Edition
"Bob Dole racing"
printed on Gum paper
was complementary delivered on the fly
to the rapt audience gathered
in the grand lobby of the Hotel Mariott.
(an animated version of the stamp will soon be released )