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Jordan Weisman
  Jordan Weisman is 42 Entertainment's Chief Creative Executive, responsible for driving the creative vision for the company's client campaigns. Jordan has been the motivating creative force behind the founding and successful growth of a number companies over his nearly quarter-century in the media and entertainment industry.  
Jordan co-founded FASA Corporation in 1980, where he led the design and creation of game lines including BattleTech, Shadowrun, Renegade Legion and Crimson Skies. In 1987, Jordan and his partners founded Virtual World Entertainment, and built the world's first virtual reality entertainment facility, The BattleTech Center. In 1992, members of the Disney family acquired a majority position in VWE and, together with Jordan, led a global expansion of 26 networked entertainment facilities around the world.

Jordan founded FASA Interactive, in 1995, bringing in house the development of MechWarrior, a PC game with over 11 million units sold. Microsoft acquired FASA Interactive in 1999 and relocated the entire development staff to Redmond, Washington. Jordan assumed the role of Creative Director of Microsoft's entertainment division, and provided creative leadership for the company's PC and videogame portfolio, including the development of the Xbox. Jordan left Microsoft in the fall of 2002 to found 42 Entertainment.

In 2000, Jordan and Dawne Weisman founded WizKids, LLC, and created collectable miniatures games including Mage Knight, Marvel HeroClix, DC HeroClix and MechWarrior: Dark Age. Retail sales for WizKids products topped $100 million in 2002. In 2003, Mr. Weisman sold WizKids to The Topps Company.

Jordan has won over one hundred awards during his career including election to the game designer's hall of fame by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design, and selection as Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year for 2003 by Ernst & Young.



Joe DiNunzio
Joe DiNunzio is President and Chief Client Officer of 42 Entertainment, responsible for leading the company's strategy, operations, and client development efforts. Joe has twenty years of management leadership experience, serving as an operating executive for established and for start-up ventures, as well as serving as a lead client services executive for Fortune 100 clients in the entertainment, consumer products, and technology industries.  
From 1999 to 2001, Joe was the CEO of Z.com, a digital entertainment production and distribution studio start-up he founded with Jerry Bruckheimer, Brad Grey, Guy Oseary, and Bill Gross. Z.com developed, produced, and distributed hundreds of hours of entertainment programming for the Internet, as well as for the television and interactive markets, working with a wide variety of directors (Oliver Stone), actors (Ellen DeGeneres), writers (Mike Judge), and musicians (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Previously, Joe was the Senior Vice President of New Product Development for Walt Disney Imagineering. While at WDI from 1993 to 1999, Joe led concept, design, technology, and business teams in the worldwide development of theme parks, regional entertainment centers, digital/virtual reality media, and entertainment technologies. Products Joe developed at WDI include DisneyQuest, THEA-award winning indoor theme parks in Orlando and Chicago.

Prior to Disney, Joe was a Principal at the management consultancy, Booz Allen & Hamilton, where he co-founded the firm's Service Operations Practice and worked extensively in the Marketing Intensive and Operations Management Groups. While at Booz Allen from 1988 to 1993, Joe directed engagements in product and brand positioning, pricing strategy, customer service, and operations optimization.

Joe started his career in brand management at Procter & Gamble, in the company's Paper Division. While at P&G from 1984 to 1986, Joe led the team that developed and executed the marketing & sales plan for the national rollout of Always Plus.



Jim Stewartson
  Jim Stewartson is 42 Entertainment's Chief Technology Officer, responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing technology innovations for client campaigns. As the technical leader of a number of companies over the past 8+ years, Jim has been a pioneer in the development of network-based interactive applications and technologies. Jim has consistently delivered world-class results to customers and broken new ground in his field.  
Jim developed the first commercial 3D game delivered over the Internet in 1996. The Star Trek: Borg game was showcased on the Star Trek: First Contact website. In 1997-98, Jim built groundbreaking Internet games for the films The Fifth Element, Titanic, The Flood, Lost in Space, and Spawn, as well as for Xena: Warrior Princess. Additionally, Jim delivered the first commercial 3D infotainment content, the CNN InfoGlobe, and a stadium visualization application built for IBM and for Olympics.com.

