SATANISM AND ITS ALLIES - THE NATIONALIST MOVEMENT UNDER ATTACK THIS BOOKLET is going to raise a lot of eye brows in the Nationalist Movement. Some people may be totally unaware about the Satanists and their attempts to infiltrate Nationalism. Others may have had an inkling at some time or another. This booklet will show you the depth of their involvement and exactly how they operate. What becomes clear is that, despite apparent differences of political ideology and tactics, these people belong to quite a limited circle. However, they have become experts at being "all things to all men" and as such have entered the Nationalist movement at different levels and in different ways. Especially worrying for FC readers is the Satanist involvement in music. Whilst we may be aware of 'Black Metal' with its 'shock, horror, Satanist' tactics, there is also a genre known as 'Industrial music' which people from the Church of Satan and others are behind. Satanist groups from around the world are co-operating (as one would expect) and at least three "Nationalist" organisations in England are implicated. Indeed, as we go to press one has just had an interview published in 'The Nexus' a typical pseudo-babble Satanist journal, from New Zealand. Anyway, to go into all the links and schemes would spoil your 'enjoyment' (if that's the right word) of the booklet. It is a blockbuster and deserves to be read by all Nationalists who cherish the Nationalist cause. Published by Final Conflict. 100 pages. 3.50 pounds (p&p: 10%. Europe 15%; elsewhere 20 percent) from: Final Conflict, BCM 6358, London, WC1N 3XX. (Bulk rates available on request). The following 'update' was published just a few months after the booklet was published:

As this book went to press, we pointed out very briefly that the English Nationalist Movement, led by self- proclaimed 'Leader', warrior, intellectual and music critic, Troy Southgate, had changed its name to the National Revolutionary Faction. In itself, it is neither surprising nor important, for the good reason that Mr Southgate is well known for his inconsistency and for his lack of importance in the National Struggle, despite his bluster to the contrary . However, we have decided to add this update because more information has come into our hands in recent weeks, which we believe puts Southgate-ism (yes, Troy, you're an 'ism' now!) into perspective, and which puts him beyond the pale of Nationalism, however you define it. The most telling information that we received came from ex-members of the ENM who had had enough of Southgate's evermore bizarre antics. The information demonstrated that the ENM at its height never had 20 members and subscribers. The membership that did exist was to be found in Blackpool (I person), Bumley, Bradford, Leeds (I person), London (I person of mixed European and Arab blood, who did the paste up for ENM/NRF publications) and Dover (the Leader). As of today, all that really remains is the Leader and his member in London. Some might fmd that hard to believe, given Mr Southgate's tough talk, but that is the reality. We were tempted to list the names of the people involved since the Leader is bound to denounce this as lies, but now that the NRF is no more than one man and his wog, it cannot be justified. The ex-members of the ENM have gone off in three directions: some have gone to the ITP , a couple have gone to the BNP and a couple have dropped out altogether. Wherever they have gone, they have certainly made a positive choice in avoiding the continuing loopiness of Mr Southgate. Here are a few extracts from the letters we received: "I have had the misfortune to read a copy of Tribal Resonance. People who have the audacity to distribute garbage like that are no friends of mine". * " I left the ENM in January of this year, a month after sending Southgate a letter stating my disappointment with his behaviour. The current state of the old ENM is the result of a couple of Desperate Dans who have totally and utterly lost the plot. The current conversion to Satanism is what you get when you are desperate. It is the ultimate delusion to think that you can make nationalists or white anarchists out of people who honour cretins like Manson. At its height, the ENM could muster four cadres for any activity. Troy was the brains behind the outfit, but this conversion to the Occult was prompted by an ex-Catholic postman from Yorkshire, who it appears will side with anyone in the hope of recruits, no matter how sick those recruits may be. " * "The latest