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Last updated March 18th, 1994

The Quayle Gospel


  1. Well... this is going to be the last list for a while, so revel in it and enjoy it. There aren't that many new bits, but I finally did get around to sorting them into categories. though I'll do bug fixes, the list is now in semi-retirement. But we do have his book to look forward to as well as his bid for the presidency in 1994. (Though I've been told it would be illegal to include the whole book and just call it a ``quote''.)
  2. I'm sure the Quayle Museum would enjoy having a few dozen copies of this list, so fire up that copying machine. Perhaps you could make some $'s by loitering outside and selling copies to unsuspecting Republicans. But at least leave copies in strategic places inside the building!
  3. There are sure to be typoes and bugoes throughout, and I would appreciate it if people would tell me about them.
  4. If anyone has sources for any of the quotes without sources, please tell me.
  5. Not all of these quotes are ``funny'' per se, but each, in its own unique way, does define and help us to better understand the complex person we know as Mr. Former Vice President.
  6. I've created a mailing list for distribution of this list whenever updates occur. If you wish to be added to this list, drop me a note. Of course, I'll still post it to et al.
Many thanks to all those who contributed.
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