In 1997 Jim co-founded Shout Interactive, Inc. where as CTO he co-designed and led the development of Shout3D, the first important technology for delivering rich media content to the Web without the need for a plug-in. This technology was a vehicle for Jim and his team to deliver high-profile multimedia-based entertainment and commerce content to millions of users on websites such as Amazon.com, Excite.com and NBCOlympics.com.

In 2000, Jim negotiated Shout Interactive's merger with Eyematic Interfaces, Inc., and became co-CTO of Eyematic, in charge of all Internet and wireless technologies, and President of Shout Interactive, LLC, a content and application subsidiary of Eyematic.

At Eyematic, Jim's team transformed Shout3D into a comprehensive platform for delivering visual communication applications and content to virtually every wireless hardware and software environment on the market, as well as to the web.



Elan Lee
Elan Lee is 42 Entertainment's Vice President of Concept Development, playing a key role in the invention and creation of client campaigns. Elan is a world authority on immersive gaming and community experiences. His breakthrough work in the area of viral entertainment and immersive gaming has been featured in numerous publications, and an in-depth review of his work is currently on the curriculum for the immersive gaming series at UC Berkeley.



Elan started his career as a character designer at Industrial Light and Magic, where he worked on several motion pictures. For the past five years he has been lead game designer at Microsoft Game Studios, designing and directing games for the PC and Xbox.

Elan served as lead designer, director, and producer for The Beast campaign for Steven Spielberg's film AI. The Beast won Elan dozens of awards including Best Idea of 2001 (New York Times Magazine), Best Website of the Year (Entertainment Weekly, 2001), and Best Promotion of 2001 (Times magazine).

Elan is a pioneer in his field and is routinely asked to speak at forums, including the Game Developer's Conference, The Alternative Gaming Forum, and Intel Research Laboratories.



Sean Stewart
  Sean Stewart occupies a unique position as both an award-winning novelist and a pioneer in interactive and multimedia fiction. In 2001 he achieved tremendous success in both fields, winning the World Fantasy Award for his novel Galveston, and acting as lead writer and co-designer of The Beast, which Internet Life called "the Citizen Kane of online entertainment."  
Sean Stewart has produced, written, directed and acted in live role-playing games, as well as served as a consultant on several computer games. He is best known, however, for his work on The Beast. The way The Beast used emerging communication technologies to tell a complex and emotionally gripping storyline has led critics to compare it to the release of the first motion pictures at the turn of the last century.

Stewart's novels are equally interdisciplinary. His first two books, Passion Play and Nobody's Son, were published in Canada, where they won four national awards-in four different literary genres: science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and young adult.

His more recent work ranges from the post-apocalyptic Galveston, for which he won the prestigious World Fantasy Award, to the magic realist Mockingbird, a New York Times Notable Book about a Houston-based actuary whose life is split between pregnancy, day trading on the stock market, and dealing with her mother's trailer-park voodoo demons.

Stewart's new book, Perfect Circle, was published in June 2004, while another work, the documentary novel Cathy's Book, created with Jordan Weisman, will come out in 2005.



Susan Bonds
Susan Bonds is an Executive Producer who serves as a Project and Client Lead for 42 Entertainment. Susan has a twenty-year career as a producer, project lead, and creative director for gaming, theme parks, and traditional media.  
Most recently, Susan was Chief Design and Production Officer for Cyan Worlds, where she was responsible for producing the multiplayer broadband online interactive game URU: Ages Beyond Myst. Susan led the design, production, technology integration, marketing, publishing, music development and project management for the initiative, working with Rand Miller, CEO and co-founder of Cyan.

Previously, Susan served as a Creative Director and Senior Show Producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, where she directed the design and development of major attractions, themed architecture, Internet entertainment projects, and proprietary new ride systems. She is credited with the extremely popular "Indiana Jones Adventure" in Disneyland and the "Mission: SPACE" attraction for Epcot at Walt Disney World.