publications of the NRF are dross. Their magazines contain ..freemasonic ideas and individuals. To believe in Mithra is to be gnostic, and to propagate anything in favour of the full-time loser, Charles Manson, and his Family is simply obscene. In a new book, Killing for Culture, by David Kerekes and David Slater, it is suggested with evidence that Manson and his cronies were responsible for the birth of the Snuff film in the USA. " * "The last time I saw Troy was at church about 18 months ago. He must be ill really, no-one changes .from being a traditional Catholic to being a Satanist in such a short period of time. " * "I actually knew/met 11 people who were ENM members and there were probably about five others as far as I know. Anyone can write to an organisation that's got an open door membership policy which, although Troy may deny it, is what he had as he was so desperate for members ". * "/ must say I found Troy to be a pleasant, intelligent and likeable person, but anyone who goes from being a radical Christian to being a Satanist/B/ack Meta//whatever he wants to ca// it racial 'anarchist ", I cannot call a comrade ". * "Please find enclosed the latest offering from Satan's discip/es. Their logo is obviously copied from the Red Army Faction of the Seventies, but they've swapped the Red Star for a white one. The White Star has no politica/ significance, unless, of course, it is a disguised pentagram, and we al/ know what that means ". * So much for what the ex-members say. Let's now look at what the "Saviour of the Nation" has been saying of late, for it only goes to demonstrate even more conclusively the thesis of this book -that the people involved in this anti- nationalist conspiracy are cracked beyond human recognition, are few in number though noisy, and are becoming more and more outrageous at every turn. In the English Alternative (No.8), Southgate was asked in an interview how he saw the future collapse of the System. His reply was: "One believab/e course of events is that as the mu/ti-racial experiment crumbles, some of our major towns and cities will erupt, with large-scale and widespread social disorder becoming commonplace. These racial battlefields will give us the opportunity to take the initiative and p/ay a vita/ role. When the System can no longer protect the White community from immigrant attack, we will take over. Our goal wi// be to establish "no-go" areas where the State is not welcome and has no power. We will then use these areas for armed struggle". This is an interesting insight into the mind of a simpleton. It obviously has not occurred to Field Marshal Southgatethat the Army and Airforce could be sent in to crush his "no-go" areas in a matter of hours. It has obviously not occurred to the 'strategic genius' that by simply cutting off water, gas and electricity supplies, and by blocking access to food transportation, the System could starve out such areas in a couple of days. A child would be able to work things out that far, but El Supremo also claims that "we will use these areas for armed struggle ". Take any city you want, and ask yourself how many weapons are to be found in it -then compare them to the resources of the British Armed Forces. Put like this, it will be obvious immediately that Southgate's obsession with "armed struggle" has run so far out of control in his small brain that even simple maths has no impact on him. Of course, like all cranks, or those with a death wish - Mr Southgate can choose which of the two categories he belongs to - the Field Marshal seeks to put some 'flesh' onto the skeleton of such ideas. Thus, we find that Southgate sought to carry out the above idea in practice. It was called the Bradford Project. Here is how one ex-ENM member explained it: "The Project was a community-type group set up for Heaton, a White area next to Manningham, the Paki ghetto. White kids were getting money taken off them by Pakis at school, racial attacks on Whites by Pakis, and Pakis getting off due to lack of police action after the Manningham riots of 1995. A 'front' for it was the Heaton Defence Group, and about 25,000 stickers for it plastered over everything in Heaton, but also around Bradford. Police raided five homes in Heaton, including J's but found nothing. They were all bailed for six weeks, no charges brought. This is when A. (the ex-Catholic Satanist) shit himself and wasn 'r seen for ages. The lads in Bradford were always going on about having a candidate for their constituency, but Troy wouldn't have one ".

