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Joe William's Miracles

Joe William and Dixie - August, 2004

Welcome to Joe William's web page.
It has been provided to keep loved ones updated about Joe William Sheffield.
Joe William is 10 years old and has been diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sheffield.

Thanks for checking on him!

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Saturday, Jan. 15, 2005 9:11 PM


    We have returned with good news!!  Joe William's scans were NORMAL!!  Thanks for praying.  We are rejoicing!!  Every trip to the doctor is different.  This trip was very tiring.  Joe William went to have his Gallium Scan done...well his abdomen was not very clear so he had to repeat it the next day.  After the Gallium Scan, Joe William had to drink contrast for 2 hours.  When he went into the area for the scan, the radiologist gave him an additional contrast by IV.  This is done every.  Samuel and I were sitting in the CT Scan waiting area watching Blues Clues.  Joe William's dad went with him for the scan.  As Samuel and I were waiting for Joe William to finish, I recognized the radiologist come out of the scanning room.  She told several nursing students, "Ladies and Gentlemen, my patient has just had a reaction to the contrast."  I knew she was talking about Joe William.  The students looked excited and ran into the room.  Meanwhile I kept my cool and watched TV with Samuel.  Some students returned and said, "He has broken out with hives."  "He has a rash."  Well, I was getting a little antsy and wanting to see Joe William.  Finally he returned to the CT bay and nurses started trotting around fairly quickly.  The radiologist told me that Joe William is now allergic to IV Contrast.  She said it could have been very serious.  The nurse gave Joe William Benadryl by IV and he immediately said, "I am about to fall asleep."  He did.  The nurses began checking his oxygen level and blood pressure.  We had to stay there one more hour to monitor his vital signs.  WOW!!  I have learned so much during this experience.  When it was time to go, we heard a familiar voice...Morris!!  He had come to visit a cancer patient who was about to have a scan too.  Joe stuck his head out of the curtain and told Morris to come in to see us next.  Morris came over and admired Joe William's hair.  This is the first time Morris has seen Joe William since last April.  As I have mentioned in the previous emails Morris always took Joe William's Georgia hat.  Well this time he took Joe William's UGA jersey and draped it around his neck like a sweater tied around him.  He walked off, but of course returned with Joe William's jersey.  That evening we relaxed some and Joe William had to have a cleansing process to prepare for the Gallium Scan the next day.

    The following morning Joe and Joe William headed off to repeat the Gallium Scan.  Thank goodness his abdomen looked clear so they could get good pictures.  After the scan we went to the doctor's appointment.  As we waited I looked around at all of the children.  There were so many stages of sicknesses there.  Some children looked like there was nothing go on with them and some children looked like they felt terrible.  One mom was taking pictures of a child whose hair had returned.  It was great to see the smiles on their faces.  As I was signing in at the desk, I heard the receptionist say, "We have a new patient."  I felt for those parents.  I know what it is like to be a new patient at an oncology office.  It is not the best feeling.  As we were sitting there Joe William noticed a lady put on a green bracelet.  It is one like the Lance Armstrong bracelets.  I asked at the counter because many people who were working there had the bracelet on too.  It is called CURE.  The man told me I could purchase one at www.curesearch.org.  Finally Joe William's name was called to see the doctor.  We had to wait for a while.  Joe William, Samuel, and I played video games... Centipede, Frogger, Donkey Kong.  It brought back memories of my high school days.  But what it did do was to make us forget why we were there.  Children can play pinball machines, games, watch movies, and even eat snacks if permitted while waiting for the doctor.  Children can forget about their problems and have fun!!  Dr. B. came to the room and we returned.  My first question, "How were his scans?"  He said they were normal.  We were thrilled.  Dr. B. checked out Joe William and said that he did not even look or act like anyone who had been sick.  He also said that the chance for his cancer to return was low.  I always like to hear that news!  He said that Joe William may not do the CT scan anymore since he had the reaction.  He may do another scan.  We are excited.  Thanks so much for praying.  Although we no longer have the pager, I feel your prayers.  

    Joe William and I did order CURE bracelets on the website.  All proceeds go to help with research for childhood cancer.  I hope you have a good week.  Thank you caring about us.


Susan, Joe, Joe William, and Samuel     


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