Susan also served as lead producer for Imagineering's "Concept Studio," a design group charged with developing cutting edge entertainment products for units across the Walt Disney Company. In this role, Susan produced the ABC Times Square Studios Exterior in New York, which set precedence for "media architecture" through the use of prototype LED technology, sculpted architectural forms, and programmable media.

Prior to Disney, Susan worked at Lockheed Aeronautical Systems as an Aircraft Engineer in New Business Development, and later served as a Systems Engineer for Advanced Development Projects (Skunkworks).



Bob Fagan
  Bob Fagan is a Senior Producer for 42 Entertainment and serves as an independent film producer. Over the past ten years, Bob has produced a wide array of media from streaming video to television and feature film.  
Prior to joining 42, Mr. Fagan has worked extensively with the gaming division of Microsoft, providing services involving all phases of production and post production, including casting, voice over, still and live action photography, editing, sound design and graphics. He produced all the video and photographic elements for the international marketing campaign The Beast.

In addition, Mr. Fagan has produced four independent feature-length films. His latest feature, Last Man Running, stars Mary Stuart Masterson (Fried Green Tomatoes, She's the One, Benny and Joon) and Rick Gomez (Band of Brothers). His third feature, Dummy, stars Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element, Joan of Arc), Adrien Brody (The Pianist, The Thin Red Line) and Illeana Douglas (Goodfellas, Cape Fear).

Mr. Fagan has also been involved extensively in celebrity talent procurement. Responsible for contract negotiations, his successful bookings include Elton John, Diana Ross, Jose Carreras, The Three Irish Tenors, and Savion Glover.



John Ziffren
John Ziffren serves as a Senior Producer for 42 Entertainment and is an independent television and Internet media producer. John has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years and has been involved in the production of nearly one thousand episodes of prime time programming.  
Included in John’s numerous credits is The Larry Sanders Show for which he received six Cable Ace awards, five Emmy nominations and a Peabody Award. In addition to his television experience, John served as Vice President of Production for Z.com, an Internet entertainment company. Under his supervision, Z.com produced over sixty interactive series covering a full spectrum of program types and production styles.

Since 1976, John has been involved with numerous television pilots and series including Hart to Hart, Family, True Believer, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Houston Knights, Paper Dolls, The Julie Brown Show, The Golden Girls, Blossom, Inside Schwartz, and Married to the Kelly’s. In addition, John supervised the production of Brillstein-Grey Entertainment television programs including NewsRadio, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, The Naked Truth, and Just Shoot Me.

John is very active in entertainment industry as well as community activities. In the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, he has twice been elected to the Board of Governors and served three consecutive terms as the Chairman of the National Awards Committee. In addition, he served on the Producers Peer Group Executive Committee, the TEC Council and participated in the formation of the Interactive Media Peer Group. He has been a member of the board of advisors of the AFI/Intel Enhanced Television Workshop, and has had extensive involvement with the American Association of Producers, the Producers Guild of America, the Los Angeles Free Clinic, The Skirball Cultural Center, The Oakwood School where he sits on the Board of Trustees, The Amateur Athletic Foundation, as well as speaking engagements at USC, UCLA and local high schools.



Jane McGonigal
  Jane McGonigal is a designer and community lead for 42 Entertainment, driving the development of interactive experiences that engage and build energized and sustainable communities.  
Jane has played a core role in the design of a wide variety of gaming experiences (hightech, low-tech, and no-tech). She specializes in massively-collaborative game models and games that are played in everyday public spaces. Her recent game design credits include The Go Game, Demonstrate, Organum, Tele-Twister, Get Lost, and the Tele-Actor Project.

Jane is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Performance Studies (New Media) at UC Berkeley, and is a member of the Alpha Lab in UC Berkeley's Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations. Her research interests include network-enabled gaming; play and performance in everyday spaces, collective intelligence, technologies for massively-scaled collaboration, and viral art and marketing. She is a resident game designer for the Berkeley Institute of Design, and has taught at both UC Berkeley and the San Francisco Art Institute.

Jane has published numerous academic and feature articles on immersive gaming, pervasive play, conspiracy theories, modern drama, narrative cognition, four-dimensional art, and horror films. She is a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.