So there you have the elements for a possible eruption of racial violence in a major city. We also know from the same letter that all the other ENM members were to move to the area to give substance to the Heaton group. We know too from a letter sent from Southgate to an ex-ENM member that this is the case, because he says "I actually went so far as to ask A. to send me all the local newspapers so that I could investigate the price of rented property in places like Otley and Queensbury". And the final proof of the notion that "armed struggle" was not a passing phrase also comes from Southgate in the same letter. He says: "The BNP election in Bradford was opposed because our whole plan was to make any uprising seem like a grassroots rebellion ". Clearly, Southgate will not be happy until he has led some kind of "armed struggle", even if it only begins with a couple of water pistols and a few boxes of caps for his 'Lone Star' cowboy pistol! It could, of course, be argued that this thing about armed struggle has been exaggerated. This is not so. The idea appears again and again in anything that the Field Marshal produces. Thus in Tribal Resonance (No.2), produced under the auspices of the NR Faction, we find a 12 page interview with Robert Taylor, who was involved with the right-wing American paramilitary group, The Minutemen, which operated in the Sixties and was committed to guerilla warfare. As a piece of history, it is fme to read, but given Southgate's preoccupation with violence, it can only be seen as a development/justification of his 'military' strategy. Beyond this, the article is interesting for other reasons. Firstly, Taylor is a good friend of our old mate, Michael Moynihan, and has recently collaborated with Mithra Moynihan on a CD. Secondly, Taylor is part and parcel of the ragbag group around the world who are pushing all the kinds of things that we have seen in the book, and who still calls this "paganism". Thirdly, Taylor makes some interesting comments in reply to Southgate's question: "What are your views on (a) Satanism, and (b) Charles Manson? " You would think that such questions were normal in a 'nationalist' magazine. In respect of Satanism, Taylor makes a reasonable distinction between those who adhere to it in a superficial way, and those who are truly serious about it. He then makes this statement: "My only criteria in judging Satanists is as to whether or not they are revolutionaries or just simply run of the mill rebels and poseurs, whether they are effective or not". In other words, you can be a demon-worshipper, decadent, disgusting, drugged-up and demented, but if you are 'revolutionary' - whatever that means in this context! - that's fine by him. There is no sense of Right and Wrong here; there is no sense of Good and Bad here; there is no sense of Nationalism here. It is the Joseph Tomasi mentality repeated - and it has produced exactly the same fruits. Nothing constructive at all. In respect of the bestial Charles Manson, we are offered this pearl of wisdom: "There are many Charles Mansons out there - victims of the System. What sets him apart from the others most is that he got even with the world in a sense. He has also never repented or caved in psychologically". Thus, we find that Manson is a victim of society - the same old liberal garbage to excuse the fact that some people are simply the scum of the earth. Any number of nationalists in the struggle could plausibly claim to be victims of the System, but they want to get even by putting a New Social Order in place, not carving up irrelevant low-lives with knives. That anyone can sympathise or apologise for Manson is really more of a comment on them than on Manson, and it also highlights just how 'useful' such types are to the Cause. In the same number of Tribal Resonance, there are to be found all sorts of clues showing Southgate's 'political' development. There is, for instance, a gushing review of the Mysteria Mithrae CD produced in France - if you haven't worked it out yet, Mithra is the Field Marshal's cument "god of the month"! - and where the brown nosing is particularly strong in respect of Michael Moynihan's and Kadmon's contributions. There is also a one page review of a Cradle of Filth gig, written in a style befitting a 17 year old who has still not experienced his fIrst pint of beer. That Southgate can plug this pro-faggot, Satanist rubbish shows just how far down the line he is. Oh, and the reviews are nicely interspersed with swearing, with f**k this and that - you see, swearing in print is 'radical', 'revolutionary' and for Southgate is clearly the mark of " a man " ! However, the truly stunning element of this number of Tribal Resonance is the six pages given over to an article called Satan's Cheerleaders, and which is concerned with the growth of Black Metal/Satanism in Scandinavia in recent years. We will extract a few quotations from the article, so that the reader can get 'a feel' of the article, and work out for himself what kind of recruits - if any - are likely to be won to the Nationalist Cause. We pick up the story where it concerns a man called "Dead", who was the singer in the Black Metal group, Mayhem The article says: "When he was performing, Dead inhaledf rom a plastic bag holding a decayed raven. 