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Of the games you start, how many do you finish?

Every dang one!
More than half huzzah!
Less than half, arrrrr
None of the above, read my comments knave!

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Pre-Order Jade Empire Limited Edition with bonus content!
BioWare Wednesday

Jade Empire Gone Gold!
[Apr 01] Jade Empire has gone gold and the game is on its way to manufacturing. Time is running out for Limited Edition pre-orders, as the sale of the regular edition starts April 14th when it hits store shelves.

New Jade Empire Preview and Videos
[Apr 01] Dive in and check out Gamespot's hands-on preview with Jade Empire. More fighting style videos at IGN showcase transformation styles. And see an exclusive new video at AOL showcasing the Limited Edition bonus character, Monk Zeng.

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New Jade Fighting Styles & Screens
[Mar 30] View two new fighting style videos at the Jade website: Hidden Fist and Spirit Thief, plus a quartet of new screenshots. Also, read about the Community Tileset Pack project that aims to deliver Neverwinter fans dozens of tilesets.

Recent Jade Empire Coverage
[Mar 31] Read the article and watch the videos in part four of IGN's Jade Empire: Art of Kicking Ass series. Over at TeamXbox, read a brand new Art Corner about Sagacious Zu that takes you from early concept to finished design.

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Hot New Jade Empire Preview Videos
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