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February 23rd, 2004

Danger Mouse Responds to Controversial 'Grey Tuesday'

(Los Angeles) – Originally intended to be a musical experiment, Danger Mouse’s Grey Album now seems placed in the middle of a brewing showdown between music activists and major music corporations.

Danger Mouse’s Grey Album uses the full vocal content of Jay-Z’s Black Album, recorded over new beats and production created using the Beatles White Album as the sole source material. Danger Mouse explains that "all the music on the Grey Album can be traced back to the White Album. Every single kick, snare, and chord is taken from the original Beatles recording." The resulting record, being touted by music critics as one of the best remix records in the history of the genre, is a unique hybrid of work from one of hip-hop’s fastest rising stars.

Downhill Battle, a music activism group, has organized Grey Tuesday (, as a “day of coordinated civil disobedience” to protest EMI’s cease-and-desist order against the Grey Album as well as a broader protest against major labels attempt to “control what musicians can create by limiting their use of samples.” Hundreds of websites are expected to participate.

“It’s flattering,” says Danger Mouse. “I did this project because I love the Beatles and Jay-Z. I knew when I produced the Grey Album that there might be questions and issues that this project would bring up, but I really don't know the answers to many of them. It was not meant to be anything but an artistic expression, and I still hope that that is the way it's perceived".

According to, the protest aims to draw attention to “how the major record labels stifle creativity and try to manipulate the public’s access to music, and it’s the perfect way to explain to non-experts why the copyright system needs to be reformed.”

“For better or for worse, ‘Grey Tuesday’ is a watershed moment," says Waxploitation CEO Jeff Antebi, the manager for Danger Mouse. “We are seeing the rapid speed of peer-to-peer come head-to-head with a rabid, worldwide consumer demand for forbidden fruit. The internet makes it almost impossible to hold things back from the marketplace."

In an incredible year so far for Danger Mouse, he has already received massive critical acclaim for his Danger Mouse & Jemini Ghetto Pop Life debut on the Lex / Warp label. SPIN calls the album a "remarkable debut." URB dubbed it an “instant classic,” and Q says it’s "spellbinding."

Danger Mouse is currently producing an array of artists including Prince Po, Tha Alkaholiks, MF Doom and Cee-Lo amongst others.

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