'He needed to get the stench of death before every song' explains Hellhammer", who is also a member of the band. In 1991, Dead committed suicide by blowing out his brains with a shotgun - assuming there were any to blow out. The article continues: "Hellhammer and Euronymous, Mayhem's guitarist, found Dead dead - legs akimbo, his brain tissue and blood splattered on the walls and sheets. Euronymous didn't seem to mind the mess at all. In fact, says Hellhammer, 'he took pieces of the brain and made a stew. He put in ham, frozen vegetables and paprika. He'd always said he wanted to eat flesh, so he figured this was an easy way , ". Southgate clearly thinks this sick stuff is "revolutionary", otherwise why print such revolting news? Euronymous ran a small record shop in Oslo called Hell, as well as a small record label. The shop became a meeting place for Black Metallers. "Hellhammer remembers people shooting guns into the side walls; one guy hammered a nail into his own skull. Euronymous would beat himself with a bullwhip, causing blood to soak through his shirt in crimson stripes". Wow, Troy, this is really great stuff for the Nationalist Cause! We are then introduced to Count Grishnackh, Varg Vikernes, who did the world a favour and rid it of Euronymous in 1993. " Euronymous answered the door wearing only his underwear; according to the Count, he looked weak and tired. The two began to argue, and Euronymous turned and walked towards the kitchen. The Count drew his knife and followed him. Snorre- the Count's accomplice - was waiting on the stairs when he heard Euronymous screaming for help. An autopsy found he had suffered 23 stab wounds - two to the head; five to the neck and 16 to the back ". What kind of person would hold up such scum as heroes? What kind of person would call this kind of article "seminal"? Answers on a postcard to Troy Southgate. Oh, and you will be pleased to hear that the Count, from his prison cell, now says that he no longer wants to be associated with Black Metal. "He's now strictly a neo-Nazi". That's good to know isn't it? So roll up, roll up and join his group - and don't be frightened of tuming your back on him, will you? Anymore news on Southgateism? Well, yes unfortunately. The English Alternative (No.9) carries yet further evidence of the Leader's dementia. Much of the number is taken up with an interview with our old friend, Christian Bouchet, of Resistance. The front cover is given over to a photograph of the decadent Dynamic Duo shaking hands in front of Troy's bookshelf. Yes, Troy has got a bookshelf, and he's got loads of books, so he must be an intellectual and, therefore, Leader, right? Not surprisingly, the interview is full of bullshit, lies and deviancy, though Bouchet is claiming that "the homosexuals" are now an enemy. What a change of tactic, Mr Bouchet! One day faggots are OK, the next they are "an enemy ". Can anyone believe a word from the mouth of such a hypocritical worm ? In the course of his interview, Bouchet tells us that the roots of French Revolutionary Nationalism are to be found in the masonic French Revolution of 1789, especially those who came from "the radical Left current ". So, if you haven't caught on yet, leftist masons are the best nationalists! Talking of his days in Troisieme Voie, he says: "There was a struggle between the disciples of Jean Thiriat (the National Bolshevik - editor), led by myselt and Mallariakis, the President of the party who was a reactionary. We expelled him in 1991 ". Two lies in two lines. Malliarakis was not a reactionary, but a fairly radical thinker. He was not expelled from TV, but it was he who expelled Bouchet along with his supporters. The new group set up by Bouchet was called Nouvelle Resistance and the man himself tells us that it had "a very National Bolshevik orientation ". The discussion then moves to Bouchet's beloved European Liberation Front. Anxious to explain away the departure of Harrington's Third Way, we are told: "I had close links with Patrick Harrington and Third Way, but I do not understand the group's evolution. It is too soft and liberal. I do not understand what he wants to do and where he wants to go". It is implied that Third Way's removal was prompted by its pro-faggot line, but given Bouchet's inclinations in this direction that is not even vaguely credible. Inevitably, there is the obligatory Southgate question on violence: "What is your current position on armed struggle? " Bouchet bravely replies: "1 think that it is not yet the time to speak of armed struggle. It is romantic, but not very serious, although the time will come ". One senses here that Bouchet was simply buttering the Field Marshal up, feeding the delusion, and hoping against hope that this English section of the ELF is not another losers outfit. Interestingly, a couple of pages on from Bouchet's article, there is a piece written by "England Calling" - described as a "dose of penetrating analysis and revolutionary pragmatism ", though a simple "dose" is closer to the reality! - which is all about physics and ethnic states. It has nothing whatever to do with "armed struggle", yet it is 'illustrated' by a soldier in combats and grasping an M16 - draw your own conclusions. It also contains a real beauty of self-delusion: "When analysing the operation of organisations that have had extraordinary success in difficult circumstances, like ours (the NRF that is) today ……… ". An organisation gets progressively smaller, more and more irrelevant and this counts as "extraordinary success" in Southgate's book, We can only suggest that Southgate keeps up his lessons in Braille! Elsewhere in this number of The English Alternative, we find plugs for various groups and magazines associated with Bouchet's ELF and Southgate's homegrown, Liaison Committee for Revolutionary Nationalism(LCRN), The first thing that we notice is that the Italian representative of the ELF has