Troop33 85th Year Patch Design Contest

Design Contest - 85th Anniversary Patch
  Troop Insignia

Attention Scouts:

As you may know, 2005 is the 85th Anniversary of Troop 33! Yeah! So we want to have a patch made which will include the following:

Takoma Park
33 (in large numerals)
1920 - 2005
85 years

Attention Scouts:

The patch should be overall about 2 1/2" wide x 3" high (can be arched at the top - that would look nice). The 33 needs to be the size of the 33 sewed onto your sleeve on your Class A uniform shirt, white numbers on a red background.

I challenge you to design a patch and bring it in. Entries will be accepted from now until March 31. You can draw it and use colored pencils or markers, or if you're good at computer graphics you can print it out in color from a computer design. You should plan on the whole patch having a border much like the borders on merit badges - about 1/8" wide, in the case of this patch, white. You can use more colors than just the red & white but don't make it garish - I recommend 4 colors maximum. Once they have been judged embroiderable (no really thin lines or tiny images) the troop will vote on the one you all prefer, and the prize for the best design will be seeing it made into a patch not only you but scouts for years afterwards, will wear.

Nancy Weil.....Assistant Scoutmaster.....Troop33....Takoma Park, MD.

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