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4th April 2005
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UK, BBC, Children's sitcom, Colour, 1988
Starring: Kieran O'Brien, Danny Collier, Ayesha Hussain

Stephen 'Gruey' Grucock was another in the long line of mischievous schoolboys - headed by Jennings and William Brown (Just William) - who was always involved in harebrained schemes and unlikely escapades. Mostly, Gruey's exploits resulted in direct confrontation with his arch-enemy, 'Nidgey' Jackson, a situation that usually caused problems for Gruey and his two pals - 'Wooly' and an Asian girl, 'Quidsy' - owing to Gruey's bad luck and sheer incompetence. A second series, bearing the punning Gruey Twoey title, aired in 1989, with Quidsy out of the picture and two new friends for Gruey - Annie and 'Supermouse'. Otherwise the hi-jinks were much the same as before.

Both series were written by former teacher Martin Riley, who took the name of Gruey from one of his former pupils but based the character on an amalgam of boisterous boys he had encountered.

Researched and written by Mark Lewisohn.

Kieran O'Brien - Stephen 'Gruey' Grucock
Danny Collier - Peter 'Wooly' Woolsmith
Ayesha Hussain - Quidsia 'Quidsy' Rahim (series 1)
Casey Lee - Annie Mapin (series 2)
Katisha Kenyon - Tricia ('Supermouse') (series 2)
Scott Fletcher - 'Nidgey' Jackson
Paul Copley - Mr Grucock
Jane Lee - Mrs Grucock
Marc Zuber - Mr Rahim (series 1)
Indira Joshi - Mrs Rahim (series 1)

Martin Riley - Writer
Roger Singleton-Turner - Director
Paul Stone - Executive Producer
Transmission Details
Number of episodes: 12 Length: 6 x 30 mins · 6 x 25 mins
Series One (6 x 30 mins) 24 Feb-30 Mar 1988 · BBC1 Wed 4.30pm
Series Two Gruey Twoey (6 x 25 mins) 5 Jan-9 Feb 1989 · BBC1 Thu 4.35pm

The information in the Guide to Comedy is complied from 'The Radio Times Guide to Television Comedy' by Mark Lewisohn, published by BBC Books. More information about the book is available from the BBC Shop.
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