changed, It used to be Orion, a group which, as we saw, possessed some substance, Its replacement is the journal, Rivolta, based in Genoa, and according to Southgate this "excellent magazine" is published by "our ELF comrades in the Movimento Sociale Fiamma Tricolore (MSFT)", Firstly, Rivolta is not published by the reactionaries of the MSFT, but by a small group that split from Fiamma a year ago, Secondly, this group was led by Adriano Tilgher, a mason and copper's nark of longstanding, Is Southgate really that ignorant of things in Europe, or is it simply that he is now so alone that he is prepared to believe anything at all so long as there is the mere possibility of 'members' and 'photo-opportunities'? Interestingly, the German group has changed yet again, It is now the previously unheard of Freiheit Volk Bewegung based in Neu-Ulm, How long this group will last is anyone's guess? On past form, the German section of the ELF will be different in another six months, As for the Polish group, Mr Southgate is so informed on them that he gives their address as "Ruch Naradowy, Radikalny, Lublin, Poland", The problem is that Ruch Naradowy, Radikalny is NOT an address at all, It simply means: "National Radical Camp" - in other words, the name of another group, yet according to Southgate's blurb on the ELF under the heading, The Global Struggle, he tells us that the ELF is "a pan-European alliance of committed National Revolutionaries, and our unified Secretariat is presently attempting to co-ordinate a strategy " etc etc, The degree of , co-ordination' can be gauged by the fact that Mr Southgate cannot tell the difference between the name of a group and its address - or maybe such uselessness is simply "revolutionary" in the Field Marshal's book?! It is amusing to note too that in a letter from an ex-ENM member, Southgate was accused of not having "a Scooby Doo about running an organisation" - was the member so far off the mark? It would seem that our intuition that the Swiss and Dutch sections of the ELF were one-man bands was right, since they have disappeared from the scene altogether, though neither Bouchet nor Southgate bothered to draw attention to the fact, Hardly surprising really, since the "growing network" is getting progressively smaller! As for the Field Marshal's homegrown grouplet, the LCRN, it has three sections: The American Front, the Canadian Front and National Destiny in New Zealand, We saw in the book that the American Front was a disintegrating waste of space; the Canadian Front is so huge that in the English Alternative, we find that it uses the same address as the American Front; and National Destiny is simply good old Kerry Bolton, All three are described by Southgate as "our trusted comrades outside of Europe". There is also a plug for a magazine, Delivrance, published by Phil Gittes - a Satanist - and operating out of Bouchet's post office box number in Nantes. Southgate drools that it "is a great new youth publication for National Revolutionaries everywhere ". Some hope! Another highly indicative feature of this number is a 6 page review of a recent book by Richard Hunt, editor of The Alternative Green, Why is it being reviewed given that so much of it is recycled drivel stemming from a purely materialist view of the world? Southgate gushes that "it has to be said that this book is one of the most important books of the last decade ". That is some claim, and either it is true - not very likely - or the brown nose has simply got the better of Troy yet again.The reason for giving over pages to this book is probably to be found in a couple of lines written by Southgate to an ex-member of the ENM: "These days, we lean more towards a form of National Anarchism than anything else. Rather like Alternative Green with a race policy, I suppose. Some of us are also pursuing matters of a distinctly neo-pagan outlook". Anarchism and Satanism are the centre of the NR Faction, and it is His Master's Voice that has told us so. Naturally , of course, the Field Marshal regards himself not merely as a national figure, but an international figure in the political world, so it is only right and fitting that he should deign to give interviews to lesser, foreign mortals. This he managed to do recently, when he gave an audience to the journal, The Nexus - yes, that's right, we are back to that eager-beaver, Kerry Bolton from New Zealand! We are not yet sure if the Leader was happy with the interview because the journal only gave him 5.5 pages out of its total of 20, Nonetheless, it did allow the Leader to demonstrate his manifold talents to the world. It also allowed him to have his pictured printed too, again in front of that bookshelf. Maybe people Down Under will be impressed too? Needless to say, the interview proves that the NR Faction is the best thing since sliced bread, if only because the Leader is Troy Southgate. Nonetheless, the inferiority complex shows through: "Most of us grew up in tough neighbourhoods and inevitably received a very poor education, although a healthy thirst for knowledge has meant that we have since educated ourselves". Don't let the regal 'we' fool you - this is pure autobiography. Of course, you could be forgiven for thinking that poor, badly educated Troy had grown up in Brixton, Moss Side or Handsworth, but in fact he grew up in that super-deprived hellhole in leafy East Sussex called Crowborough! As for having completed his education, let's see how far it has gone. In one answer, Southgate tries to explain the meaning of Popular Rule, and tells us that "Power must be channelled from the grassroots