The Supremacists

The Tyranny of Judges -- and How to Stop It

by Phyllis Schlafly

This page has some miscellaneous web links to support the main text and notes.


1. Judges Rewrite the Constitution

  • US Supreme Court decisions may be found at FindLaw, Cornell, or Oyez.
  • Federalist Papers
  • Bork's WSJ Op-ed
  • Eisenhower's two mistakes, mentioned in the AP obituary of Brennan
  • The NYTimes/Linda Greenhouse obituary of Brennan is skeptical about the Ike quote on the grounds that people should have appreciated Brennan's liberalism.
  • Steven Weinberg's criticism of the paradigm shift book

    2. Judges Censor Acknowledgment of God

  • Law review article on Weak and Strong Forms of Judicial Supremacy
  • Judge Bork's definition of activist judges
  • A poll of religious beliefs among scientists is here
  • Newdow oral argument: official transcript

    3. Judges Redefine Marriage

  • Volokh's blog comment about Schlafly and ERA
  • Colorado's Amendment 2 is in Romer v. Evans

    4. Judges Undermine U.S. Sovereignty

    5. Judges Promote Pornography

  • Further information on the definition of obscenity

    6. Judges Foster Feminism

  • More info on feminism is at Eagle Forum

    7. Judges Handicap Law Enforcement

    8. Judges Interfere with Elections

  • Vieth v. Jubelirer (2004)
  • Voting machine maker funded a study used by the court, according to this story.
  • SJMN story on voting machines
  • Some background material on Roe v. Alabama and the controversial Alabama election.
  • California Bans E-Vote Machines , Wired News, Apr. 30, 2004.

    9. Judges Impose Taxes

  • This column by Paul Beckner discuss the Nevada budget case and tax hike.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of this case, according to this story.

    10. How Judicial Supremacy Began

  • Law review article on Marbury v. Madison Van Alstyne, William W. (1969) A CRITICAL GUIDE TO MARBURY V. MADISON. Duke Law Journal 18:1-47.
  • Lincoln on Judicial Despotism, by Robert P. George, First Things, 130 (February 2003): 36-40.

    11. How Judicial Supremacy Grew

  • Here is a lot of information on Legal Method courses.
  • Justice Breyer's speech on exemplary court cases.
  • Here are the facts about Cooper v. Aaron. And here is a chronology of Little Rock desegregation.

    12. How To Stop Judicial Supremacists

  • Judge Harry Rapkin story in Sarasota Herald Tribune.
  • 1996 law review article on the Second Amendment: Toward a Functional Framework for Interpreting the Second Amendment, By Scott Bursor, 74 Texas L. Rev. 1125-1151 (1996)
  • Jefferson letter to Hammond
  • NY Times story about Bunting v. Mellen.
  • LA Times story about ACLU v. Redlands Calif.

  • Oregon v. Ashcroft

  • Lockyer v. City and County of San Francisco

  • Los Angeles county seal
  • President Bush's quote is from his standard campaign speech