Friday, March 25, 2005

A great read for Raider Fans

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Writer’s Note: The following applies t a vast majority of Raider Fans, but not all of them, we have our share of not-so-knowledgeable fans as well.

Being a citizen of the Raider Nation is like being a part of some exclusive fraternity, anytime we see someone in Raider Gear we are predisposed to say hi, and likely have an impromptu discussion on the state of the Raiders. Weather its the merits of giving up our first round pick for Moss or the state of Kerry Collin’s mind.

Raider fans tend to be among the most knowledgeable fans in the league. We know the history of our team though the good the bad and the ugly. As an aside many of the Niner fans that I know seem to think that their team started in the 80’s with Joe Montana. (Conveniently forgetting how sorry their team was in the 70s.) Sorry for the digression, I am not here to bash other teams or fans. We know our history, hell I cringe at any given replay of the “Immaculate Deception” and I was still in the womb when Frenchy deflected the ball to Franco, and the officials called it a completed pass in violation of the rules at the time, thus depriving Oakland of our chance to derail the 1972 Dolphins. (before you say that they were unbeatable, their win streak was terminated n the 1973 season by the Oakland Raiders.)

With this fondness of history in mind, I recommend to all Raider fans the “Where are they now series” on Each selection in the series covers both the Hall of Fame Raiders, and the ones who will never be enshrined in the Hall, but forever etched in the hearts of Raider fans. Each one of these men profiled, while no longer on the field, and most no longer employed by the silver and black, are Raiders for life.

Win lose or tie, Raider till I die!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Lets Get This Party Started!

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OK, I have been jonsing for the coming season since well, ummmm…. the Superbowl. Well there are two big openings that I am looking forward to Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and now the kickoff game of the NFL season Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots.

In the new Star Wars film, we will see the blood feud between the Dark Side and the Light Side come to a head culminating with the rise of Darth Vader. The Raider Patsie game is the equivilant of this battle, and of course I hope this leads to the rise of Darth Raider! Maybe Randy Moss’s afro will become a helmet and his voice will drop three octaves. OK, so I am just a little off.

The Patsies are the team that everyone loves to love. They the the red white and blue, the current ‘dynasty’ led bu the golden boy himself, Tom Brady. The Raiders, on the other hand, are the badasses of the NFL. We Raider fans take great pride in being the Sith Lords of the NFL. We are the dark Side, the team in Black.

Other than the classic good v evil that this game represents, there is also the need for vengence that runs though the Raider Nation after the *tuck rule* game. All this Patsie goodness started after they were given the playoff game in the snow following the 2001 season by Walt Coleman. Woodson came off the corner blitz, knocked the ball out of the hands of tom Brady, Greg Biekert fell on it. All that needed to be done was for Gannon to take a knee and the Raiders were ontheir way to the AFC championship game in Pittsburgh, but Walt Coleman looked at the review and despite that it should have been inconclusive they invoted the tuck rule to set the patsies up for a game tying FG.

Either way it should be a hell of agame…

Silver & Black forever1

Monday, March 14, 2005

The offseasn thus far

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I have heard rumours that the Raiders had made a deal for some wide out. Anyone heard anything? LOL Of course, everyone is talking about the Randy Moss deal. And that one has the raider Nation juiced to see what the offense has in store for this season. It also raised a lot of questions considering that the passing game was one of our strengths last year. Granted Randy Moss is a touchdown waiting to happen. He is also known as a head case, and with reason. Well, The raiders have a history of giving supposed head cases a second chance where they flourish. Names like Matuszak and Hendricks come to mind. So lets see what happens, on that one.

The move that seemed to get lost in the shuffle, considering it happened less that twenty-four hours after the Moss deal was consummated, was the signing of LaMont Jordan from the Jets. This gives the raiders something that we did not have last year, a legitimate threat in the running game. Fargis, whom I was high on last year seems to have a problem staying healthy, and he figures to hopefully come in and do well as a change of pace back. But the signing of Jordan gives us a legitimate 1,000 yard running back, which should take some of the pass rush away from Kerry Collins. It makes me drool just thinking of the play action fakes to Jordan, which will pull the safeties out of pass coverage, and well that should leave Moss, Porter or Curry rather open for Collins to hit deep.

That brings us to the latest signing, the one that SI’s Peter King called the best deal of this week, and that was getting Derrick Burgess from Philly. Burgess brings the pass rush that we did not haver last year. The rumour mill around the Nation seems to be that he will be used as a pass rushing OLB in the Derrick Thomas mold. (OK, I hope like hell he has that kind of success, but I am not expecting it.)

These moves, and the resigning of Jerry Porter sure make for a very promising beginning to the off season. There are more holes that need to be filled though the draft, and the matter of Charles Woodson’s 10.5 million dollar salary needs to be addressed. I happen to be hoping that he will be traded for a mid to late round first round pick that can be used on Roth out of Iowa. He would really bring the heat for us in a pass rush. (He ripped off the face mask of fellow Iowa alum Robert Gallery in practice, while his helmet was still on his head.)

There is a definite optimism that is spreading throughout the Raider Nation, tho we have watched a feeling of optimism fade into despair. 1997 was good for that. Bugel was promising a return to the vertical game, and we had brought in a free agent QB by the name of Jeff George. That offense produced many yards and many points, but the season was a disaster. 4-12 is completely unacceptable to the Nation. The defense was beyond terrible that year, and the whole team quit. With the volatile Moss around, a similar fate is too possible if things start bad early, the wheels could well fall off.

Anyway guys… GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Introducing Myself

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Hi all, I am excited to have this forum with which I can share my thoughts and ideas on my beloved Oakland Raiders. I’ll start my first entry here with a little bit about me.

I am a lifelong Raider fan, growing up in the shadow of the Oakland Colosseum. My dad took me to games back in the day seeing guys like Branch, Upshaw, Plunkett etc. I will admit there was a period of a few seasons after my raiders went on their sojourn to LA that I turned away from the Nation in a temper tantrum, but like the prodigal son, I returned. There is no team as steeped in mystique as the Raiders. Several years after I returned to the fold, my Raiders returned home. I was a happy camper.

I will tell you that being a Raider fan has its own internal trials. The good always some, the bad, happens to often, and the ugly, and well thats been the story of late. Suffering though the 4-12, 5-11 disasters that the last two seasons is what separates the wheat from the chaff, the true fans from the bandwagon pretenders that piled up during the “Chuckie” regime. Those who stand with me in still wearing the silver and black with the pride and poise it deserves. I wear my Nap Kauffman jersey that I got at the end of the 98 season with that very pride and poise. Granted, the numbers are faded and I feel like a poseur wearing the gear of a guy that I outweigh by at least a buck and a quarter, but it shows the commitment that I have to my team. One of these days when I get some extra cash, I am gonna get a Gallery jersey. Thats my type a guy, big and scruffy looking.

OK, enough of those randomme ruminations, and back to the point. I will be writing my thoughts on the Raiders thought the off season which will go on way too long, cuz I wanna see what #18 (that would be randy Moss, folks) is going to do on the field, and then on into the season. Neither MVN, nor anyone but me are responsible for my opinions that I will be opining. Feel free to write me, disagree with me, send me hate mail, whatever. I will read it and get back to you, as long as it shows that you expended a smattering of gray matter to create it. If “Raiders suck” or “you are a moron” are the best you can do, save it, because I will just delete them without comment.

OK, now that I have introduced myself, my next post to be posted within a day or two will be on the off season to date. (And we did do a lot more than just acquire Randy Moss.)


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