and find expression through street, area and regional councils each of which may appoint delegates to sit on a new pan-European committee ". In other words, every street in Europe, every area in Europe and every region in Europe will send at least one delegate to a pan-European committee - where are they going to meet? In Wembley stadium? It is probable, however, that Southgate does not actually mean what he has written, and that he should have put it differently. In which case the phrase "we have since educated ourselves " is a little premature! We've exaggerated? One example means nothing? Fine, then look at this: "In an ideological sense we have learnt a great deal from the ear/y anarchists, men such as Kropotkin, Bakunin and Proudhon. These personages have demonstrated that once people cease to depend upon the o/d institutions of the State, they will be swept aside to make way for a New Order". Where have Kropotkin and company "demonstrated" this? They may have written this, but writing is not proving, and "a demonstration " is a proof if nothing else. Equally, if you read the phrase again, you have to ask yourself: who or what "will be swept aside"? Presumably the "old institutions", though logically it appears to be the people! We also find that Southgate is far from limiting his public support for Black Metalism to the pages of Tribal Resonance. In the Nexus, he tells us that "the flourishing Black and Viking Metal genre is a/so very appealing and bands such as Burzum and Mayhem must be supported and encouraged". Elsewhere he proclaims: "Other ways of avoiding the path to racial and cultural oblivion may include making efforts to support and promote Industrial or Black Metal music ". Does anyone with a brain think that the likes of Dead, Euronymous and Vikemes are leading people away from "racial and cu/tural oblivion"? Perhaps Southgate is inhaling from a plastic bag with a decayed copy of The English Alternative in it, in order to get the stench of death before every stupid reply? In reply to the question: "what revolutionary scenario do you see arising in England that could pave your way to victory? ", Southgate talks for one solid page. A good half of this page is made up of "useful suggestions" of what people can do to advance the struggle. Half of them read as though they have been nicked from the pages of Class War, the other half have clearly been stolen from the ITP's, A Third Position Handbook. Needless to say, allusions to violence are present: "organise tough physical resistance as a means of repelling hostile outsiders "; 'police loca/ streets"; "forming a voluntary militia". How many of the "Iiterally hundreds of things people can do" did Southgate's ENM undertake. None. How many will the NR Faction undertake? None. We could, of course, go on and on analysing Southgate's drivel, but enough has been said to show clearly that the man is one sandwich short of a picnic. He has contributed nothing to Nationalism, and is unlikely ever to do so. His whole approach in the ENM was a joke; his Black Metal approach in the NR Faction is simply a sick joke. Troy, why don't you just give it a rest and walk away, if not for the sake of the Nationalist Cause, then at least for your wife and children who must be sick and tired of your Joe 90 impressions in the last five years. *

Of course, no update would be complete without a few words on our old friend, Kerry Bolton. You will be pleased to hear that he has not been idle. He has been writing for magazines allover the world, plugging all the old groups and some of the new, and is intent on pushing the Occult-Fascist axis wherever possible. Despite his heavy workload, he has also managed to set up the Church of Odin, which operates out of his post box in Paraparaumu Beach in New Zealand. We are informed that the COI "even has its own 20 Point Creed", something which strikes us as virtually miraculous - imagine a 'church' without a statement of beliefs! His current issue of The Nexus (No.13) has many of our old favourites being plugged, but there are also some new ones. Thus, there is a several page article on Alice Bailey, who was the founder of the Lucifer Trust, and who put the New Age Movement on the map decades ago. Bolton thanks one A.F. Norwick for the information and insights provided in the said article. It is not mentioned that Norwick is simply Alec Saunders of the old Jim Saleam-led Australian National Action movement, and who is a freemason and New Ager of longstanding. There are a couple of new books out that you might want to buy. One is EIRA: A Satanic Guide to Future Magick by Christos Beest, published by the Order of the Nine Angles, whilst another is Four Steps to the Swastika by the satanist, Tony Williams, who is, so we are told, "the Leader of the British National Socialist Movement". There is, inevitably, a strong plug for Michael Moynihan's Lords of Chaos, and Varg Vikemes is granted an entire page, so that he can tell us all from prison what needs to be done to save the White man. Go ahead and join if you think that you can pick up anything other than a sharp instrument in the back. Finally, there is a plug for a Swedish/English magazine called Eihwaz, and to which our intrepid Kerry has contributed an article entitled The anti-democratic tradition of Occultism. It takes a look at Crowley, Blavatsky and Evola, and seems to suggest that the Occultists are worth supporting because they were anti-democratic; a twisted logic to be sure, but not too surprising in a character of Bolton's intelligence.

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